Monday, 8 November 2010

Awe of four

My boys are now four & four months.They love to tell & show everyone; telling all we are four too ...double four.
I admit I am loving 4.
It's the age when they have started to tap into their talents for construction, art and cooking.
They are independent enough to dress themselves and put their shoes on , even if they look a little like ragamuffins.

They can reach the cereal, pour a drink and operate the DVD player. They also know how to start the cars (bad !)Having their p'j s matching is important ...but they don't care if their shirts are ironed ;)

Four has been perfect most of the time.They can ride on two wheels but only at the farm , unfortunately we have a concrete drive & poles as obstacles. J is more confident and capable, S is a little more cautious after a spill on the gravel and at home.

A little spill on the red dirt requires mostly a dust off ...not so for the concrete. They tell me it hurts.

They are making firm friends independently at preschool and love to talk about them.
Their vocabulary is growing in leaps & bounds. One has a slight speech delay but his brother is happy to interpret.
Daily I am astonished with new phrases and word usage.
However , I am less than impressed sometimes ...yesterday is was "You stupid dumb a r s e "! o_O.Following in the less desirable qualities of their teenage brother ...Thank you NOT ... who they are devoted too !

They think shut up is a naughty word ...Bubby is not nice too and sure to cause a stir and a wallop and tears to spill. Thankfully they have stopped dropping the 'F' bomb .

They love playing with their "friends" - dolls & teddies but painting , blowing bubbles, tractors ,blocks, cars, trains & rough play feature heavily.

They talk non stop , at full volume. Now telling each other Be quiet you are giving me a headache LOL. Guilty !
I can't tell white lies anymore because they want proof .
They are a step ahead of me when I say their is no chocolate... knowing my secret stashes or if I say that I am eating pepper slice ;) they look me in the eye accusingly with raised eyebrows and say "Let me have a bite".
They wow at the smallest gifts and don't ask me for bigger toys.
They love books and going to the library , at least now I get 5mins to grab a few for myself.
I can't wait for the day they can wipe themselves...two poos in a row always on my watch.

They are beginning to move away from me ...always running ahead at shopping centres causing my heart to thump.
Rarely still , exhausting themselves most days playing in our backyard or out & about, ensuring a few pre dinner meltdowns because I had to cut their day sleep.
Unfortunately they don't collapse in a heap at bedtime ...until I read 5 or more books , kisses & hugs a few times and a few trips back & fro to the toilet.
They talk to anyone , being so friendly and exuberant, people can't help but smile and reply.
Mischief is their middle name ... because everything interests them.

They listen better when they want to and they are more compliant when bribes are offered.
Some moments they are engrossed in imaginative play together happily, the next it is a tug of war over a toy especially particular Duplo items and inevitably ends in tears & raised voices (including mine).

They have few anxieties and are very possessive of their Daddy ...I am no 2 :(.
Fairies, Playschool and Wiggles are still firm favourites though they know BEN 10 is some kind of hero figure.

They are changing by the minute and while I feel a little wistful I am enjoying the semi- independence four brings. To me too !

We recently finished our breastfeeding journey and even a month later they still ask , hoping, ...telling me they are still little. Five minutes later they tell me they are big boys now.

Inquisitive, they ask me why & when 100 times a day or giving me the answers, they seem to know it all some days. Cheeky and busy , always good for a laugh and we get plenty watching them. They approach everything with excitement,enthusiasm (except when picking up the toys) and anticipation that there is fun to be had. J is well known for saying he has sore back or is tired at tidy time.

Rarely quiet ... lucky because when they are quiet I have cause to worry.
They visit us 'most' nights a legacy of co-sleeping practically for their first two years. I don't mind 'most' nights because it comforts me, as much as them, to be close.
When DH is away they claim his spot in our bed ...and I let them.

I am so glad I have another year before they go off to school but when preschoolday rolls around I am more than pleased to wave them goodbye and breath a sigh of relief for 8hrs.

They know exactly what buttons of their brother's to press to ramp it up !I won't sugar coat it ...having two x demanding 4 year olds, each with distinct preferences brings out the worse in me some days but I everyday embrace them and can't imagine life without them. Every day is brighter with them in it.

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