Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thirteen + 1 things I appreciate every day in no particular order

  1. A good night’s sleep...when I can get it
  2. My husband and children.
  3. The weather - I would rather crisp Autumn days right now than humidity and heat.
  4. Being able to get on the internet and Blogging .
  5. That my life is great , despite what I might feel right now and even when I am feeling low.
  6. A nice hot warm shower.
  7. A Hot cup of tea or or five, six
  8. Clean clothes flapping in the breezy sunshine any day and tumble dryers on rainy days.
  9. When my husband comes home and my working day is over. :lol:
  10. Laughing and playing with The Brothers.
  11. Cereal and toast.Bacon and eggs on Sunday.
  12. My reliable car and safe driving..
  13. My friends - IRL and Online - who keep me sane
  14. A nice glass of wine ...with a home cooked dinner.Eating what I want, when I want. ... especially Chocolate ....this should be NO 1
your turn - what do you appreciate ?

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