Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Money Pig

on Tiny Talk Tuesday ...

J: "Where's the money pig ?"
Dh: "Oh' D (mr 16) - he's gone to school"
Me: LOL ...

(*teen thinks we have our own printing press)

One night we got home late from picnic and boys had been asleep in car. They were really grumpy and I was trying to make dinner so I offered them a kitkat (choc small ones) as a bribe.

Sam cried back ... "No, I don't want a pussy kat."

Hubby and I laughed so hard and poor kid just cried more.

I remember too my older son when little called tic tacs (the little white suckable lollies) kit-cats.

I wish I could remember more of the funny things my 3yrs old say ...apart from the usual

"he's touching me"
" x (insert brother's name) is not sharing"
"give it to me "
"I want it "
" x (insert brother's name) did it "
" x (insert brother's name) hit me "

Some days my PF gets a real hiding from all the laughing.
I just am not quick enough to write them down. Here are some funny things other kids said
and if you want to join in TTT.

Ps I must get myself a pocket notebook

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