Thursday, 8 November 2007

Grateful ....

I am grateful for my children because they give me a reason to smile, laugh, live and play.
I am grateful to be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. I am the nurse, the cook and the taxi driver. I am the psychologist, the cleaner , maid, the banker, the bean counter and the mean Mum. I am particularly grateful to be mummy to three handsome princes and I didn't have to kiss any frogs yet. .

I am grateful for the broad spectrum of challenges being mum to a teenager and twin toddlers is...
I am grateful for D because he was my first little darling .At 13 months he entered our lives and hearts. At 14 he is cutting the apron strings and he marches to the beat of a different drum now. My heart alone isn't enough. I am grateful for this he has grown into a fine boy even if we clash at the moment.I am grateful he is still helpful in the house and he helps me care for his twin brothers.Despite the grumbling he adores them as much as they adore him.

I am grateful for the heartache,headaches and hilarity in our daily lives. It isn't easy but it is still enriching.

I am grateful God chose us to be his adoptive parents.I am grateful for the times he made us laugh so hard with the funny things he said and did. I am grateful for these memories.I hope they don't fade too quickly

I am grateful he can reach the clothesline and unpack the dishwasher ...albeit with some misgivings on my part but grateful still for the extra pair of hands.
I am grateful for the 5 min(okay 60 sec) massages, a soothing rub that says Mum I love you. I am grateful when he says I love you and he pauses long enough to let me say it too.

I am grateful for my angel C ... stillborn but born still when I was 27weeks (6 months)pregnant. Oh the joys we felt and the gratefulness in our hearts when we learned after many years of infertility she was to join our family. Bittersweet memories yes, grateful still ~ for I am who I am today because of her short life . I am grateful for her birth though it wasn't the joy we all imagine when we first see those two pink (or blue)lines. I learned so many lessons in love for that I am grateful for my only daughter.I have new friends and blessings . I can truly be grateful for because I know real joy and I have lived through the deepest sadness .I know God had a reason, I am still working that one out.Her gift was also to bring me hope to try again.

Erma Bombeck said, “The easiest part of being a mother is giving birth. The hardest part is showing up on the job every day."

Really I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't bear the thought of leaving S & J for any extended length of time.

I am grateful for my two little boys S & J , toddler twins ~ my babies and my all.I find that the hardest part is looking at my little boys wondering would be here if my little girl was. I was so grateful to God the day I first held them, snuggled them to my heart and gazed in awe at the tiny little ones we had made (albeit by His grace, hand in hand with GOD). I am grateful IVF gave us the chance to give birth to living children.
I am grateful they have enriched our lives like nothing on earth .I am grateful I was able to breastfeed them -J eventually at 5 months and S from a week or two old.
I am grateful to be able to co sleep with them , though at first they did sleep in their cot in our room. I am grateful for the nighttime snuggles and their warm bodies and milky breath.I am grateful it has allowed us a better sleep and ease of 'middle of the night' re-settling.
I am grateful for the giggles & smiles, cuddles and kisses . Especially , I love the joyous grins that seeing me brings or maybe it is just anticipation of my milk.
I am grateful I can take delight in each new milestone.I gratefully welcome new phases ..grateful to celebrate all the small miracles like like learning to walk, climb, eat with a spoon,drink from a cup and new words ... one day they will be ordinary but now I am grateful to here at home experiencing all these things. Time flies and the magic is fleeting.I am grateful for they inspire me and entertain me.
I am grateful that they call me Mum mum ...and that they love their daddy and big brother and grateful for the anticipation that heralds their home coming.I hate it that I have to go away for them to miss me and I am grateful a short shopping trip is enough.
I am grateful for the blessing of all my special children ....sadly not everyone can share these joys children bring.
Yes, I am even grateful when they cry out to me .This is one of those things I prayed to hear in those lonely, boring days of infertility!! It makes my heart explode with smile :).Though I do admit it gets challenging meeting the needs of two toddlers both at same time and having to chose which one to comfort first ... when four hands reach up and you have to decide who needs you most right then. I grateful for extra hands then.
I grateful when they nap ...
I just pray the 'great' 'full' ness doesn't diminish and on days when I feel jaded I can focus on all these grateful things.
You just better be grateful I need to go to bed because I could write all night and day of how grateful I really am.I am forever grateful, really I am !
I am grateful that no matter how bad things seem some days , the sun rises tomorrow, and I am given the opportunity by my precious children to make a fresh start.

Did I mention I am glad we pay for drum lessons ...

This was written as part of Mamabloggas November Group Writing Project
my friend Tiff @ Three Ring Circus inspired me to join by her awesome post .
Why don't you give it a try too.
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