Tuesday, 2 October 2007

who will vote for us ...

My SIL took this photo at about 4pm on 30/9/07 - it is so hard to get a photo of S & J together now ... it was a hard choice.

We decided to enter the Twinsane photo competition.The competition closed at 5pm and we uploaded it just in time.

Voting is open for one month (till 31st)... please vote for the cutest

did I mention S & J are the very last photo ... photo placement must be in order of entry.

There are so many QT's - no wonder they made it a popularity wins (or who knows the most people to vote for their twins ) contest -how could any judge decide ???

I would love to win an Ergo ... but really it is just a bit of fun.

I love the Twinsane website ... so many cool t-shirts (and other stuff) but I have held off buying because under 1 they grow out of everything so quickly or are so covered up when out it was pointless. Soon !

I did buy my Twins on Board car sign from Twinsane ... and quite a few multiple parents asked me where I got it from. They sent it so quickly too.

PS - I don't always dress them identically but these outfits came from Gymboree and were so cute (plus on sale) how I could resist.
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