Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Heads Or Tails ...

This week's word is Explore.

In July we went to explore my Father -in-law's new farm ... 5 hrs from Sydney . A little closer and smaller than some of his previous ones (one which was 8hrs away and 8500 acres).

Part of the adventure in visiting his 'farm' is exploring. Driving or sometimes walking around the dirt tracks through the countryside / bushland looking for signs of bygone years as well as native flora and fauna. His other farms all have had tractors ...

who forge their way exploring through the countryside -clearing the way for the four wheel drives ,motorbikes & other vehicles to get to the dams or distant paddocks or to herd the ...

cattle, who graze lazily.Themselves exploring the land for best vegetation to eat, wandering to the dams or natural springs .

Tractors are left in paddock when working days are done .Too heavy to move. As are old cars .

We also had fun exploring the family tip ... on farms there are no weekly garbage or trash collections ever. Household rubbish is burned/buried .Other things are piled high usually far enough away that it is partially hidden but also close enough not to lug things too far. We saw old washing machines , tyres, other household appliances, farm machinery,and even toys all broken and discarded .What ... a treasure trove of history.

Not that is was my FIL's trash/treasure aka history ... but it was interesting exploring and letting my mind wander,wonder & explore what life might have been like for early pioneers who explored distant lands, settled and raised a family miles and miles from nowhere.

As we have gone exploring we have seen lizards, birds, snakes, kangaroos, echinas , bats, emus, wild pigs, feral cats, goats and other animals on his various farms ... this one only had birds (including a magnificant peacock ) , kangaroos and cows ... that we were aware of anyway.

Head on over to Skittles place for more Head or Tails players.

In case your wondering why I am playing, well because I can .Though I have so many things to 'blog' sometimes it is fun to join the blogging community and play the memes & themes. Plus I don't want to exhaust myself for next month because I have registered for the NABLOMOPO2.


Misty Dawn said...

This is my kind of post!!! First of all, I love farms (obviously). But, I would SO TRULY love to come out to where you are!!!

tegdirb92 said...

wow, what a great post. It really reminds me of my childhood and where I grew up.

Skittles said...

First let me welcome you! I will add you to the blogroll in a sec, and you can email me (skittles0366@gmail.com) if you'd like the code for it.

Everything you wrote about here are things I love to do and see. Some of the most fascinating things I see are the "broken" or "old" buildings or equipment.

Marci B. said...

I saw your name on the Heads or Tails blogroll, and I figured I would come by to visit! Thanks for sharing such incredible pictures, and your tales of exploring the farm. It sounds fascinating. I especially enjoyed your mention of the early pioneers. Take care and happy blogging!

Heart of Rachel said...

How exciting. I love the thought of exploring in a farm. It must have been a great experience to see all those animals during your exploration.

Thanks for the visit.

Andrée said...

That sounds so much like here in Vermont. I have found two "dumps" from 100+ years ago here in the woods because nobody toted it away. Antique bottles, and hardware. Some bottles are worth a bit of money. Nothing for my retirement yet!

But 8500 acres??? Lucky man!!!!

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