Friday, 27 July 2012

Game on, the countdown has run down

So my countdown has finally run down and I am due to face my first chemotherapy infusion today at 1.30pm. As the days ticked by, anxiety has grown. I am most worried about the unknown.

I have a one hour appointment with the Breast Cancer Nurse at 12.30pm , she gives me the run down on what side effects to expect (I think) .

Intuitively, and through lots of reading, (and talking to a few people in real life) I know my life is about to change dramatically. I have almost 17 months of treatment , I know the first 3 months is allegedly the worse of it .

Four chemotherapy cycles each 3 weeks apart. ie The IV infusion today is the start and then I go home to let it work. I come back again in 3 weeks to start it all again.

It isn't just today it is over the next week or two that the side effects last, then I have a week to recover before the next dose.

I am in Sydney 4-5 hrs, from home for 1st treatment. All going well we will travel back home tomorrow afternoon. My husband has been working flat out to make one large room more comfortable for me. We currently live in a fitted out shed/cabin on our farm . We only moved from our large, comfortable 4 bedroom home in Sydney, 6 months ago. (It is still rented out.). I love our farm.

This week I've spoken to a few survivors and I know it's doable. It's rugged and will knock me around but I'm taking one or a dozen side effects  moment , one day, one week, one treatment  at a time.

Most of all , you can be assured today, that I know I am being upheld by God’s peace and the thoughts and prayers of many friends and family. I appreciate we are surrounded by God’s peace, and His care and protection for us.
I am so touched by the messages of support from real life friends, URL friends and even strangers xoxo