Friday, 2 May 2008

The reality of toddlers getting taller and smarter ...

Teamwork ...

The Brothers have passed their furniture removal course with distinction ... and the locksmith course . They can escape. The above photos were taken yesterday.

On Daddy's to do list is to find the key ... we haven't had one for this door since we moved in 3.5 yrs ago or put a new bolt .

This morning at 8am they got out while I was making breakfast (still in my single top because DH went to work early before I got up).I couldn't chase them as we have workmen ( sadly - no eye candy or hot hunks) metres from the fence. They are looking down on us too so they can see everything.

I ran to get my jacket and chase fetch them (the Brothers not the men).

Problem is I am getting slower and they run different directions - chasing one 13kg toddler with another under your arm is no fun. I am sure the men were laughing at me.

52 blessings grateful Fridays

Today, I am grateful for the new toddler size gates ... don't worry 90% of the day I am in here with them - in keeps them out of mischief and saves having me jump and chase them. I have a new fortress too to keep my computer safe. It also keeps them safe when I go to the toilet or have to start cooking dinner.

I am also grateful for S & that every day they show me a new clever trick and keep me fit, off my butt on my toes, and smiling ! Plus they give me blog fodder.

Happy 22 months old S & J

PS no way did I set the chairs up ... do you think I am crazy - they learn quick enough as it is.

PPS I' m majorly p*ssed off because blogger has put word verification on my posts -YES - you heard it right -they think it is a spam blog . It took me 10 tries to get it -they made it fuzzy on purpose. I have to send them an email to get a human to look at my blog and remove it.
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