Tuesday, 17 May 2011

We love to play ...

One of the things I love about Lego play besides being fun , it encourages creativity and imagination, along with many other developmental benefits.

Here are more Lego Space Astronaut day pics.I only just retrieved these pics from the small point & shoot due to a faulty cord.

Each of my four year old boys decided to 'create' something different, as did the 20 or so other children involved in this fun activity. 

The challenge was to build something space shuttle related. 

Sam loves to built towers - as high as possible.

Joel loves machines or things that go and they must have wheels.

I like Lego's freedom and multi-play advantage so that each of my boys can use their imagination to construct something that makes them happy.

There is unlimited potential...as long there are enough wheels to go round.

It can also be structured play .Following image instructions or directions in the defined construction sets is still a bit tricky without mum, dad or teen's help.

S & J are only just moving into Lego , Duplo is still very much a favourite for quick constructions. Lego involves a bit more concentrated play.

What else is being played today ... Childhood 101
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