Thursday, 15 November 2007

Special days

November is a very special month for me. It always will be.

Today marks an important milestone ...19yrs ago on 15/11/1988 the man of my dreams asked me to be his girlfriend.It was one month from our first blind date. I never knew for sure then, but I hoped he was the one for me.

Lucky God answered my prayers this time LOL.So began a dance ...for all time.I love him more today than I could ever have imagined.I could write a whole page on him but I will save it for another day. I won't tell you about the losers (the ones who didn't get him).

Monday, November 14th 2005 was another date that changed our lives when 2 six day old embryos 'hatching blastocysts comprising a few thousands cells and smaller than a pinhead were transferred to my uterus.It took less than 10 mins.
They handed us a sheet of paper and said "goodluck" "but don't be disappointed" ...they were our last two little babies.

It was no magical mystical feeling just a been there before.I crossed my legs and hoped / prayed third time lucky.

We exited the lift from 6 th floor and corridor was busy ... as we passed the hospital shops we saw twin boys ( about 2) in a stroller ... we grinned at each other. Be careful what you wish for ... and now we have S & J. I never imagined the joy they have brought us.

November 12th was always a special day in our family - my parents wedding anniversary. My Dad passed away in 2005 , 2.5 months short of what would have been a joyous celebration of 40 yrs of marriage.

I know that not all marriages are perfect and I mean no disrespect or offense to those who endure loveless / violent marriages or otherwise lose their partners. The greatest gift we can give our children is two parents who love each other and love them. I know some days I fail terribly but I am blessed with a forgiving, patient and loving man.

November 8th 2005... was the day they 'harvested' the eggs that resulted in S & J. When I woke up in recovery and it was all over a second time(2nd cycle) I heard another lady crying over her one egg ... I wanted to cry with her though I had considerably more. It was so emotional. I hoped it would be my last time.

I hope she got her baby too - eventually...


Meleah the Mommy said...

What a beautiful post about all the special days you have had in November. It is so important to remember and give thanks. I hope that this November will hold special memories for you as well.

Veronica said...

Beautiful post.

childlife said...

What a lovely tribute to your lovely family! So happy for you : ) Posts like this just make me smile from the inside out. And thank you for your great comment on my blog : )

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