Monday, 30 April 2012

The wheels on the bus

Today was one of my biggest heart stopping moments since my twins started school - they caught the school bus home. There are no back to school tips to prepare you for the racing heart and emotions of cutting them loose.

I feel monumental mother guilt. Letting my boys catch the bus to school is not just to give me more time but rather them independence. I can't deny is a rite of passage that most farm kids enjoy.

I was watching the clock tick ...on my laptop from 3pm , counting down by the heartbeat , hoping they were on the bus after the bell went at 3.25pm.

It will save me driving 80km a day. Though they will just catch it home at the moment 4 days a week, otherwise in the morning it means leaving 1 hr earlier. Maybe they will catch it to school one day at week be on time in the morning isn''t so easy.

It also makes for a long day when you are five and half ~ 8am to 4.15pm.

Fortunately , the bus stops directly out the front of our gate , an 800m+ walk {drive} to said 'gate'. It is too far away to see it , so I will wait with them in morning and for them in afternoon.

If the bus beats me is early in the afternoon they can safely start the dirt track road home.

I am so thankful we are the dead end of our road ; they will get on and off the same side of the road too.They have no roads to cross or I wouldn't have let them quite yet.

Being the last stop on the route they can't miss their stop.

I have been reinforcing these rules:
  1. The need to be on time stopping to play on equipment or chasing friends.
  2. Never run to or from the bus there are no face plant or gravel rash from the loose gravel and dirt driveway.
  3. Stand back from the road.
  4. Don't push or shove your brother especially
  5. Stay in your seat.
  6. Don't yell or shout or fight.
  7. Always obey the driver.
  8. Wait till the bus is fully stopped before getting off your seat and listen teacher calling the bus name to be ready to get on (It is very busy at our school with a dozen buses one after the other)
  9. Don't empty your bag on the bus ...and remember to check you haven't dropped anything.
  10. I am also going to write a big B on their hands the day they have to catch the bus, so the teachers sees it mainly - she will however walk them to the bus till she knows they are capable.
Do your kids catch a bus to school ? 
How did you feel the first time ?


Sunday, 29 April 2012

IKEA hacks and inspiration

Pinterest is so addictive ,  also very productive if you get ideas to be more inspired - to be more organised.
This week I am loving these ideas

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

I have one of these new 4 Expedit sitting boxed up - just deciding to use for the kids or my entrance way ?

Have you entered my $150 Ikea giveaway ?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Grateful for Battery operated Toys ...

Are you among women {like me} who assume they are incapable of  resolving a situation that needs something screwed to fix it ?

Keep your clothes on - I meant - like with a power drill ...

When DH offered to buy me this battery operated device for Mother's day -

(Makita DF330DWXP 10.8V)
I was secretly thrilled and grateful {he would even let me near one}

(yes totally sexist but somewhat true with me )

Once we become inspired to help ourselves , there is no limit to the inspiration we can give other  women.
My husband has quite an array of power tools and he can fix most things - should I abort fail my projects.

I am looking forward to my journey toward self-sufficiency , grateful at least , I will be equipped to try my hand at it.

If not he'll I'll laugh at my mistakes and let him fix them ...might be a way to get things completed quicker !!

Tell me your experiences with cordless hand tools ?

Do you have any tips regarding proper tools, tips, techniques to help inspire me to tackle basic projects on my own ?

I'm also grateful Pinterest has given me a few ideas. That is a post for another day.

Would just buy it because it is pink ?

Ps I'm not allowed to touch it yet and this is not a sponsored post but $10 from the sale goes to NBCF.I'm telling you in case you want one too.

Nooks , Hooks and Hammocks

Things I know and or maybe 'I wish I knew then what I know now’

 1.I know my wishful thinking about lazing in The hammock is butt a dream. It's been too windy and cool the last few days despite the filtered sunshine. Really it is you , FB and twitter an excuse.



so I've also been de-cluttering and organising - of course I need hooks


They are just NOT where I want them yet !

3. The SKUBB clothes boxes
– ( with a nifty handle on the side so it's easy to pull out from the shelf) -

fit my
Expedit bookcases PERFECTLY -though hubby is concerned about the white and grubby little boy hands. ( have you entered $150 IKEA giveaway closes 30/4 win the Skubb's and more). 
MORE ! he roared !!

4. The toys won't stay this tidy more than 12hrs - however I'm masterminding a plan to toss them out if not ! {By hook, nook or by crook ~ meaning ~ By whatever means necessary}

5. The ANTONIUS Frame

 is perfect for storing Lego and bulky Duplo in large bottom draw. Yes, it even fits the baseboards which are forever in the way!

I'd like a second Antonius because they stack and we have years of  stepping on collecting Lego ahead of us. (ps  The Lego Games prize has been doubled to 4 games per winner each valued over $126 ). I want the Antonius for my laundry too - because they hide a lot of baggage stuff neatly

5. Inspired by Eden's journey to Africa - {which I would never be brave enough to contemplate} - I am running the tortuous 14km City to Surf with Team World Vision to raise funds for World Vision to help change lives. My goal is $1000 - sponsor me here and I'll get a t -shirt to run in !

If I ever needed motivation to run ...I don't anymore.

  Things I Know 150x150


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Unfold your wings as you fall

“When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet.”

“Life in the twentieth century is like a parachute jump: you have to get it right the first time.” Margaret Mead ... 
The wind was wrong so they had to abort the jump ! We were watching not jumping !

“Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall” - Ray Bradbury


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Handwritten ?

Everyone loves to receive personal mail ...except penalty notices bills

my dream letter box is actually a Cow shape - this is just a pretty picture!

Invitation, birthday card , holiday post card or a just a kind note from a friend or family .

What a feeling it is to pull an envelope out of the letter box with your handwritten name on it.

Claire says

Mail, actually written by you has a secret power that you never even realise. Only the receiver gets the magic. That extra smile you have when you get a surprise letter, the joy of hearing from someone real, of learning some news, of knowing someone far away was thinking about them.
I am joining in her challenge
Six letters to six people in six weeks.

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter via snail mail? 

 Who will you write to this week?

PS I noticed Lime Tree has some whimsical accessories to aid letter writing.  


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thankful for running and Team World Vision

Recently I completed the #C25k - well Ease into 5km using the Bluefin app.
In 8 weeks I was transformed that is a lie !

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

Slowly I have improved.I am still reluctant to call myself a runner ...

 What I think I look like

Call me crazy but I signed up to Bridge to 10km as soon as I finished the C25k.

I am thankful I can run albeit with the grace of rhino !

My friends on social media gave me lots of encouragement when I completed each day's run (3 per week).

Walking is still more my style but running gets you there faster ...and I'd still like to lose a little flab fat !

What gets you there faster ?
Myth: Exercise done at a low intensity, such as walking, is better at fat burning than other high-intensity activities, like running or cardio activities where you push yourself very hard.
The Truth: In a strict scientific sense, these claims are true because working at a lower intensity requires less quick energy and a higher percentage of fat is burned. But you'll also burn fewer calories than you would if, for the same amount of time, you work out at a harder intensity (running versus walking). If you're trying to lose weight, even though a higher percentage of fat is being used, a lower total amount of fat is lost. Find out more here it's very helpful info
Source: via Trish on Pinterest

What I'd like to look like

Making a difference and having a purpose for torturing myself running is my new goal. Have you heard of the Mother's day Classic ?
I'd like to run it but I think I've left my run (no pun intended) a little late this year for fundraising.

The Sydney City2Surf is on Sunday, 12th Aug, 2012 .
I've been wanting to run this event for years  .
I've now got my sights set on it.
Why ?

It doesn't matter if I can't run or jog 14km -I can walk too. The money I raise will make an impact.. ten fold !!

It can make a real difference around the world with 10 x the value of my donation - if I run with team World Vision.

UPDATE - I'm now officially a Team World Vision runner  -  See my hero page here to sponsor me - $5 or $10 every donation will make a difference and have 10 x the impact - you can start sponsoring me now !

The real other reason I run

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ I won't be happy till I'm as famous as God

Please visit other WW's
Win $150 Ikea storage solutions and $160 Lego Games Giveaway


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

You don't know what you got till it's gone

Technology in 2012 means we are never far from a status update, a text message or even a tweet or instagram to friends or followers.

Our days are wait - I have to change my status, I'm instagram'ing this or like the Logies joke - tweet the winner first it first.We live our lives on hold to do it , but oh the memories we document to over share with our extended community of family and friends.

Still, I can't believe hubby has not embraced this technology. I'd have missed him less if he did...just saying. He can send a text message and operate a mobile phone - that is all. He is happy with that and an occasional flutter on ebay or a browse through Trading post online.

After spending a week in Sydney {4 hours + from our new home} - the numbers don't go high enough and words can't describe how much...haha.... I missed him. I wish he would catch up with instant technology.

We stayed with family - the numbers don't go high enough and words can't describe how much I've missed them since we tree changed to Central West NSW. My little boys especially miss their brother,  9yr old cousin and his sisters, Aunties and Uncles. They loved seeing their big brother again (did visit at Easter) when he came to Mum's for dinner. I've {I'll miss her again when I have to do my own washing,cooking and cleaning} missed my Mum.

It was lovely to catch up with a few friends - I missed them more because some I hadn't seen since before we left for our Western Australia roadtrip.

Squeezing in a quick chat and coffee with Denyse before Sam's eye appointment was lovely, and she generously shared a few DPCON goodies with us.

Moving away means you leave friendships behind , some permanently. I still didn't see everyone I wanted to. It is hard to accept I won't see some people again , playgroup friends and others in my old community.

We saw the the boys' old preschool teacher's , unforgetable, 'Lightening' car at the station,late one night. I wished I made time to go and say hello. We might still...

Facebook gives me a thread of hope. I can still feel a little connected to the outside world. A world I embrace and miss.

Facetime , not connected in any way to Facebook will keep us connected to their cousins.

In other news my 80yr old Mother in law is now a Facebook convert , beware nieces and nephews , Nanny is watching you ! We visited her yesterday and she asked me to sign her up.

The Drummer boys have had a great week with their cousins, family and friends. We went to the Easter Show, celebrated the opening of Madame Tussaud's , Darling Harbour (It was incredible and a  post for another day) and just chilled.

Country roads will take me home later today my love.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bonus LEGO® Games build, play and change ~ GIVEAWAY

As a mum of 5 year (almost 6yr) old twin boys I have to work on finding time and playing with them. I like doing things they like (except playing in the dirt). I don't get a lot of time for play now they are at school. Homework is stressful enough , play has to be fun not forced.

Lego Games ticks all the boxes - and it was fun ! Except when I step on a Lego, lose a vital piece or have to retrieve tiny bits from the vacuum cleaner !!

Word on the street is Lego has just released some hot new LEGO® Games. Games that you build, play and change.  Complete with the unique buildable LEGO Dice and changeable rules - we all know how kids like to make their own rules, break and change them.

We tested out two new LEGO Games over the weekend . The verdict is in - Thumbs up - it is a great way of having fun together with family and friends and with different aged kids.

Game #1 Join the chase in LEGO City! Alarm (RRP $29.99)

Thieves are on the loose with lots of stolen money! Help the police officers to catch them and lock in jail before they get away! LEGO CITY Alarm is an exciting race game for 2–4 (teams) players. Game play is approximately 10–20 minutes.
It took us a lot longer to build the city with just my two boys (or one of them for most part) and I.The buildings are 'cute' and very clever - including a tiny croissant, jewel and pizza, a tiny helicopter and even the jail. The build instructions were easy for my almost 6yrs old (game recommended from 6yrs) to follow . The 6 micro figures are also cute though not jointed (eeekkkk ~ @ 240 LEGO pieces I didnt count)

The game itself is quick to play and free play was the most popular. Creating your adventure game is more fun.

The box is sturdy with top lid and bottom .The game packs away complete for storage without having to mess it up.

I liked that there were no mini guns, just a classic cops and robbers chase.

My boys did get a little distracted because just as we began building our City - Lego Ninjago started on Cartoon network ( Nanny has payTV we do not !) .

Game #2 Star Wars Battle of Hoth 8+ (RRP $49.99)

Defend Hoth™ as you battle against your friends and the Empire!
Battle on the ice planet and defend the secret base as you compete against your friends in a buildable LEGO® Star Wars™ game!
It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Darth Vader has discovered Luke Skywalker’s secret base on the remote ice planet of Hoth™, and Imperial ground forces are ready to attack!
The Battle for Hoth™ is a game of strategy with different figures on a target unit plus Darth Varder, Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo and Chewbacca & others and the Rebel and Imperial infantry units...miniature Snowspeeder, Tauntaun, AT-ST and AT- AT  - very clever little figures. The 32 Lego microfigures won over all the boys ( total of 305 Lego pieces not to step on or vacuum)

Game play lasts about 20 mins or so till either force moves into the opponents base or destroys their units.The moves are a little chess like with different pieces having different move ability. The battlefield layout can be changed and also the rules -no game has to played the same twice. Instructions offer suggestions or you create your own. The rules are a little complicated but it is designed to suit 8+ or older.

We roped in my nephew 9yrs (almost 10) and his friend 8yr (almost 9) - they said it was very cool . They ripped through the building the battlefield (game board) quickly. Again the battlefield comes apart in two pieces for storage in a sturdy box without destroying the game for the next battle.

The only disappointment was there were no red laser guns - as shown on box illustration ;).

 The other new Lego games are Kokoriko (RRP $14.99) Join the fun down on the farm! and Mini-Taurus (RRP $22.99) Enter the mini-labyrinth version of Minotaurus.

You can view the animated game guide demos online too, I couldn't get it on my iPad and my mum's internet was too slow today.

Giveaway is for 2 winners including 

1 x Lego City Alarm &
1 x Star Wars Battle of Hoth 
1 x Kokoriko

1 x Mini-Taurus

for each winner.

What character or personalities or game idea would you like to see in a Lego game ?

  1. Follow my blog or Like my Facebook page ~ 
  2. Two winners will be chosen for their creative comment in answering the question above.
  3. Open to Australian residents only. 
  4. Entries Close 30th April 2012
  5. RRP approx: $ 235.98 (2 winners each 127.46)
  6. Judge's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  7. Winner has to make contact within 4 days of the winner being announced, otherwise the prize will be re-drawn.
  8. Prizes are not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash.Prizes sent out will not be replaced in the event that they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit. 
  9. One Extra entry by creative comment for sharing on FB . 

I received the 2 LEGO® Games products for review purposes -  thanks to Lego Australia and One Green Bean
No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

April 15th was the 50th anniversary of Lego in Australia -a national initiative was launched.

LEGO Australia premiered a 90-second trailer - illustrating how the LEGO brick, since first arriving in the suitcase of John Peddie in 1962, has sparked the imagination of kids and adults across Australia for half a century.

Congratulations to Jenny and Bridget - hope you enjoy the Lego Games on their way to you.