Thursday, 30 June 2011

Goodbye 4

It's been a busy day today.
Rushed out to the toy sales after my DH got back from his errands.
I managed to grab a few birthday bargains.
I rushed home and then we took the shaggy boys for pre birthday hair cuts and shopping.
Home again to cook home-made pizzas on Baker's Delight bases - so delicious.
Much frenzy followed.
So in 15 minutes (well kind of) the little drummer boys will start another trip around the sun.
It is hard to believe 5 yrs ago at this time I was awake and scared, lying in a hospital bed, not knowing what the daylight would bring.
My husband had gone home.
It still makes my eyes awash with tears remembering how alone and scared I felt. I can't put it into words.
Our twin birth story is here.

The birthday week started at Playgroup on Tuesday -  made the bestest little cupcakes from this buttercake recipe. (Twice because I made 4 dozen for preschool - I  gave them 30. Once in choc and the preschool got vanilla.)

Tomorrow we will celebrate the little boys we never imagined could bring us so much love and laughter .

 Tonight, I kissed my 4 year olds goodnight .

After their bath, bedtime stories and last photos of 4 - I had to have a go at these.Thanks to my dear friend Tiff 

The pegs are just to hold the teeth on till they dry. It was a quick craft.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Drumming

The idea that there are harps in Heaven is a common misconception.
When we get to Heaven there will be DRUMS!!!  ~Tony Vacca

Drum-mer: "1. One that plays the drum or drumset. 2. He who constantly bangs on things and pretty much drives everybody nuts!".

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fisher Price Kid -Tough Video camera giveaway.

Boy did we have fun reviewing this Fisher Price Kid -Tough Video camera.  An addition to Fisher Price's, already popular, Kid tough digital camera range.I really love that this is a real video camera for 3-7 yr olds.

When a new toy arrives can you imagine the 'drama' when mummy says WAIT my TURN first. It makes it tough being a kid and so not fair. This video camera is especially designed for 3-7 yrs with minimal help from big people. Big people love it too.

Movie directors are getting younger all the time—with help from the Kid Tough Video Camera. It’s designed so little hands can hold it steady and access all the buttons. And since no one likes to wait, they can replay video instantly on the camera. Hmmm … not quite perfect? Just delete and shoot again. Share the fun with the whole family on the computer—or on the TV!

Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included)

Summary of FEATURES:

* Child-friendly controls for ease of use.
* SD card slot for extra recording time (OPTIONAL extra ).
* Easy computer (USB included) & TV connection (AV jack not included).
* Downloadable file management software.
* High quality, 3.56 cm colour TFT screen.

Microsoft® Windows XP, Windows Vista™ or Windows 7. Suits MAC's too

The video camera comes in blue or pink (which I just realised). It has large buttons - the orange button with blue circle to turn it on, the green button on right starts recording .The red cross at bottom deletes a file/video. It has orange arrows to scroll back and forwards through numbered files of each video .

My boys did pick it up quickly.To video kids view through 1.5” colour LCD preview screen , this also allows kids to instantly playback the videos they’ve taken. red indicator 'light' flashes when they are recording on the front and a small red circle on the LCD screen. It was a little hard to see playback outside in bright light.

The camera is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries underneath the camera,with childproof lock for safety (just need a 1/4 turn of phillips head screwdriver top open the compartment- 10 secs).
It even has a low battery indicator too.

The USB port is on the left side, with  a slide compartment - it was a little tricky to open the compartment and push the USB cable plug in (guess it keeps it safe from little peeps). It is very easy to download video files to your computer. (same one as I use for my camera so bonus ! you don't have to search for a special cord).It can also be connected to the TV with an AV cable (not included).

A neat feature I really like is that the video camera  turns itself off automatically if it's been left on.Power and money saving when you have kids who forget. You can't use recyclable batteries.

To be honest I'd didn't test the tough features like dropping or knocking it about it on purpose... I only just had my iPod replaced because of the screen which I am sure was cracked as a result of my little monsters darlings dropping it. They loved making videos on the iPod. Unlike the iPod this video camera has very sturdy wide handles for kids to get a good grip on.In time they will learn to keep it steadier.

The video camera, as supplied out of the box, gives 15 mins recording time. The quality is great for children though it is optional to purchase a secure digital (SD) card for more memory - eg 1GB sound card stores 30 mins of higher quality. I am seriously considering it.It records sounds quite well too.

The instruction book is very easy for adults to understand and troubleshoot. Yet operation is so simple for preschool children to use without needing to read the instructions, I admit I only read the instructions after I had a play.

Kid tough video camera is going to feature in the upcoming toy sales at all the major retailers.
Normally from $129.99 it is still a toy where you may prefer adult supervision.

I can see this video camera encouraging role playing, adventures and much drama. I didn't edit the footage - in time they'll be able to create and edit their own film projects and magic moments (even better than me).  It's interesting to see the world as they see it.


No he didn't dent the fence just his spirit.

Other Fisher-Price top of the tots hot list you will see featuring in the sales ...
Laugh & Learn Kitchen

Laugh & Learn Workbench

Go Baby Go!™ Bounce & Spin Zebra™

Fisher-Price Little People Release Rampway
and a whole range of additional wheelies each sold separately for under $5
Watch out for some huge savings with 'Christmas in July' and then stash them away ahead of Christmas frenzy. 

The good news is I have one Kid tough Video Camera to giveaway

Want in ?

1. Add yourself as a follower on my blog
2. Leave a comment telling me  
What adventure your child would like to video and why ?
3. Open to Australian residents only.
4. Winner chosen by random draw
5. Closes 7th July, 2011
6. For an optional extra entry share on Twitter or Facebook .

Please ensure you have your email attached to your profile or leave it in the comments.

PS: It is the last day to win a Fisher Price Doodle Bear too.

Disclosure: Fisher-Price & their agent sent me the Kid Tough Video Camera for this review and will supply the prize for the giveaway. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Grateful for Cake

It's the start of another birthday week in our house with the twins 5th birthday on Friday and mine the following.
My talents do not extend to the above creations.How cool are they !
I am grateful for cake, these are pretty to look at but I wonder how good they taste. I go for taste over waste!
I am grateful too for Open houses ...they force me to clean.
I am grateful for my gorgeous Sister in laws. One is minding the boys tonight while we attend the 40th birthday party of another. The other is flying down from Queensland on Thursday for the boys birthday.
She snapped up some cheap flights and we'll love seeing her again. 

So, what's making you smile today?
... Please add a link back to Maxibella in your post. Blog hop to visit other bloggers who are spreading a little sunshine.

I'm also welcoming back Flickr Friday - I loved this photo meme from 2008. Saturday Morning Ogre Mum is reviving it. Make your own mosaic and link up.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

Things I know

Lifted this from Whoa Mummy

I know that with the explosion of bloggers , who subsequently join twitter, start Face book fan pages and even Instagram and Pin interest [I am still going to join pin interest - just been a bit busy I tell you] 'there' is only so far we can spread ourselves and still be a good enough mum and wife. I know I have been very slack at both lately.

I know it's getting harder to connect more personally with all the lovely blogging ladies in the community due to TIME.

I know I dreadfully miss some good friends who rarely email me anymore. I  know they are just busy or at least I hope it's not me. I get it. I am busy too I know. Sorry to anyone I haven't emailed and should !

I know that some new followers don't know much about me...

Just this week someone said they didn't know my twin boys were IVF miracles babies.

Someone else this week didn't know my just turned 18yr son was adopted - @13 months old actually. He wasn't the first baby his birth mother had relinguished for adoption or to permanent custody of birth fathers/partners. I know one day if they ever have a family reunion it will be HUGE -just sayin'. 

Someone else didn't know I lost my firstborn baby, Charlotte , almost 7 years ago. After 12 yrs infertility she was our naturally conceived miracle. I was 6 months pregnant when our world shattered. There was no reason found for her 'demise'. Red Nose day always makes me feel tremendous sadness for all families remembering their little angels.

Someone else recently didn't know my husband was diagnosed with cancer (just over 12 months ago).  It was a rare malignant tumour in the temporal muscle on right side of his head. So far so good after surgery to remove the tumour ; he had 6 weeks radiation therapy -12 months ago now. He still has frequent headaches and dizziness so his oncologist referred him to a  neurologist. I know we live with both hope and fear always. Every time he feels unwell hideous thoughts flood my head and heart.  

So you know what I mean when I say the best news I've read this week was that Dave's @ Eden's hubby cancer hasn't come back. Eden is an amazing writer go read their story and celebrate.

Now is there anything else you want to know about me ?  
I am happy to answer questions in a new blog post (one day) !

What do you know this week ?
I know Shae wants to crack 20 links this week - surely we all know something ! I am #14
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Friday Facebook Flog #4

Can't believe it is Friday already and time for another Friday Facebook Flog #FFF.
I like the encouragement I am seeing as people connect with each other.


Please !

Yes, it seems like some might be flogging to just gain numbers (or to spam people) - who knows the truth. I hope it is because we want to connect with each other and establish meaningful relationships :) to extend our community.

My opinion is a new or fledging blog or even a fan page of an established blogger needs a platform to start from . I've just seen such encouraging comments so let those join in who want to ...

Just a word of caution if you only want to LIKE people as your fan page - make sure you are already logged in as your fan page profile not personal. Especially if you LIKE people as both and you get them twice in your feed stream.

I apologise in advance to anyone I have unliked as ME - I am still working through the list to rectify a few double ups on my Fan pages.

#Tip - upload a photo from your computer or a url if you don't want the generic FB logo. 

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Adventures with Lego Cars2 and Duplo Rescue Helicopter giveaway

It's exciting times for CARS2 lovers with the release of Disney & Pixar's Cars2 launched in cinemas today. Going to see Cars 2 is at the top of our to do list .

My almost 5yrs old twins have also been eyeballing [eying just doesn't look right] off the new release Lego Cars 2 range. I am so surprised they actually put the Cars2 sets back on the shelf. I keep telling them wait for your birthday.

Some of the construction sets are beyond their age & ability at the moment -just look what is available !. They will love recreating the movie scenes with all their favourite characters.

    Lighting McQueen, who travels across Japan, Italy and Great Britain to take part in the Grand Prix adventures, and Mater, who gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage!
Spy Jet Escape (RRP: $89.99)

Mack’s Team Truck (RRP: $69.99)

World Grand Prix Racing Rivalry (RRP: $24.99)

Escape at Sea (RRP: $34.99)

Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen (RRP: $12.99)  

There are so many different sets to chose from. Specials are sure to snapped up in the upcoming toy sales which coincidentally starts the day of their birthday 1st July 12.01am.{Late night for me}.
I am thinking the Lego Cars 2 ~ Duplo will be more suitable for out and about (less pieces to lose) and a more challenging Lego set for them to share in 5-12 age range. 

Duplo is still THE much favoured toy in our house, played with most days here and even at preschool I see groups of children playing with it.  These are just some of the new Duplo range.

Through building, stacking, role playing and social play, children can explore, test and push their limits and abilities.
Dr's Clinic
I love the look of the new DR's clinic (as a nurse), it's looks so much fun and would work as a great toy to introduce children to medical experiences.The nurse's car is cute too.

Who wants in -
I'm giving away this amazing Rescue Helicopter !
The GOOD news - I have the 3 sets of the LEGO DUPLO Emergency Helicopter to giveaway.
The emergency helicopter is off on an exciting mission to save a woman in need. Once
she’s safely on the stretcher, the helicopter needs to rush her to the hospital so the doctor can help her. Rescue the woman and fly her to hospital!

• Emergency helicopter with rescue equipment
• DUPLO pilot and woman figures with medical bag
• Rescue tower
Age: 2-5 years
RRP: $34.99

I also wanted to mention the Duplo farm friends app for preschoolers .My boys love this free app.
It has Duplo figures we own and love with cute farm animal noises (ah for a few mins peace) and farm machines.

  There is also a Lego Duplo Facebook fan page you can join or download free music on the Lego iTunes music channel HERE.

To enter to win one 1 of 3 - Duplo Rescue Helicopters - the mandatory entry is to tell me something funny - What do you want to be rescued from and/or by 'who' or maybe even if you have ever been rescued ? 
I will pick one creative answer and 2 random winners.
The rules: Easy !

Australian residents only.
Giveaway closes 8th July 2011
Please make sure I have a way of contacting you.

Disclosure : I did not receive any Lego / Duplo product for this review. I was happy to give Lego a mention because I know my boys are going to enjoy the Lego Cars2 range and so I could offer this giveaway of 3 Rescue helicopters to my readers.No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.
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