Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bloggers meet Brands

One of the incredible fringe benefits of blogging is the opportunity to be invited to brand preview and launch events.

I recently attended Lego Astronaut day & Magical tales DVD's launch.

Thanks to the effervescent and efficient Brenda from Mummytime (the brainchild of MotherMedia) and Hausmann Communications (the organisers of the P & G event) , I was invited to P & G House home care preview event last week ; sans children (though they had a Nanny for those who brought children). 

Wednesday morning, (coldest May day in forever) , I was spirited away by a black limousine from my driveway to the doorstep of a luxury, private Vaucluse residence . Hereafter known as P & G House (for a few days anyway).

If I lived in P & G house I'd need a cleaner 24/7, all that glass, overlooking the most spectacular Harbour and views in Australia. No fingerprints either. 

First up was meet and greet with Alex and her team from Hausmann Communications, Junji ( P & G 's specialist fragrance guru or Nose), and Shannon Fricke, our delightful hostess. Plus the chance to catch up with a bunch of very lovely bloggers (and meet Squishy).

After inhaling some delicious nibbles (catered for by celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita & his talented team from Flying Fish), a mineral water and then after a freshly brewed cappuccino it was time to get down to business and a science lesson on senses and air fresheners in the Ambi Pur room.

Bloggers are 'pretty' smart women but we all learnt a few finer points about the science of air fresheners and difference that is ~ Ambi Pur Air effects.

The floral displays were stunning, particularly without any scent to distract us.

Next up was Junji Hamano, 'Nose' - fragrance guru. Junji traveled from Japan to share his art and his story of designing fragrances. Junji was passionate about it. It takes over 5 yrs training to become a specialist 'Nose' and very few reach that status.

It was quite interesting how 'smell' is linked to our emotions, feelings and memories and creates a story.
It was very enlightening, even though harping on about cleaning products seems boring, to know how much effort goes into designing  fragrances in home care products that appeal to consumers.

While Peter was cooking lunch we moved onto secret cleaning business which we can't discuss yet but it is very exciting. It's still hush hush till the launch in June.

We received a swag basket of samples to try and already I am impressed. 
I freely admit I am not a domestic goddess. No white gloves here. 

It's been interfering with my social media life horrible having to keep the house clean every day and rush around early every morning being an uber domestic goddess because the house is on the market.

I doubt my readers are much interested in hearing about cleaning ...since most of us do anything we can to avoid it. Though , I am in awe of Shannon's inspiring designer blog ...

Some of your problems may soon be solved ladies.
That being said ... I think one of my new blogging goals is to be able to afford a cleaner :) , occasionally, or an interior designer to advise me.

Mrs Woog has written a brilliant article on Brands and Blogging - do yourself a favour and read it.
So what is your least favourite cleaning job to tackle  ?

PS : With all Blogger downtime last week I am very behind on posts I had scheduled to write/publish so bear with me I have a super giveaway to announce.   

Disclosure ...nil ~ I wasn't paid to write this post nor attend the P & G launch. I enjoyed it immensely.   
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