Friday, 31 October 2008

Spoilt and assvice.

no it's not a typo !!

I found this advice in an old magazine. The article was titled
Q :what's the best advice you've ever received

one answer was ...
"A day without spoiling yourself is a day spoiled"

So ...

Today, I got three hours to myself when my dear Mum came to babysit the double trouble Brothers ...It's true. Well she did and they have been double trouble (but heaps of fun... when I finish pulling my grey hairs out I will blog about them more)

I saw a blog named the Double trouble twins ... 'be careful what you wish for' I want to tell her ...assvice ?
Maybe she already knows more than I do. They are the cutest little fellows .

The Brothers have been very full on the last few weeks... I read all the twins books I could lay my hands on but they haven't read them yet either and they won't sit still long enough for me to read the books to them!

Sorry ... how was I spoilt ?

I got a superb head massage, my hair washed, cut and blow dried plus it came with a surprise ...a delicious complimentary chocolate and cappuccino. No photos .. (sorry no one to take photos because Mum had had enough to rush away ...and I forgot to take my camera)

I got a wax and polish as well ... I don't have to worry about Movember now or scaring any kiddies tonight with my bushy eyebrows . Plus, no more stuffing falling out from under my arms.

Shhh - I also snuck into Target quickly and bought two new summer tops for the priceless sum of $7.39 each...less than half original price $19.99.

Assvice ? so do you get it ?
I am considering doing NaBloPoMo with a theme. ADVICE and ASSVICE . I'll have to see how I go ...please go dig out your best advice and worse assvice. I be asking for your input.

"If you start the day with a negative thought immediately replace it with two positive ones"

Ps - the park is a great place to burn excess energy.

Pps - when I upload to flickr to make a mosiac it makes my pictures all grainy . Any advice ?

Ppps - when you plan to enter a competition - don't put it off

Jen @Semantically driven has been running a competition - you had better be quick -

What you need to do to win it:

  • Write about why you would like to win it on your blog. It doesn’t have to be a long entry. Make it funny, add pictures. Do what you like, so long as it conveys why you want this phone.
  • Link to my blog - within your entry.
  • Leave a comment on this post so I know that you’ve entered.
  • Do this by the witching hour on Friday 31 October (midnight on 31 October in case I’m muddled about what the witching hour is).
  • why do I want to win ...
  • because the Brothers keep stealing my phone and I love the camera feature ... plus I would be really spoilt would not I ? My current phone doesn't have a key lock either. Nuff said !
Ppps I know nothing about any calls to triple 0.

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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Stop and smell the roses ...

Come on a tour of my rose garden is just over 4 years old.
Monday, I noticed every single rose was blooming beautifully. They made my heart sing.

Charlotte Rose Standard


Mother's Love
Children's Rose

My Angel

Diana Princess of Wales

Peace Rose

Remember Me

Charlotte Rose Bush

Inspecting pushing my stone teddy and dog statues in the wishing well (dry)

PS The odd shoes - on the same feet - completely their doing ... Cross my heart ! I found them in garden this way.They are smarter than me because I had no shoes on and got a huge thorn in my foot.

The Love seat
Throwing tiny rocks they collected in the nappy sacs LOL.

I planned to post earlier this week ...but spent over 30 mins digging a rose thorn out of foot instead.
We have more than 13 roses but the light was bright . I have lots of red roses too (5 different ones just didn't photograph well).

It's been raining here for 2 days . The sun is shining today.I wanted to post this yesterday.Yesterday, was the my dear Toolman's birthday.I planned to post this ...but life , spring cleaning, de-cluttering and keeping up with the Brothers just kept me way too busy.

Come Rain,Come Shine

Darling, we have now celebrated 19 birthdays together through the good and the bad times. I have known you almost half my life.

We have shared the joy of success, a home and 4 children. While it hasn't always come easy we have shared many good things in life as well as enduring the loss of loved ones.

I hope this next year is going to be a great one for you and I cannot imagine anyone else that I would want to spend this life with. You are my heart - even though we have had some hard times of late.

I hope that we all have a respite from the struggles and can pause a moment or maybe even three, to just reflect and recognize all that we do have and enjoy it simply for what it is, without thinking about what it is not.

You are a good and responsible man, the sort of fellow anyone can always call on for help. Where you can possibly find a way to help, you will... beyond measure. Even at the expense of physical and emotional pain.

You work very hard for our family ... though I wish you didn't have to work so hard .You amaze me with your strength and tenacity.Our sons are going to be incredible Dads someday, owed mostly to your spirit and love.

I saw the look in your eyes at our newly born children.The incredible awe and wonder that a newborn (or two) inspires and the anguish and disbelief that stillbirth brings.When D, and then the Brothers arrived neither us of knew what to expect but you have most definitely risen to the challenge and have every day since...

Here’s to the year ahead with lots of fun, more laughs and love, less arguments and more making out up! Come rain, come shine I will love you forever and beyond measure.

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Blogs With Great Content and No Readers

I saw this on Lani's & Jen's blog and also at Planning Queen It is a project going on in the blogosphere being run at Chuck Westbrook’s Blog and is aimed at solving the problem of Blogs With Great Content and No Readers.

In brief participants like myself will:
1. Join the group for the project.
2. Read a good, lesser known blog for two weeks.
3. At the end of the two weeks, the group moves to another blog to read.

I've joined in a few things before like ICLW and carnivals .I have gained a few new readers and found some hidden gems.There are fantastic little gems of blogs out there, and they might even bring this blog some new readers.
Hop on over to Chuck’s blog if you would like to join in too.

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Monday, 27 October 2008

Wrong number

I've had a few random odd wrong number coincidences lately. I thought, hey, why not turn it into simply silly blog post.

Have you ever felt like striking up a conversation with someone on the end a wrong number ...making a connection with a stranger ? (like as in blogging LOL - except a wrong number calling might be crazy stalker and they might know your number - scary)

I get a few odd wrong numbers and I often forget phone etiquette ... remember this phone nightmare.


phone rings ...

Me: Hello

Lady with chirpy voice : Is this the Wild Hibiscus Company?

Me: No ...

Lady : Oh ...sorry wrong number .

She hung up quickly ...

So , I damn couldn't ask any questions

It sounded interesting.I thought 'I have never heard of it' and I wanted to ask her about it..Since I was a bit bored I googled it.

The Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup was "discovered" by happy accident at a lively Australian dinner party in 1998, when Lee Etherington and a group of (tipsy) friends playfully dunked a crimson wildflower into a champagne flute.

The flower slid gracefully to the bottom of the glass, and the friends watched, agog, as champagne bubbles streamed across it, and the petals slowly unfurled. Lee, a 21-year-old tour guide who owned a small food business and had only ever used the edible Hibiscus as a dessert garnish, took a sip of his exotic creation.

It was a Eureka moment.

It was an Eureka moment for me too because about 3 years ago I went to a dinner party and I tried a wild hibiscus dipped in syrup, then floated in sparkling wine ... I think my friend knew someone who invented it. They are delicious if you want a unique gift...I digress.

A few weeks ago my phone rang ...

Me: Hello

Older Guy: Hi - do you know /does Random boy's name - our surname live here ?

Me: No, don't know him , he doesn't live here , why ? [because I am nosy]

Guy: He was involved in an accident this morning. I need to speak to him

That very morning we had passed a car accident just down the road , a few minutes after it happened involving a P (under 1 year provisional licenced driver) plater. So I asked ...

Me:Was that the one on the New bridge about 8am ? [ because I am extra nosy]

Guy: YES ??? [in a very puzzled voice - like I was a psychic or crazy]

Me: Sorry I really don't know him and we really did just pass by.
Guy continued to say the kid had given him a mobile number but it kept ringing out . I guess he was trying the names in phone book. Ours is quite common though.

In my 20's and early 30's I worked as a registered nurse in a children's ward. One night, late, the phone rang for Judy, a single mum in her 40's, my nursing colleague.It was a older guy.
Jude was out having a } smoke with a bloke who had come to visit her. It was not on an official meal break but she never bothered about the rules. A few other nurses were on the same shift but we were busy enough.

The guy asked where she was /when she would be back -I said "I think she is outside with [lets call him Mike] Mike" ?

Long silent - pause ...

the random guy says 'Okay' in an irritated voice , and he hangs up. I am too busy to tell Jude. I don't see her for a while.

Fast forward to a few weeks ... Jude asks me if I remembered talking to "Pete" her no 1 at the time, the night "Mike" came to see her ...oops !

It reminded me of this joke ? ...

It was last Wednesday night, and I was sitting in my room watching television when the phone rang.


A girl's voice came over the line. "Can I speak to Ben, please?"

I live by myself, and my name definitely is not Ben. It was probably a wrong number and I was bored.

"I'm sorry, he's not in right now. Can I take a message?"

"Do you know what time he'll be back?" she responded.

"I think he said he'd be home around 10:00."

Silence on the other end... a confused silence.

"Is this Steve?"

My name isn't Steve, either. This was definitely a wrong number.

"Yes, it is. Do you want to leave a message for Ben?"

"Well... he said he would be home tonight and asked me to call him..." she said in a slightly irritated voice.

I replied, "Well, he went out with Karen about an hour ago, and said that he would be back at 10:00."

A shocked voice now: "Who's Karen?!"

"The girl he went out with."

"I know that! I mean... who is she?"

"I don't know her last name. Look, do you want me to leave a message for Ben?"

"Yes... please do. Tell him to call me when he gets home."

She was sounding pretty irate at this point, and I could hear her temper flaring. "I sure will. Is this Jennifer?"

She exploded this time. "Who's Jennifer?"

Apparently she wasn't.

"Well... he's going out with Jennifer at 10:00. I thought you were her. Sorry... it was an honest mistake."

"Ben's the one that's made the mistake! Tell him that Alice called him and the she's very upset and that I would like him to call me as soon as he gets home."

I smiled and said, "Okay, I will... but Becky isn't going to like this..."

Then I remembered a dumb joke I had been sent ...and I googled more.
One morning the phone rang at 3:00 a.m. in Jeff's house. He picked up the phone and a woman asked, "Is this 555-1111?"

"No, this is 555-1112." Jeff replied.

"Oh, I'm so sorry for disturbing you." The woman said.

"That's alright," Jeff said. "I had to get up to answer the phone anyway."

(if it was our phone ringing at 3am I wouldn't be this cheerful or polite )

An man rang labor room of hospital to to know about his pregnant wife. By mistake he dialled the number of a cricket stadium.

Man: How's it going?

Reply: Fine, four are already out. The last one was a duck.

A woman meant to call a record store, but dialed the wrong number and got a private home instead. "Do you have 'Eyes of Blue' and 'A Love Supreme?'" she asked.

"Well, no," answered the puzzled homeowner. "But I have a wife and eleven children."

"Is that a record?" the caller inquired, puzzled in her turn.

"I don't think so," replied the man, "but it's as close as I want to get."

The last one is hilarious if you make it to end ...

Maybe I should get an answering machine or more friends ...

I still detest talking to answering machines myself . I sound like a gibbering fool- if I did I would use this message.

... a quote I nabbed from somewhere by River
I don’t have a machine, but if I did it might say,

“River’s answering machine is on holiday, this is the refrigerator speaking. If you speak slowly and clearly I will take you name and number and stick it to myself with a little magnet”.
I love it ...what's your favourite wrong number joke or classic answering machine message ?

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Friday, 24 October 2008

Maybe I will ...

have that glass of wine ...

One of my twin sons is whining because I put a Wiggle's bandaid on his bleeding toe and he doesn't want it ( I think it might be one of the first Bandaids I have had to apply ...the only others are when he has had IV's or cannulas - maybe that's why) .His twin brother is whining because I won't give him one

...small stuff !

...indeed !! Though it still melts me heart.

This morning I was on the phone to the bank, actually the Mortgage Relationship Centre ( how is that for a title) sorting out our interest rates. I could see and/or hear the Brothers playing around me and/or in their bedroom.

Then there was an eerie silence ... I was reminded of a song ...better watch out if we 're quiet long ... (I am sure it's a Wiggles one but dang if I can google it). Silence is worst then manic giggles in this house.

No sign of them ..Heart thumping, I run here and there searching... we have 4 doors to exit the house from Small wooden chairs lay on their side at the front door.I hear them out the front ...I am thankful ! I lock the big gates near the street.

Whats on my mind today ? Everything else ...

It has been a mixed bag of emotions this week ... lots of tears flowing through the Internet and flooding my keyboard.

My heart feels heavy some days.I have this feeling of fear and dread that stays with me, and my mind is full of worry. The roses in my garden are weighted by a few showers of rain and night dampness, they echo the weight of my grief, the burden of sadness. Though the scent and beauty from the blooms uplift me at the same time.

Amanda and Brooklyn got some good news of sorts.

My internet friend C , is 25wks pregnant and now confined to strict bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy with Junior.

I read the heartbreaking story of Kyah today.This story will really make you search your heart and for the tissues. My children are a constant reminder of my worthwhile purpose on this Earth, and for that I am the most thankful. I can't imagine a life without them.

Some people are walking such difficult paths ... I can only imagine the ups and downs ... the highs and lows . Other friends both in real life and ones I know online are struggling with many serious issues , waiting for Dr's to give news of their child's heart issues , another family's unborn baby facing a serious genetic condition, child custody threats , separations from their spouse, spouses who disregard their feelings and needs, many families struggling with infertility or the loss of a child and the online community mourning the passing of friend. I didn't know this brave lady but I was moved by the quote on her last post.

Yesterday's history tomorrow's a Mystery today is a gift. That is why it called the "present."

So - I can't keep it light all the time . No, I don't need anyone to hold my hand right now - though I am surrounded by family and friends should I need it (Sometimes, I still feel lonely but it passes). To hold my hand, hug me to heart and to push me forward. I don't need it at the moment.

I can faithfully and gently remind 'me' to treasure the good, wrap myself in comfort and let the sadness come when it has too and rejoice in the day too ..whatever it brings because This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and will be glad in it !

I have chosen to aspire to the following words of wisdom.

To laugh often and much;

To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends*;

To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.. This is to have succeeded

How will you make the MOSTof today ?

Ps :I Stopped To Smell The Roses...And It Was Totally Worth It!

*This BETRAYAL bit - I think I will pass on but I couldn't tamper with the quote.

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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Somewhere over the rainbow

Do dreams come true - Somewhere over the Rainbow?

Welcome to ICLW ...
It is International Comment Leaving Week for October and I welcome new and returning visitors to my blog. Here is a welcome post I wrote for National Comment leaving month.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Chew on this

It's Tuesday again and I have had a few screw ups recently today.

SU1.Last night at 11.05pm my phone alarms ... to remind me I due to supply Morning tea for playgroup (adults)...11 hrs later. I rush about and get the dry ingredients out, measure them ready and drop into bed.

I get up 7am this morning I busy myself cooking Caramel banana muffins ... a recipe I planned to post yesterday when I forgot it was Menu plan Monday.

Firstly ...
*Preheat oven to 180 degrees
*Combine these 7 ingredients ...
  • 1 banana, mashed
  • 1/2 cup milk (this is the measurement I couldn't remember on Saturday)
  • 1 & 1/2 cups self raising flour
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup lightly crushed bran flakes (I used Weetbix)
  • 2 eggs
  • 90gm of melted butter ...
(SU. 2 I forgot to add this until I mixed the other six ingredients this morning but I did this last time too)

  1. Spoon mixture evenly into 12 deep , greased muffin pans.
  2. Spoon NESTLE top n fill caramel on muffin mixture and swirl through (or dollop and leave)
  3. Bake for 25 -30 mins ...
  4. Cool in pan before turning out .
this all went well AFTER I added the butter ! ...PASS

SU 3. I made Chocolate dream bars
(Bettina's recipe too) ... this time the baking and cooking were all good - [I only forgot the vanilla essence (oops .. and I just remembered this half way through composing post) . ]
I was in a big inpatient and took the whole thing out before it had cooled . As I attempted to turn it over the whole thing cracked up (while I cursed) and broke into a few large uneven pieces - FAIL.
Ps I still salvaged it , I cut it into smaller and more even pieces spread choc icing and kept for the family. At least it wasn't burnt this time.
The underside
Then it was a packet mix of Betty Crocker brownie mix to the rescue - I then realise why I didn't like it last time ... reduced fat variety and it's too gooey. I was only 15 mins late and lucky morning tea isn't till near the end.

SU 4. The teen didn't do his English homework ... again and the teacher called me at home ... Boy is he going to be unhappy...when the Internet access is denied and he has to write 2 pages in a journal to prove he read the book (The Outsiders ... which is what we will be)

SU5. I turned my back for a few minutes seconds ... and I hear cups clanging and water splashing .The terrible two year olds are trying to break my favourite cups washing up ... suddenly I smell something burning.The chopping board. (hmmm why has the smoke alarm FAILed )!

Yes ...they had turned the stove on ...because they move the chairs around the house to access no go areas.

Thank God , I heard the banging of crockery (and yes I did thank HIM) - the remnants of my Chocolate dream bars were in the Tupperware container on top of the very same chopping board and the plastic was slightly warm but no damage.

I hope I can find some air freshener to get rid of the burnt smell.

In last few days they have also emptied half a bottle of my new pink Dove Body wash onto shower floor.
I bought it to support Breast cancer awareness month. ( I left them sitting in my ensuite shower ,with water off while I grabbed their towels from few metres away) . They sprayed half the new pink deodorant as well which they nicked from inside my vanity another day. At the farm they reached up and got a bottle of Toothpaste gel. Twin 1 emptied half a bottle of Colgate breath strips gel onto Twin2's head (he smelt like mint for a few days).
Standing right beside me this morning ( but while I was tying my hair into a pony tail and both my hands were busy)- T1 took lid off some cream and squirted a large amount out. FAIL !

I could go on but ... it will take me to Christmas ...which is in 64 days, 6 hours ... now who's counting ? (have you started shopping or preparing.. * note to self - I must check the Christmas blog)

Pps they just emptied my handbag , took all the coins and cards from my purse too.Now one is screaming MY money... mine.

I have more screw ups but I really have to go hunt the little villains down for a walk. I am on a 10,000 steps a day challenge ... better find my pedometer lost it down the loo a few times too

Don't forget to go say hi to Bettina for more Screw ups.

Ppps ..edited to correct numerous spelling and grammatical errors and my biggest SU - I forgot to cancel the appointment I had with the ear specialist Friday when we decided to go to the farm Thursday night instead...oops

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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Smiley Saturday

Smiley Saturday ... I have had a bit of a hiatus too from SS not because I haven't anything to smile about but not enough TIME.
We have spent every 2nd weekend (2/3 or 4 days) of two months at my fatherinlaw's Farm about 4 hrs from home.
We are here again this weekend and I am testing mobile broadband.
Mobile reception is patchy - it works at the kitchen window sill and up at the cattle yards...where update : I am blogging right now ... though immensely difficult in the bright sun.

So I will be smiling if I get this posted today !

I am also smiling because
* The weather is amazing. There has been rain and the paddocks on the farm are looking lush.
* I have been doing my 10,000 steps a day and only missed a few days because of rain (at home) and because my twin pram was in my husbands car.
* I discovered if I remove all 4 quick release wheels from my beast of a twin runabout stroller it fits in the boot my new car.I was this close to selling it and buying a new smaller model. The wheels can be removed in two mins and put back in same time. I am very happy about this because the pram a) cost a small fortune and it hasn't had enough use B) the weight of each child can be up to 25kg - most other prams it is only 17kgs.It goes across all terrain even rugged farm lanes with ease. I love it.
* Last week on 15th October was 20th anniversary of meeting my DH. We had a quiet night at home because we had no babysitter and it was also Pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day... I wanted to light my candles.We will make it up soon. We won a $150 dinner for two in a private dinning room that we will use in next few weeks. (well in expires in 2 months)
* In last week I have discovered some new blogs and new friends I look forward to getting to know more.
* Lani from Me and Boo gave me this award ...
*I am giving it to everyone who comments today

* I found a most mmmm delicious *caramel banana muffin recipe ...quick and easy too - 7 ingedients into a bowl mix, spoon into muffin cases,add a scoop of tinned caramel filling swirl and cook and try not to eat them all at once but the recipe is at home so come back Monday
* Things are going smoothly at home with DH and the teen is slightly more co-operative.
* I have been blessed with some great friends and I am so grateful.
* The Love meter is almost full and I plan on feeding it every day.
* Life is good ~ for the most part money though is still tight we have so many blessings and not too affected by the credit crisis (except by our compulsory superannuation that we have no control over) gripping the globe.

You know the lovely Lightening is the host of Smiley saturday so please go say hi

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Little Lives ...not a little loss

Wordless Wednesday

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Light a candle at 7pm for one hour to create a worldwide wave of light for 24hrs.
The candle burns in memory of our babies

Read more here and here

Monday, 13 October 2008

The Love meter and an award ...

The Love Meter ... Love by numbers ???

Would 4 hugs a day keep you happy ?
I read an article in the newspaper recently that said a poll of 8000 couples found the secret formula to long lasting relationships is ...

Cuddles: 4 a day
Romantic gestures: 3 a month (e.g.back massage - Oh yes !)
Romantic walks: 2 a month
Romantic gifts: 2 a month
Romantic meal: home 3 a month out, 2 a month
Breakfast in bed: 1 a month
Serious chats: 6 a month
Visit to pub/club: 1 a month
Cosy evenings in: 7 a month
Clean house: 3 a month
Night out without each other: 1 a month
Cinema or Theatre: 1 a month
Short break: 2 a year
Holiday: 2 a year
...equates to 22 periods of quality time


Please share how you keep your love alive ?
how do you feed your meter up ?

What I believe it all means to me is we need time together I think it doesn't matter what you do ...but 124 hugs would go a bit of the way.

Coincidentally , I have been quietly following Sarah @ Burgeon's Marriage Builder Monday ... this step 4
from last week (today's isn't up yet)
4. The Sharing Tool

by Gail Rodgers

Share as much of life as possible! Share your time, share your thoughts, share your interests, and share his interests. This is a tool that must be deliberately engaged or life will push it aside. Time spent together doing things affords a connection opportunity. History together is built one event at a time. Make sure you are inputting positive events that build a positive archive. Plan dates… a movie night, dinner out, or even a coffee are good ideas to keep sharing alive!
Shh *wink* I am working on this one -stay tuned !

I also received this award from Sarah @ Burgeon

Thank you Sarah what a blessing to have such a lovely new friend!

This award has a questionnaire attached so here goes!

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?

Three of us (from high school) are still firm friends almost 29 years later and see each other for lunch every few months as well as family get togethers a few times a year.

I have another friend from early childhood who is one day older than me. We have been friends since we were 5yrs - she lives 8 hrs away so we don't see each other much.

Another friend, L I met on a family beach holiday at 16yrs, later we became housemates for a year and still have a close and strong friendship.

Another friend, G I met at through church as teenager and still is a dear friend (the only one I know who blogs a little). She has spent a lot of time as a missionary in Bolivia.

2. What do you value most about your friends?

To echo Sarah ... I truly value their unconditional love, support and acceptance.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?

Yes! we are to each other a shoulder to lean on and someone to laugh with.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?

... #1 Eating while #2 drinking a little wine and #3 TALKING ...or Laughing out loud.

That wasn't too hard! The rules say I need to choose four friends to pass this award on to. Such a difficult decision with so many beautiful and amazing friends to choose from! I like to break the rules ... so in no particular order

1. Janice @Chasing myself

2. Jeanie @ Jeanie in Paradise

3. Alicia @ Pieces of me

4. Bettina @ Dances to the beet of her own drum

5.Womb for Improvement

6. Jenn at Jenn's Den

7.Alison @ 3TimesKewl

8.Lani @ Me and Boo

9.Lilly @ Lilly's Life

10.Just me

11. Amanda @ Learning to Breathe

Stop by and say hello to these wonderful women! and this man

12. Xbox4 nappyrash

I have more people I'd like to share it with but I don't like # 13 ...

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