Saturday, 21 March 2009

Smiley Saturday

I've had a great week, most certainly topped by visiting our friends Tiff, Noah & Ivy - Mary & her children joined us too.Spending a wonderful day hanging out in the Hunter Valley...sans wine and with very little whine ;).The food was delicious and so was the company.The kids played so well together.

I had the best laugh yesterday on Lilly's life blog. I was going to post about my first trip with my Moi moov navigation GPS (when I visited Tiff) but Lilly's is so much funnier ...imagine voice skins for your Tom Tom (mine is a moi moov, also there are Navmans etc...the electronic voice & map to tell you where to go politely)

warning : Ozzy says the F' word

The GPS wanted me to go a much longer way than required.I knew where to go but I was expriementing.I also wanted to be forewarned of my up coming turns.

"Karen" was not impressed I turned where I did and kept telling me to do a U turn when I could ...I ignored her. She remained calm and repeated her instructions ...over and over. Who wants a nag in the car, we left the horse and buggy behind years ago.LOL

It would have taken me about 15kms out of my way I estimate would think the GPS would learn from their mistakes on the way home Karen started again.

I don't think my DH will be taking Karen for any drives with him.

Lastly ...well you know me I love freaky coincidences!

I have been using my pedometer while walking every day for almost 5 months. Last Sunday when I was uploading my steps onto the 10,000 steps sites I noticed this. I honestly did not make this up.

(Click to enlarge)
Two weeks in a row I counted 100,027 steps on my pedometer ... I am at over 2,000,000 counted steps. I haven't lost any weight but I haven't gained any for the naughty things I eat ;0.

I joined the 5 mins for Mom Ultimate Blog Party and I am enjoying meeting new bloggers (and comments). There are so many wonderful bloggers but unfortunately not enough time in the day to visit them all.

Welcome to ICLW visitors today. Got to run, things to do, places to go, real friends to see.
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