Monday, 28 April 2008

What is RSS ?

RSS Awareness Day

May 1st is RSS awareness day ?

Thanks Sue @Blogging Sueblimely for bringing this to my attention.
Daniel of Blogging Tips has initiated RSS Awareness Day to take place 1st May. The objective - to get as many people as possible talking about RSS and its benefits
You can join in and get involved here!

So do you know what RSS is and how it works ?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to deliver information from websites and pages that get updated regularly

Tonight I was staggered to read only 4-5% of internet users use RSS. Do you ?

I use Goggle reader. There are many choices.

It is so much quicker then visiting all my favourites and seeing if they have new posts.It saves me time and I still visit most blogs personally or I can skim through relevant posts and then go directly to them.

I also love seeing how much subscribers I have. Have you subscribed Me ? See the little orange button on the top left.

It only takes two clicks and then you will never miss a post.

This video explains how it all works -much better than I can.

If you are reading this in your RSS feed please de-lurk and say hi ...and tell others about your RSS experience. Then spread the word on your blog ...
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