Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Post it Tuesday # 25

It's been a busy week. We spent 4 days at the farm last Thursday to Sunday. We got a lot achieved and it felt good to accomplish it together. (I'll post pictures when I find my camera/charger and time to upload them.)

Then my husband had medical appointments Monday & today. I've been personally challenged about the time I spent on social media so I may not be around as much for a while...

I always have a lot to do and when my husband starts his radiation treatment life will undoubtly get busier. He will be tired and then there is the traveling.

It won't always be the big things that wear me down but the battles to clean, cook ,budget and maintain a happy household as well as make sure everyone's needs are met.

I know too much mess in our home feels like a mountain and creates stress when we run late and can't find important things, the chequebook or even the twins preschool gear. When the drawers are empty and the clean laundry is piled high waiting to be folded by the good faeries tempers flare.

Not that these things are important in the bigger picture but the chaos that reigns would have us snip and snap constantly (not to mention the teen using the clothes dryer which send the power bill sky high).

Without some organisation life would be harder , getting basic things done helps minimise the mountains in our lives but a little dust won't hurt (don't look under my bed).

I love these like little snippets of wisdom mostly from Regina Black and I few I found elsewhere.

Don't even ask about my positive affirmations ...

I ♥ Post it Tuesday

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