Wednesday, 31 December 2008

525,600 minutes do you measure a year ?

Do you think this year has gone quick ? ...

It has for me.

I don't know about you but does the dawn of the New Year see you reflecting on regrets, difficulties in relationships, loss and ill health of loved ones or achievements of the past year and looking forward to the challenges & joy of the coming year or both ?

I guess we all do a little soul searching and set far reaching or ambitious goals fluffed up with dreams of a distant future.I have good intentions ...I know you are all just waiting to hear them.

LOL I haven't done half the things on my 43 things list and I am no where near ready for my 101 things in 1001 days. Though I am pleased to say I'm closer to my first million ... steps (864,502 since 21st October).

I don't want much in 2009.I realise that already I am surrounded by priceless gifts - the love of amazing family and friends, healthy family, peaceful living conditions (save for teenage vs parent angst and twin two year olds' independence battles coupled with - twin vs his twin in toddler toy wars) , comfortable shelter and way too much an abundance of chocolate good food , and freedom to worship my God without fear.

I am truly grateful for my blessings. Sure I didn't get all I wanted but I have all I need. I am not consumed by a need to finish on top ( though I love seeing my stats rise) in the rat race.

In 2009 I will step back and focus on the bigger picture. 2008 wasn't great. The things that happen to us in the seasons of life do not make us but they shape us.There was much strife in 2008 I want to forget, though painful and complicated they helped me.

Life can be a daunting jungle ...sometimes.It's a difficult task getting through it alone. I know making friends and helping each other along the way be they family/friends or strangers is the only way out.

The kindness of strangers can be infinite.I say thank you for each and every one of my readers for hanging in there. I really appreciate you.

It is a great song ... Seasons of Love ?

How do you measure a year ? ... 320 published posts...1500 cups of tea or more, more than a few a bottle of wine or two ... ? trips to the fridge /toilet , 3500 nappies (I am probably under here according to the song) ... infinite hours online ? (I didn't realise but I passed 500 posts this month)

I sincerely wish you, your family and loved ones a peaceful healthy New Year - please take it easy on the cheer.I pray you stay safe. In 2009 may you find peace of mind in life and joyfully celebrate every day . See you next year.

ps - I didn't forget it was a leap year in 2008 ...just didn't want to confuse the song).
pps May we all spend our next 525,600 minutes wisely and hopefully for the most part with the ones we love.

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Monday, 29 December 2008

Life is good in Australia.

Today, I received an answer to prayer. It isn't something I can't tell you and I really don't mean to tease. It was a quite quirky how it happened. It ties in with what happened next ...

Today we went to see AUSTRALIA - with Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman.It was amazing movie. Life in Australia in 1939 was not so good. I recommend it highly. It was dramatic and spectacular. Brilliant cinematography.

Due to the timing of our babysitter (my Mum) and it being the holidays - we spoilt ourselves and went into the Gold lounge. It was our first time ;) .

The huge reclining seats were incredible and if you have to sit 3 hrs in a seat -then do it.It was worth it... we got free popcorn and softdrink too (in a real glass)

If we hadn't decided to go to the movies - it might not have happened. The song if you have seen Australia is so apt. Hope & believe.

It has made me re-evaluate a lot of things that have concerned me for months.It was an answer to a prayer that I wasn't expecting. Yes, it was something good.Yes, dreams do come true. I am very thankful for the timing.

I love this song. It always gives me so much hope.I am thankful for so many things today.

Nicole Kidman's character reminds of Jeannie Gunn and We of the Never never. I have visited the Northern Territory (1992) and it is very beautiful 'country'. I look forward to going back one day.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

So this was Christmas ...

We had a good day Christmas day, all in all, until my Mother in law fell and broke her wrist. She was with us .She didn't tell anyone for a while because she didn't want a fuss .

The pain increased and she told my Dh she knew it was a fracture -it had started to swell.My Dh took her to the casualty at a nearby hospital. Surprisingly she was seen and had a xray within 2.5hrs.They applied a temporary cast/bandage but because it was a bad break it needed surgery.

She left with an appointment to return to another hospital to see an Orphopedic surgeon the next morning (Boxing day).It did not go as planned.

Unfortunately due to the holiday closures of operating theatres and other emergencies she had till wait until this morning for surgery to have it reset under a general anaesthetic.

So she missed the Boxing day family get together and sat in hospital for 2 days waiting.That is why they called them 'patient'.

S & J enjoyed the festivities but mostly they loved running around and playing with all their cousins.They finally got the hang of unwrapping gifts and were thrilled with the new toys. We didn't go overboard though.

On a much sadder note I read today Emilie Lemmons passed away in her sleep on Christmas Eve.

When I wrote about Emilie last week I had no idea her passing would be so soon.Maybe she didn't know either. I did not know her at all except through her blog but I will remember her final words of wisdom and her last favourite quote.

"And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth."

— Raymond Carver

She is now free from pain and suffering but how incredibly hard it will be for her husband and two small sons.

As I wrote last week ....The message I will take away is life is far too precious and we should ....just live intensely in the present, absorbing and embracing life as it happens. I'll let the superficial things in life go and stop sweating the small stuff. In the end will they matter.

Carpe Diem ... Today and always I will be thankful beyond measure and vow to seize every day that I can to Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of my heart!

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas


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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Almost there

We all need a little Christmas cheer - 12 Crazy days of Christmas are almost over . I saw this on Rhubarb whine and I loved it ...hope you enjoy it too.

Last year I posted this the funniest 12 days of Christmas and I want to share it again.It's brilliant.

This is an acappella group 'Straight No Chaser' from Indiana University singing a fantastic fun version of “Twelve Days of Christmas”. They are amazing at how they keep their parts straight in this. Included are a bit of “12 Days”, “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel”, ”Santa Claus is coming to Town”, “Deck the Halls”, “Carol of the Bells”, “The Boar’s Head Carol”, and wraps up with “12 Days” sung to the tune of “Africa” by the band Toto.

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Hardly There

It 's almost Christmas and that time of year we are more painfully aware of the loved ones that are no longer with us or those that never made it past the sanctuary of the womb.

I found this quote somewhere ...

"though in reality you were hardly there ~ in my heart you were everything"

Christmas Angel...

I have a little angel
I hang upon my tree
She reminds me of another that
I cannot touch or see.
As I place my lovely angel midst
the sparkling lights on high
My other little angel roams the
dazzling, star lit sky.

As I celebrate at Christmas time
God's child who came to Earth
I think back to that special day-
My own beloved child's birth.
As long ago, the world was shown
A wondrous star above,
within my heart there shines a light
of pure undying love.

Perhaps for one, she'll put aside
her thoughts of heavenly things,
remembering this time on Earth
she'll soar on shimmering wings.
Join little ones with shining eyes and
thoughts of Christmas glee,
The holy day, she'll spend with us-
her earthly family.

Perhaps we have a feeling that
our little one is near
As she soothes the sad place in our hearts
and dries our secret tears.
Then she'll take flight on outstretched wings
for heaven up above
while we receive the greatest gift
of God's eternal love.
~ Alice Check Beaverton

Thank you for Tiff and ~William~ for sharing this poem with me in 2006.

Four years ago I didn't want to celebrate Christmas.

Three years ago we were approaching Christmas joyfully barely 8 weeks pregnant with our twin sons. We shared the joyful news on Christmas day - uncertain but hopeful.

It isn't possible to put into words how much it meant to us after losing Charlotte. She was due December 1st but was stillborn 1st September.

I struggle to imagine what if's ... if she didn't die and /or would they be here at all...?

There are seasons in the our lives that we must all go through ...they make us what we are today.

Faith , Hope , Believe ...Pray ! - If you have time to pray for sweet, precious Kayleigh - a real Christmas Miracle, who really needs your prayers.

oh and Laugh ...I just remembered this post a year ago yesterday

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Making the most ...when life is a bitch

I can't post a Smiley Saturday today.I feel overwhelmed and sad. It isn't about me though. I have just read the most heart breaking post written by Emilie, a mum of two small boys as she is preparing to die.

I have quietly been following Emilie's story for a while . Emilie was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in the early weeks of pregnancy with her second son. She delivered her beautiful, boy almost a year ago. Emilie braved surgery, chemo and other treatment and seemingly beat the odds, but the cancer reoccurred .

I cannot imagine for a minute how she is feeling. She has to face this reality and prepare herself and her family for the worst outcome... something no young family should have to do.

Yet she wrote in the article Finding joy in the midst of darkness
What if I allow myself to put the outcome in God’s hands and just live intensely in the present, absorbing and embracing life as it happens? Emilie Lemmons
the full article is here .

I am so humbled and inspired by her words on redefining joy and in this season of comfort and joy she can teach us so much. Early in her journey she wrote ...

If there is a bright side to any of this, it's that the unimportant, superficial things in our lives have suddenly fallen away, and we are intensely focused on what remains truly important, which is each other, our family, and making the most of the time we have together now. Emilie Lemmons
The message I will take away is life is far too precious and we should ....just live intensely in the present, absorbing and embracing life as it happens. I'll let the superficial things in life go and stop sweating the small stuff. In the end will they matter.

Emilie's story reminds me of Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.

Carpe Diem ... Today and always I will be thankful beyond measure and vow to seize every day that I can to Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of my heart!

so what would you say or do ?

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Friday, 19 December 2008

Are you ready ?

Is it just me - I am so not ready - are you ? I was trying to be more organised this year. F A I L !

I have sent only one card and that was to my secret ornament swap person. 

I meant to send cards this year - last year I was ever so busy chasing two little monsters my tail I can't remember sending any or even writing ones to hand out.  I barely managed buying the gifts.

In Dec 2006 I was overwhelmed with a hospital stay and tests for J when he was diagnosed with urinary reflux , still in a Pavlic harness for his congenital hip dysplasia, then when he started to breast feed @ 5 months.I was still pumping and breastfeeding both twins.  

A little while ago I read about Miscellaneous Mum's

I thought it would suit me perfectly but I didn't get around to it ...yet

Though I am so envious of people who make their own cards with a gazillion pictures of adorable kids and write fabulous letters of what their gorgeous children have been up to. I am no such a wordsmith and there is only so much mischief, mayhem, and muddling along you can pen. Though I do have plenty of cute photos.

I am planning ...on making an e-card featuring the three brothers. I will also send them out and those who want to can print it. 

I will put the 'postage' and a bit extra to the charities I supported Christmas 2007 - with these unique Christmas gifts.

The list may be a bit different this year. I still believe in Santa spreading my money around a few different groups. Though our budget is tighter this year I will also put a donation towards Karen @ Miscellaneous Mum's Oxfam unwrapped fundraiser for a Buffalo.

I think these Acts of random kindness can do more good than a $20 - 30 'gift' bought in a rush to be opened, eaten or if inedible often stuffed in a cupboard.

Though our gifts are given and received in love more often it is what is expected rather honestly needed.I want to give something truly meaningful - gifts of life ... with these special gifts we can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and help some of the world's most vulnerable people.

To help them overcome a little of their poverty , take control of their future and make a practical response to global inequity.These are families just like us who every day truly struggle to live even a basic life, surviving on less than a $1 a day.

Gifts of life potentially last much longer and their magic has the power to last for years the Buffalo bank.

As a Christian I want my children to understand Christmas is about giving not just receiving.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday - who has the biggest tree

This is tree in a nearby average suburban street - half decorated at the time I took the photo - they needed scaffodling it is so big.My twins are in the stroller under the tree (my best present ever LOL).
Edited to add - I hoped to get a picture tonight of the tree all lit up...but the were rewiring it after it was down after a recent storm ...they use a cherry picker to put the star on top.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

What is the best drop of red

I am partial to a good red ...just like the best of us.Here are my favourite reds.

1. Splash !, 2. Gimme Your Blood! (91/365), 3. Pour me some wine please!, 4. Blood Bag, In "NO FLASH ALLOWED!" Conditioning

Today I saved three lives ... or my blood donation will in the coming days/months. I wanted to share some information on what I value in my life donating blood.

Do something special today and give blood - take this
quiz if you are Australian to find out if you are eligible.

how is your blood used

Other blood components including plasma and platelets are also
vital. Plasma is used in bleeding patients, for children and adults with immune
disorders, and to prevent some complications of pregnancy. Platelets are used to
manage bleeding in surgical patients and cancer, including leukaemia.

When you consider that blood components have a shelf life; up to five
days for platelets, 42 days for red cells and up to one year for plasma - its
easy to understand why the need for blood is constant

My Dad (RIP~2005) required many blood /platelet transfusions throughout his battle with Leukemia. There are so many products made from blood and plasma.One of them IVIG helps children with immune deficiencies like Ivy to stay well.

IVIG contains the pooled IgG immunoglobulins (antibodies) extracted from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors.(read more on wikipedia)

Today I gave 470mls of whole blood. In a month's time I will go for my first plasma donation. It takes longer but the red cells are returned and just the plasma is used instead. You can donate plasma more frequently.

Do you donate blood?
So what are you waiting for - won't you 'Drop some red' ...
I am very thankful for the
Australian Red Cross Bood Service... though I 'd rather never to need it.
UPDATE : I just discovered 2009 is the Year of the Blood Donor and 2009 marks 80 years of blood services in Australia.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Carpe Diem - Seize the day

At times we all feel like a fresh start. I was thinking about it for my blog but not quite yet I decided...

A renewed focus on getting more out of life is what I crave.To enjoy the simple things more and to clear the way for a calmer less stressful routine ... or maybe just a routine for a change LOL.

Carpe Diem encapsulates the idea of enjoying the here and now rather than worrying about what we are not or what we don't have or what might have been.

I missed Smiley Saturday ~ I'm Counting my blessings today instead...well every day I do.

I am thankful for the sunrise - it means I lived to see another day.

I am thankful for warm days, and also the fresh breeze today... though one day I would love to see a white Christmas.

I am thankful for the small bodies that snuggled beside me at 6am and the bigger one a lot little further to the left (LOL)

I am incredibly thankful for peace - I mean right now (the Brothers are asleep) ... a small hiatus from the laughter, squeals and chattering that spills drink and crumbs through my home .

Of course I am thankful beyond measure that these sounds fill my house, home and heart because it means I have children who are happy and healthy.

I am thankful for my health and theirs. Our health isn't perfect, but we are still blessed...

I am thankful for my family and that most of time we get along and help each other out... thankful my Sister in law and nieces met me at the shopping centre today (my Christmas is almost done plus I got to see the Optometrist and I am thankful my eyesight hasn't worsened I only have vision in one eye)

I am thankful for several beautiful, amazing friends and for parcels in the post (thank you especially Lightening for the sticker swap and to Louisa for my ornaments.)

I am thankful I won a $50 voucher, last week, to spend at my local shopping centre -just for putting an entry in the barrel.

I am thankful I can still afford to buy a new pedometer after I lost my new less than a month old one whilst shopping on Saturday at the same small shopping centre. (GRRR to the person who found it and kept it) I am obsessive about walking these days so I can eat more to get fit so I rushed out to buy a new one yesterday. I have walked over 636,000 steps since I started counting on 10,000 steps in late October.

I am thankful we have great playgrounds in walking distance and that my boys are happy to play while I walk the 50 step circuit around the play equipment ... in between giving them turns to be pushed on the swing.

I am incredibly thankful they let me walk them every day in the twin stroller and the stroller is a breeze to push ... did I mention I am thankful for no hills though our suburb name ... is xxx Hill.

I am thankful for my Mother's love of cooking (and it is mostly good - she made yummy scones last night) and thankful that the most part she passed those skills onto me ...though I would eat stuff whether it tasted bad or not.

Mostly I am thankful beyond measure that I can Live well, Laugh often, & Love with all of my heart!

what are you thankful for ?

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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Marmite & Tea anyone

My ornament swap arrived at Marmite and Tea.

She is having a white Christmas by the sounds of it ... go see the ornament I sent her and her beautiful tree.

Did you see the ornaments I got Tuesday {see below} from Louisa @ A Canadian in Manchester. Lucky they are unbreakable ... I put two more ornaments on the tree today and Santa is now 'broke' n (less than an hour later) or a piece of his sleigh *sigh* ... where can I buy an industrial size tub of superglue.

S & J love the Chris 'mess' tree.

My pictures &some content are still being copied - I wonder if he will copy and post this
My sincere apologies to any Cane toad lovers ...I will delete this shortly.

By the way ...another lovely Louisa @ Life as we know it has a competition ... to win a $50 Urban Child voucher.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Secret swap

You know me by now's impossible for me to be ... wordless today!

I joined in the Secret Ornament Swap run byJulie@
Abbily Ever After. My package from Louisa @ A Canadian in Mancester ,who was my secret partner, arrived yesterday.

I was so so ho surprised.

I failed at the "secret" - I totally lost the plot .I accidentally told my person I was their secret swap.

Dear Louisa was only required to send me one ornament but she sent me three,one for each of my boys. The teen got the wooden carved Canadian Mounted Police Moose, Sam the soft Canadian moose/deer which he loved and wouldn't let go of (I had till wait till he went to bed last night to get it off him) and Joel the soft Polar bear which he loved because it jingles too.

Louisa went with a Canadian theme and she sent a beautiful card too .Thank you Louisa you made my week.

Ps I can't tell you what the ornament I sent was
(it's still a secret till she gets it) and I forgot to take a photo . I didn't send a Kangaroo because it didn't seem Christmassy enough - maybe I should have.

PPS - Do you like our new header banner - it was designed by the talented Carleen @Revised Images. Go check her work out it is superb. I won a free design in a competition run by Le @Third on the right. So I can now tick this off my list

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Sunday, 7 December 2008


Sorry there is no Weekly winners.
I have been violated .Some jerk has copied my images and my links.
Hmm, so my text wasn't so interesting LOL
Anbu, I have reported you and all your blogs as spam.
Like why bother with my blog ...cute teen boys.
Come back in another 12 years.
So I am taking a break until Google gets into action.
or maybe I should take a spoonful of concrete and harden up !!!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tearful Kitten update

Tonight B,the lady with foster mum cats, rang to say 5 of our 7 kittens had died in last few days from a respiratory infection.I rang Tuesday night but only got her answering machine. B is now keeping the last 2 warm and syringe feeding them.I wanted to keep two ...They have been vet checked and so far so good.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wordless Wednesday - my favourite toy

Why I loved this toy ...
We got two of these Bouncing Baby playplaces when the twins were about 4-5 months old. We used money that was gifted to them for their Christening.

At first they were so little and just batted the EIGHT different toys within reach.Later they would happily sit play with all the activities for more than 10-15 minutes at a time unlike any other of their toys. It was good for them sitting too.

  • pop dog house - grip & crinkle flower patch - click clack car - Bouncing action - drop and play slide - fun time sea saw - three ring teether - spin and rattle swing set - musical play house - flexible teethers - twirling play pal
  • Bouncing legs that adjusted to three -level height adjustment to grow with baby.
  • Machine washable padded seat with 360-degree rotation. (the washable seat was a godsend with nappy blowouts LOL)
  • Top tray joins with bottom and converts to a floor play set as baby grows.
  • Clicking car unlocks to roll around the play set.
  • Accommodates baby up to four years of age.
It was so precious to me to have that time to get things done and not feel guilty I was leaving them to cry ... they loved it. I could breastfeed or nappy change one twin at a time knowing his brother could see us and was happy & safe. Unlike a babywalker it didn't move.

I loved the peace save for the giggles and squeaks and click clack of them at play. They spent hours playing with it - in short bursts each day. When they became mobile they crawled through it , pulled up on it , used it to walk from one thing to another and of course pushed it across the room. Once they could climb in and out...and stand on top - it was time to say goodbye.

I sold one when around their 1st birthday because we had no room left and they had so many new more interesting toys.

Later I sold the second one though it did convert to a figure 8 car track for toddlers (the idea being able to still use it in between the next child) but I knew I had no future use...and I sold them for almost what I bought them for on sale.

At a recent church fete I found another one minus the orange adjustable legs. $5 bargain so I bought it. The boys still enjoy it as car track now.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Nablopomo ...

Thank you my loyal readers and commenters. I couldn't have done it without you cheering me on ...well if I got no comments I would have pulled the plug on daily posting.

Did you do it too ?

Let me know and I add you to my list no particular order

Have you gained any new readers or found new blogs to stalk ?
*SIGH* I found out my comment form wasn't working one day... if you tried and couldn't comment I won't know ...does that nake any sense.

Assvice of the Day
  1. It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. 
  2. A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do ... I don't mean breaking the rules LOL - I mean proving someone wrong !
  3. Never, never quit unless you really have to save compromising your health or integrity - keep digging deep ! Determination determines the outcome.

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