Friday, 3 May 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3 ...

  • Talking about my future I'm not going there!
  • Talking to strangers or people in my real life about my blog. I feel a bit sheepish weird about what I overshare ; things I can't say out loud or talk to people about in real life.
  • The amount of time I spend on the Internet. To be honest while I do a lot of research and 'educational' reading, I'm still uncomfortable with the time I waste fluffing about with everyone's dramas on Facebook, Twitter , or reading funny & stupid jokes. 

My husband would agree with this !
  • This Sunday May 5th is the first ever Switch Off Sunday – a time to digitally detox and reconnect face-to-face. I'm uncomfortable that my greatest time cruncher is the Internet and digital devices.

Research reveals a third of people are now connected to technology for between 8 and
16 hours every day ...ok I'm not anywhere near to the maximum and I don't own a smartphone that is Internet connected, unless I am at home.

It is scary !

While we all aspire to make the time to start that dream home renovation project or travel the world, new research has revealed we’re struggling to make simple lifestyle changes with the few spare minutes we have in our daily lives.
My husband is going to be hiding my laptop and iPad watching me carefully to make sure my world doesn't end ! I think I'm going to be very uncomfortable not being able to check on everyone and my emails. It grinds his gears when I stay up late on my devices.

  • The last thing that makes me uncomfortable is telling you  ...I wish no-one had to face a breast cancer diagnosis ever again.
One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and every day 7 women die every day in Australia from Breast Cancer.

It also makes me uncomfortable asking people to sponsor me for Mother's Day Classic ...though every $5 or $10 counts -  I know many of us have financial pressures but you can help fund research into a cure by supporting my fundraising efforts and donating online 

I'm taking part in the Mother's Day Classic raising funds for breast cancer research. Every extra dollar raised goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. I'll be participating or volunteering along with 120,000 Australians nationwide who are making a difference on Mother's Day .

So tell me, what makes you uncomfortable?

Disclaimer : I wasn't paid to tell you about it , though I received an 'Inspire' book, Guide to Sydney parks book and a children's travel game and yo-yo via amaysim PR.