Thursday, 29 April 2010

#Gratitude List

Thankful Thursday...
  1. Breathing a sigh of relief that the first bridge is crossed.
  2. DH's surgery went well though it was a bit trickier than the Surgeon expected. The side effects aren't as bad as they could have been.
  3. Surgeon was confident he got all the tumour and he personally came to see me at 9.45pm to explain everything. Awesome.
  4. Hubby was in good spirits when he came back to the ward.
  5. My SIL came to wait with me. She is amazing & generous.
  6. My Mum minding the boys at our home last night & today.I ♥ my Mum. She is super.
  7. Almost all green traffic lights when I left hospital to come home. Incredible. There must be over 20 sets.
  8. Prayers of many family & friends.
  9. Supportive tweets & facebook comments ...did I tell you how much I ♥ you guys.
  10. Hubby should be home tomorrow after the drain comes out.
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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Post it Tuesday #21

O M Gosh how did Tuesday roll around so quickly. How is May only days away ?

It's been like I wished today (well tomorrow) would happen since last week. Tomorrow is the day DH has his surgery.

I never planned to be away from my blog a week. It isn't because I haven't had anything to say, more the opposite. Perhaps I don't want to say it out loud .

Life goes on at rollercoaster pace ...

My boys have given me so many fun mischeivous moments. I just haven't had so much to say let alone time to blog it. (I did capture photos but my camera battery keeps going flat so I can't upload)

I've had so many things have happen in our life this month. I didn't have the time to write about any of them in depth .
Truthfully , I really didn't have anything great for you today either... but I love post its!

I ♥ Post it Tuesday

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Post it Tuesday #20

In not so many words tonight just a few post it's ...firstly
Loving this quote ...
MY to do list ...

This quote too resonates with me too ... Why I am hiding the Easter Eggs

I am so grateful : my little boys are our shining lights at the end of the tunnel ...

Back to the basics ...Lastly ...

I ♥ Post it Tuesday

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Monday, 19 April 2010

Silver Linings

I know I haven't really written much lately. Though life is never short of being eventful.
A few weeks ago it was #3 son Joel, having a concussion & surgery for a laceration under his eye, then DH having what was supposed to be simple surgery for drainage of an abscess or something. Then last week the Teen cutting his foot while swimming (or exiting the water) at the local river. He had a few sutures. J had another fall at a playground...phew just a bruise.

DH - it wasn't an abscess.
So, here we are.
So, I've been going through that paralysis that hits when there is lots to say and fear to say it... my husband has been diagnosed with a 'tumour' near his right temple.
So, they aren't sure what it is exactly.
So, today was the first appointment with the Surgical oncologist. I won't go into details.

The Specialist Dr is lovely and positive.
The Cancer Care Centre is a relatively new purpose built consultation & treatment centre.
It's interior is bright & shiny, calming & comforting in a way.
It was quiet.
Gentle whispers and voices , soft padding of feet on the carpeted floors.
All the people we saw probably have their own stories to tell. Each person seemed to have a support person, they encourage it. Some you could see were well into their treatment journey of hope.

Though, no one looks another in the eyes, you can see we all are here to find our way to the silver lining - the place where you can feel hopeful again.

Things in life aren’t always easy, we are changed after we or our loved ones experience Cancer and other serious illnesses.

My main advice (for myself) is don't think too far ahead. Don't worry too far ahead. I (we) have to literally take each day as it comes. Be thankful for the time and the days you get to spend together, spend them wisely.

A young, pregnant mum (of 2 under 3), I know of , lost her 36yr old husband unexpectedly , in his sleep over Easter. I don't know any more details why... but it makes you stop in your tracks.

Whatever you want to do, do it now (realistically)- there are only so many tomorrows. Look at your situation and make adjustments. We've had a few plans now to leave our business and do some amazing things and we will (that's another future post or two) ...sooner.

Days of Grace
  1. Private health Insurance his surgery is able to be scheduled for next week.
  2. Today , I'm especially grateful for our family & friends who are generous, loving, and prayerful.The unchanging, steady pillars of faith alongside our faith in God.
  3. The prayers that are being said daily on our behalf mean the world to us.
  4. Opportunities waiting to be explored in other areas in our life. (We have a lot of other exciting things happening)
  5. Strawberry cream filled Freddo frogs...not quite silver but mmm.
Noun1.silver lining - a consoling aspect of a difficult situation; "every cloud has a silver lining"; "look on the bright side of it"

Ps.. It would have been my Dad's 68th birthday tomorrow.Today, we were right next door to the hospital where he passed away from his battle Leukemia 4.5 yrs ago. I miss him.Tonight I'll raise my glass to him. He did love a good wine.
We were also right next door to the IVF clinic where our gorgeous twins Sam & Joel were conceived. That's all ...

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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Smiley Saturday - Determined

...well I'm not sure if Lightening is doing SS , I am ; that's all. One day recently I saw a poster at the community health centre with the caption
"I had a stressful day but I am determined to find five positive things"
It reminded me that I was somewhat determined to continue with Days of Grace in small things . I just haven't had time or inclination; that's all.

  1. Smelling the roses ...truly they are right under my nose , my height at front porch. It's the Children's rose. Every day I am reminded how lucky I am. I find it can be such a mood lifter to focus on the good things that you have in your life when you feel anything but ...
  2. Triple flybuy points and Easter chocolate 75% off.
  3. The laughter and antics of two small boys who make all of the craziness worth it. Moments that are so awesome that they take my breath away...yesterday I took twin J with me to buy accessories for dinner ...his twin S wrapped his arms around his brother and gave him a big hug (and also said have fun ! see you when you get back).
  4. Sweetypie ...err Ziggy & other favourite things.
  5. 36hrs ...counting down.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wordless Wedensday - how to bury

When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.” ~ Stephen Wright ...

Can you guess who's idea it was to bury each other ?

Seriously the sandbox is the all time favourite play place at our house. My boys spend hours everyday in & taking sand out of the sandbox ...
Though I hate sand on the floor, in the pockets, in the sink and in the bed after nap time at least it gives me time to blog lol.
At preschool I always find them in the sandpit too.
Ps there a whole webpage devoted to how to bury a body in sand ...personally I'd dig the teen a little deeper !

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Post it Tuesday #19

(see the newest bruise he has added to his injury repertoire)

...another week has passed by so what will you say today ? Please leave me a comment because I like them you know and I share my chocolate.

I ♥ Post it Tuesday's

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