Saturday, 17 November 2007

There is no place like home ...

Part 1.
We are back from our little combined business / holiday road trip to Queensland ...over 2500kms. I have so much to blog about it but suffice to say, travelling with the dynamic duo was fun and exhausting. I am glad to be home and shush ... but I missed my blog most of all.

I had limited Internet access -mostly dial-up at my SIL's who we stayed with for 3 nights the first time and then another night later on. Commenting on blogs was impossible as each page took so long to load and then reload. So I have lots to catch up on. If I missed replying to you ... forgive me.

Well onto our trip... Everywhere we went we had to rearrange the furniture/chairs/ ornaments / magazines /remote controls/close doors and follow them everywhere.

S & J had a ball and were full throttle every day except for when they slept. Thankfully they travel reasonably well and we had no car /motion sickness. They slept for long periods too when we had long haul days.

We had a delivery to make in Brisbane right near the Gateway bridge and it had to be there by 2.45pm Friday week ago - we had a minute to spare - lucky we had daylight savings 1hr wind back too -as Queensland doesn't have daylight savings.

We left home Thursday morning at 10.15 am and 8mins/8kms down the road we had a breakdown - the item in question was brand new. Then we were caught in traffic after a motorcycle accident blocked the road for 50mins. (sadly we heard today the poor fellow passed away ~ his motorbike ran up the rear of a truck).

It was then slow travelling with a little rain and wind - my DH was also very tired. So for safety sake we stopped so he could have a rest. I took S & J for a walk and we ended up in the local library in Muswellbrook. We met a lady there who has two sets of twins B/G about 5 yrs and 2 yr old girls. Whew I thought I was busy.

The boys played with the toys , read a book, climbed on the chairs, had a breastfeed and ransacked the shelves but it was a break for everyone. It was a great library.Then we went back to the car and continued on. We made it to Tamworth (Country Music capital of Australia) -on the New England Hwy at 8pm. Not as far as we hoped .We planned an early start the next morning so we didn't get to look around.

We left at 7.30am (DST) and crossed the border to Queensland about midday ...the boys sleeping most of the morning .Then it was 11am again. After a quick stop for lunch, a play at McDonald's and a breastfeed we hurried onwards. Luckily the guy where we were to deliver to gave us better directions , than where is ... but the traffic was very congested on the road to airport (near where we were headed) .Finally we made it gladly !All delivered and job done.

Another play & feed ...then next stop was Gympie to visit family for the weekend.

The traffic was horrendous. I was driving now and the babies screamed LOUD but we had little option as the Bruce Highway didn't have many rest stops and it was getting late. All the exits had a queue 2-3 kms long - seriously - the freeway exits were blocking the lanes further down. We thought there must be an accident but NO ! So we had no choice but to turn up the music and try soothing them with food. Eventually they settled and we arrived safely.

It was good to spend the weekend with them. We don't get to see them much and when they fly down they don't get to stay long due to work.


Mel said...

Welcome back Trish and it's disappointing to see the Bruce Highway has not improved any since I was last on it!

Veronica said...

You have been busy! Doesn't dialup suck? I hope to have broadband here within a fortnight after surviving on dialup for 12mths. I can't wait!

Megan over at Imaginif said...

Welcome back. I am glad you are all safe.

tiff said...

Welcome home, Trish!
Have missed you!

Gill said...

Welcome home - I missed you too!

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