Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Heads Or Tails # 2 ...

Ten things I love about my twin sons
  1. their little hands reaching up to me when they want some lovin' and the way they snuggle in now and hug me back

  2. when I watch them playing together

  3. their baby talk to me and each other

  4. their laughs and squeals of delight when we push them high on the swings

  5. their smiles when I pick them up after a nap

  6. marvelling every day at their new language acquistion -especially when I say "give me that .... back now"

  7. their giggles when we play peek a boo or hide n seek

  8. the way they get so excited to see daddy or their big brother come home

  9. the new cute and naughty things they are learning to do ... climbing out of the highchairs, up and over the lounge, taking all manner of pens & papers , pressing all the buttons on the computer and adjusting the settings on my mobile (cell) phone

  10. when they are sleeping
Head on over to Skittles place for more Head or Tails players.
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