Thursday, 9 April 2009

Be still ...

My days run into nights, then weeks fly by . Life seems to have been spinning out of control the last few months.

I feel disconnected ... from the lists and from my plans.

I don't get done half of what I set out to do.

Do you feel like you can't keep up with life ?

Do you feel there aren't enough hours in the day?

I do... and I bet I am not the only one.

That quiet, still, peaceful time always seems out of reach unless it is midnight LOL.

Be still ... and know that I am God ~ Psalm 46:10.

PS tomorrow I am going to attempt a 24hr technology free day - no mobiles, no internet , no facebook, no emails ... it is easy when the access isn't available. Cheat !

Have a Happy, safe, blessed and restful Easter ... I doubt I'll be resting much (too much food chocolate to eat people and of course my 10,000 steps ) but I'll try.

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