Thursday, 29 May 2008

A New BEST day ever -update

A NEW DAY HAS BEGUN - target reached !

I am asking all my readers to join the blogosphere in helping Allison - by a simple click or more if you have access to other computers (say in an office)

Melissa from Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters wrote ... A New Day

The day that Allison lost Zoë is forever marked her "best day ever" on Wordpress because it is the day that the most people visited her blog. For her own emotional well-being, she needs this post to be taken off her blog dashboard. The way to do that is to create a new record for visits to her blog.

On Thursday, May 29, please click on Allison's blog, Our Own Creation, and help replace that post with whatever is currently up on her blog that day. Everyone needs to visit on the same day--May 29th--because if we simply click throughout the week, it won't bump the day she lost Zoë from that section of the dashboard. I am writing this now to give us time to spread the word. Take the graphic I created and place it on your own blog. Don't worry--I'll remind you to click that day.

We need 2,350 people to visit Our Own Creation on May 29th. We need 1,785 people visit Sweet Zoë.
I have to check the time zone for Australia but sometime over 3-4 pm Thursday should do it.

If you are visiting from NaComLeavMo please read my welcome post HERE.

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