Monday, 10 December 2007

I am a rssHugger and I have a new widget

The last few days I have been reading on a few sites about rsshugger and the joys and benefits of hugging a rss.

Are you following me ...well click the link and soon you will know about rssHugger? I think it is a brilliant idea.

A few of the new blogs I stumbled on have been raving about it so I checked it out.A few of my favourites are there. They aim to send more readers to your blog and for readers the benefits are that is another way to find quality blogs on topics you are interested in. You can even register in up to 5 categories as suits you & your blog. Your can sign up for free or by writing a review or pay.
What are you waiting for ?

Does anyone subscribe to my RSS feed ??? I am so not sure about any of this RSS stuff ?
But can anyone with Blogger enlighten me ?
Ps I found a great new widget (a blogger hack from Hackosphere)- check out my labels drop down menu !It is awesome.
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