Saturday, 13 October 2007

Today I am thankful ...

that I was blessed with the privilege of being a mum to 4 (~ one angel ~ and 3 lively sons - when at the darkest moments in my life I thought it would happen)

especially today.... the joy of watching S & J having fun with water on a sunny, spring day and my Mum sharing this joy with me.

I was happy to hear the news my sister & her husband are hoping to gift a little girl , S (9) an 'adoptive'/foster Mummy & Daddy (after her mum, J [our cousin] passed away at 41 ~ 4 years ago - Bowel /Ovarian Cancer). I hoped a few years ago that we could have been gifted her ! but due to circumstances beyond our control it was not to be at that time.
Sadly, she has suffered horribly at the hands of people,who should have loved her to pieces. Nobody was there to cherish and nurture a sweet but sad little girl who missed her mummy till her granddad rescued her late last year . I hope from now on all she knows are the greatest joys in life, to love and be loved .
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