Monday, 19 November 2007

Housekeeping ...I hate mice

I few things I had to tidy up...

I forgot in my haste to post the other day - November 16th is also our dear niece Ella's 17th birthday - she was born 9 months after we got married ...she is and always has been a delight.I can't help but smile.

Really on housekeeping ... we re-arranged the furniture in our family - baby play pen area. I hope it keeps them more entertained and happy . They are so busy pulling and throwing things about I can hardly keep up with them.

EeeeWWWW ! While we were away the mice played and pooed ... under the lounge, and the cupboards so DH had a lot of vacumming to do and washing the floor.I supervised and picked up all the toys.I didn't want the boys testing out their fine motor skills.

I am definitely getting a new cat (asap please darling).As long as he/she doesn't bring me the trophy.I scream when I see them dead or alive. Stuart Little may be cute but that is a fairytale.

My Aunty, keeps and breeds Ferrets ... kind of stretched out rat looking things if you ask me but they are apparently very affectionate,cheeky, and cute - like a naughty child.Our eldest son wanted one after he went to visit last time. Aww ... she sold them all ( Horray !).
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