Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stick 'em up # 9

I wait all week for Tuesday ...Do you ? ..I ♥ Post it Tuesday's

Ps I found Pluto in Dubbo ...if I hadn't seen Uranus I would never have known. Picture to follow xx

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Anonymous said...

Oh how fun Australia Day! Happy early 20th Anniversary! I can't wait till mine as I am hoping finally for a honeymoon.

p.s. I like the luscious pattern you left a my post its.

Adoption of Jane said...

Happy Anniversary!

Brittney said...

Happy anniversary!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Happy anniversary and Australia Day.

Amber said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shell said...

This year is going so fast!

Happy Anniversary!

Homesick Cajun said...

I'm becoming addicted to Tuesdays lol! Happy 20th anniversary!

Vixen said...

I adore your Tuesday stick 'ems. And I understand the feeling of having too much to say that we think few would understand. Hugs.

PS For our 20th anniversary we got our first tattoos together. We are strange, but hey! Its an idea!

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