Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thursday Thirteen (+1) # 3 Amazing Moments in my life

Thirteen Amazing Moments in my life

I got my inspiration for today especially from Tiff & Tracey

well as they say in no particular order ...except maybe a little chronological (how could I even articulate which was most important)

  1. Meeting Liss on a family holiday when we were both 16 going on 17 and then ...
  2. becoming a Christian soon after.
  3. Going to College (it was actually called a college but then became a Uni) to complete my nursing diploma to be a Registered Nurse (RN)and getting my first job ... as RN (The Assistant in Nursing job at Nursing home wasn't so amazing as the money)
  4. Moving out of home and sharing a house with Liss and another housemate.
  5. Meeting my first blind date on 15th October 1988 and wondering if he would be the one (and only !) and yes he was !
  6. Riding 1100kms on a bicycle from Melbourne to Sydney in 1988 - with 2000 other people (including my uncle) to celebrate the Bicentenary ~ 2 weeks after our relationship changed from friends to something more (* borrowed this from ,Tiff )
  7. The day I married him at Hillsong church [when it was still in a concrete warehouse] - I guess this rates high (Our wedding day not the venue!)
  8. Our six week caravan road trip around South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland including Climbing Uluru (Ayers Rock) -exhilarating and frightening wondering how we would both make it to summit and then down again and paddling a canoe down the Katherine gorge.
  9. A weeks holiday in the Whitsundays @ 'Club Crocodile' Long Island ...then coming home and getting the phone call a day later that would change our lives ...into being mummy & daddy by
  10. Adopting our son D in 1994
  11. Getting pregnant naturally after 12 years infertility in 2004 ... (a bittersweet ending)
  12. The two pink lines on the home pregnancy test on our 2nd IVF cycle and a 'high' positive blood test ... and my husband taking the call to say we were pregnant.
  13. Hearing and seeing two heartbeats at our 7 week ultrasound , then 6 months later the birth of S & J by caesarean section @35wks 4days. Hearing them cry and finally having them placed in my arms 8 hrs later.
  14. Every day waking up to my little guys cuddled up beside me and privilege of loving them and watching them grow. Not forgetting their big brothers part in my life too.

I could have written 1001 amazing things now I have started thinking about the Grace of God in my life.

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