Thursday, 31 January 2008

Technorati authority and ranking

It has been a busy day in the house today - and we had visitors... then a storm and pungent precipitation. I love the smell of rain. I have so many stories to tell and a monthly update on my New year intentions ... soon.

Anyway ...

Whoot ! I finally found out what the technorati authority and ranking means - you can install a widget if you want others to know too.

They have a whole Technorati Widget library that looks a lot of fun, and a bit of work but watch this space I might give a few a try. I hate slowing down the loading for my readers.

I can see from looking at my favorites that a few people need some genuine linky love to boost their technorati authority - so as part of my Pay it Forward (PIF) I will be doing this .

I won a spot in Guera's(A roaming Aussie Mum) PIF I need to write my post and it is under construction LOL. It is too late for me to even string two more words together. I promised myself, and my husband, I was cutting back. I said I would be in bed by 11pm ... make that midnight (now 11.50pm).

Meg from Dipping into the Blogpond wrote this brilliant article on

When Blogging becomes an Addiction

Someone else was so impressed they copied it - so today her topic was

Infringement of Copyright.

Both are worthy of your valuable time. Ciao

PS -It is my goal to give linky love in almost every post I do - as a little PIF.
So tomorrow when I have more time I will give out my awards and say thank you for my awards.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Prison Break

Please keep clicking we get a referral each time you click the link then a click each time you click on S & J smiley photo. Isn't that fun ? *insert clapping baby and squeals *
I bet you can think of many other things you should be doing today other than clicking but try and see !

Stacie@ Twinkies is running a Photo Contest -this is my entry

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Baby's got blue eyes and can you see her fears

Please note this is a very important message about Child abuse

Today, I was reading through my new rss feeds and came across one I missed on my daily visits to Project Mommy.
On January 2oth she posted the story of Kelsey Briggs (her memorial page).
Kelsey was the victim of fatal child abuse. Project Mommy asked us to...

Please take a minute to watch the video and visit the site. Don’t sit idly by if you suspect child abuse of a child you know on any level. Don’t hope someone else will call. Don’t sit by because you don’t want to cause trouble, or because it would require too much effort on your part. Don’t let this happen to another child
and to re post this. Warning - I watched the video with tears in my eyes but it very moving and not to be missed. You can read the story in the you tube video sidebar.

Kelsey 's family have a chapter in Hugs across America.
They collect teddies for this project for children in foster care and crisis.

in this often troubled and troubling world, it is our mission to bring comfort to children in crisis through the hugs of teddy bears and messages of loving care.
Secondly, Imaginif & All for Women Forums have merged.
Imaginif and All for Women ( have formed a sistership. This means we now operate our web services hand in hand (hope you’ve seen our first joint project – the Teddy Tour
Imaginif was/is the project of Megan Bayliss to help prevent child abuse. The Teddy tour is their first joint project.Please take a moment to read about it.

Karoke for the Hearing Impaired


how you seen this ? or heard LOL

see more here

I always have to ask my husband 'what did they sing ' in some songs ... not any more *snigger* It is a little less appropriate for children viewing.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Feels Like Sunday

Today has felt like Sunday all day. I am so grateful for the long weekend we had in honour of Australia Day.

Today we got so much done in our garden ... still under wraps our own little Backyard Blitz. Sans Jamie (who has jumped to fame in USA thanks to Oprah) - who needs JD when you have my DH. Nice eye candy but what is the use if you can't touch or sample.

Yesterday Hubby worked his cute b u t t off getting things ready but by the time we got home from Church and had lunch half the day was gone.Then he had a spa and some daddy time with S & J.

So he was up early 7am to get cracking while it was cooler. I helped a his labourer... a bit later.

Then we had the afternoon off to go skiing about 3pm . I didn't ski today the water was too mucky and I suffer badly from ear infections so I gave it a miss.

S & J love the water. J fell asleep in the boat again-then when we got him out he stayed asleep upright in Dh's arms ...

then we laid on the ski tube and he still slept , then we loaded the tube we gear because the tide had come in and we had so much stuff to carry back to the cars.Nothing woke him - not the shrieking kids (cousins) nor other motor boats nor the waves (boat wash) ! *sigh* I wish the creak of the door wouldn't wake him at home.

Tomorrow ... Dh & the Teen are off to the Central coast for work and they are leaving early and will be back late.

I might not get much time to blog till the boys go napping ... anyone want to take them out in the boat ?

Ps - if there any water-skiiers out there with a Ron marks Mustang 2 - we are looking for one for a friend.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Funny things I <3 - Scrolling Sunday (just for today)

Secret Agent Mama - posted this yesterday - Scrolling Saturday (sorry I am a bit late)
Melissa at Such Simple Pleasures and Coleen at Manners and Moxie have introduced a new “meme“. Basically, you just go back in your archives, dig up an old blog post, repost it, and let it get some new love! Hope you enjoy this flash back in time.
So , maybe I have a lot of few posts that I can repost or then again maybe I just tell you about them or link them or maybe not. I iz lazy and time poor sometimes.

Yes, I should be doing something else but have you seen thiz site.

I wrote a post on it here but no-one commented - is it just me that wants at least ten one person to comment. Someone wish I could remember to thank them wrote a great piece about whether we blog for ourselves or so that others will read & comment. I sit on the fence. I journal about things that interest me , my twin things and my precious boys. I have a lot of stuff I want to blog about but haven't - slowly I am coming out of my deep dark shell to reveal my innermost thoughts and anxieties.

I don't have a potty mouth (LOL - here at least but don't ask my teen *eek* or the neighbours double *eek*) , I don't blog too much about my ever so perfect husband (no - you can't meet him and no you can't have his email address .I haven't shown him how to use the computer on purpose) and save for happy snaps of my little boys my photography talents are hit and miss - lucky and just as well they do lots of cute things for me to blog cause I wouldn't be doing Blog 365.

I crave comments like I crave chocolate LOL. I try to make genuine comments on lots of blogs but sometimes I feel very discouraged that they don't return to visit me - even some I know are only small blogs. I am getting paranoid that maybe no-one is really interested and my comments aren't worth it either. I see who visits me sometimes in my widgets but many don't comment. I am thankful they care to visit at all - so please drop in again. I am baking a Banana Walnut Caramel cake tomorrow

Well on to brighter and funnier than I stuff ...

'Crikey' - in the immortal words of Steve Irwin it is funny and Google page rank is 7 /10 so obviously a few people <3.
Lolinate you blog here - mine won't work at the moment *sigh* it was funny b4.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

thanks again Andrew - an administrator on the Aussie Blogs forum- for sharing this link.

Weekly Winners

Time again for Sarcastic Mom’s Weekly Winners
Proudly presenting the Australia Day Long weekend edition.
January 20th - 26th

Flying the Flag

Couch Out
Curtain capers
Mini M & M
New Drawing Digs

What do you mean you want my binky ?

You are My Sunshine
When whining gets too much
Wasp what you do
Rocking horse (miniature)

Have you voted ?

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Smiley Saturday -Happy Australia Day

Another week and lots of reasons to smile - thanks to Lightening Online go and checkout her blog quick because she has an Australia Day competition running and you can win some cool prizes.

So friends , Australians, international country men and friends I know not yet lend me your ears . I am a 5th generation Australian -though I acknowledge others are much more Australian than me.

I wanted to share this song . I have seen it on a few blogs today no doubt you have heard it before. This song always makes me smile and sing along.

I did my post about Australia day - here .

The greatest thing for me in Australia is mateship - well I say friendship and this last week I had a lovely visit from a few friends ... Tiff and her children from Three Ring Circus .The kids made me smile with their exuberance , happy go lucky attitude, the kind way they treated each other and their impeccable manners . Noah & Ivy made me smile with a special kiss and hug goodbye. Thanks matey we had a beaut day ! I have been smiling all week.

*Another shameless plug warning* - we are still on Top Momma so please keep clicking - and keep me smiling.

Update - Lyrics for the sing a long to the song have been posted at Mad Goat lady - another favourite Aussie Blog Mate .

Doing the Trolley Tango with twins

There I was, J in the trolley seat and S sitting on the nappy bag in the trolley - hanging on grimly as I push off the travellator BUMP .DH dropped us off to go to the Chiropractor with D, who has also been complaining of a sore back. I am all alone ... like here on my blog sometimes it would be nice if someone commented said hello (hello to my 57 readers- I <3 you. )

I have left my trusty monster double wide twin stroller in the car because I can't stuff much on it.Since speaking of trolleys (carts) I have yet to master the one-handed stroller push so I can drag the trolley behind me.
The four wheels are never in the same direction and it takes an hour simply to navigate the bakery and produce section - let alone the narrow aisles.

Now they can squirm,jump and stand sit without falling out, I am able to put one in the seat and one in the basket section, but sometimes they want to switch places every thirty seconds or so when they aren't squashing my bread or taste testing the produce and tossing it out in disgust.

I enjoy taking S & J places because they are so cute, I get kicks out of comments and they are so much fun getting out with them gets me away from the house and cleaning .

I hear a voice from behind -
" hi T ... ".
It's K, I met her at the ABA meetings with her son K , . K was born the same day as S & J too. Gosh , he has lots of hair and shoes on ... S & J can undo velcro like pros and we don't do lace ups -they get pushed off .I can't afford to lose shoes . Little boy, K, looks older -he is wriggling too. Mummy K chats about BF and says she stopped when she was 8-9wk pregnant .

I ask
"when is Baby due ? " ...
Oh uh - she whips open the back of her Phil n Ted pram to reveal the sweetest pink thing I have seen in ages. J aged 5 weeks ... opps - for the record she didn't look pregnant ... of course she wasn't anymore.

Small talk ...
S & J are getting restless -time is ticking away ... finally goodbye off we go.It was nice to chat.
The bakery section is first ...they are getting antsy already ... I spy a package of M & M cookies marked down $1 - I go to buy them at the enquiries counter so I can keep them quiet. J does the dummy spit. Lucky I see it - we are running out. I am not buying anymore.

Munch, munch, munch ... these are good - no save them ... the rations might not last the distance.

I select some vegies and grapes ... S & J chuck the biscuits eat a grape ..spit a grape skin and shuffle the vegies - kick the watermelon ... why don't I shop where they have twin trolley seats. Shopping with twins is nothing short of a full-scale military operation ... that is why I pack extra snacks,drinks and nappies too.

Another familiar face ... T, a mum of kid from D's primary school ...wide eyed, look of shock on her face - she hasn't seen me maybe since Y6 farewell if she even noticed me I was just pregnant them.

"are they yours"

" ... are they twins?".

Me ... Nodding and smiling !

T looks at me skeptically. "Identical ?"

"No..." I explain patiently.

"Big gap... " D is 14yr like her boy -both almost 15yrs
'Yes" ... silence Umm what do I say. I mention C my angel,born still. I don't have time to go into IVF . I am not embarrassed but I tend to answer the questions I'm comfortable with people I want. They say it is acceptable to smile politely and say, in the courageous words of Miss Manners, "I can't imagine why you would want to know such a thing." - I can't say that ! .

She doesn't go there ...fortunately. Maybe because she and her female partner have had their own struggles with uncomfortable questions ( after they had their kids - leaving their husbands behind) .

T:" how does D like them ?" etc...

Me :"He's great ... they love him..he is helpful ...changes nappies"

Speaking about eggs ... Opps parked too close to the eggs -just rescued them in time from J and S both ready to swipe and peg a stack of them off the shelves. I pickup my water bottle for the fifteenth time.

They smile and charm T with giggles.

T : "are they good?" & " am I busy? ..."

I smile ... of course the little toads (I can't say sh*ts but I think it) treasures are good and I am happy but yes they keep me busy bl00dy well run off my feet . She asks about the gap again .I tell her about losing C - when D was 11 I need to justify the gap.
She says sorry about C.

I rescue the measuring jugs from S and other kitchen stuff he grabbed off the shelf, before he hurls them out across the store - find the biscuits - shove it back in their hands and make small talk ... They are voicing their displeasure with me loudly, having been in trolley 20 minutes and not even up aisle 1.

I haven't been shopping for weeks with them , for a while I was convinced I would just never take them shopping again . Here we are after a fortnight since my mighty mouth teen eats everything in sight without food in the house. Oh, we had a week of visitors too ...but they were a welcome relief.

I see my son, D's, old boy scout patrol leader R (17 or maybe it is his brother S - now they look identical twins but are 1 yr apart red hair ,freckles and wide smiles )... working in deli he kindly offers us a two little boys {franks} ... S & J grab at them - J drops his but I whip it up off the floor in the blink of an eye. Ammunition is gold ! I hestitate and break the clean one in half ...gone in flash.More wails for "More"

I want to bail out ... but we have to wait for Dh anyway.Did I mention snacks? - grab a choc chip museli bar from my bag -half it off - we go again doing the trolley tango around someone who had stopped mid aisle. J is wailing again - I give him back the dummy.

I had my list. I planned to zip from one necessity to the other chocolate is an other necessity without unnecessary stops.I know if everything is planned ahead of time, it might just work.I scrutinise the specials but it is getting too much. I grab anything randomly.

J spits the dummy - I am not giving it back.Sammy screams are begining to resemble a shreking car alarm. Tears down his grubby M& M lips and dirt stained cheeks.He is buried beneath a mountain of bread, produce, 3litre milk cartons and M & M crumbs . Joel is squealing too .

Someone says :"someone's not happy" ...
Me: "yeah, your right I'm not" where is DH .

I smile sweetly and say 'push off' under my breath . Yes, it is just plain old 'We are Cranky time' and mummy needs to remember her she has run out of cask whine wine for later.

I see a familar face ...ah my blessed Dh has returned. He unearths S from underneath the 18 rolls of toilet paper (just in case we run out before I decide to venture out again alone) and various perishable grocery items. (why do the shops put perishables at the front of the store?)

He carries S and J voices his dispproval trying to undo the seat belt.
Carrying even one 11.35kg baby , let alone twins goes against the laws of physics - but I manage ...

Daddy unearths the drinks from the bag in the bottom of the trolley, finds the M & M's cookies and samples.I glare at him ... those are the mini packrat rations. The biggest packrat soon stands before us ...

"why are taking so long ?"

We hurry through the last aisles, we swap babies and head to the checkout.I get my wine, Dh his medicinal ale.We throw it all in the car and head for home. It has been almost 2.5 hrs... my poor babies and boobies.It is past milk snack time.

I have now learned, through extensive trial and error, that some things work, and some… well, let's not even go there.
I recommend allowing an extra half hour or so to navigate around the inevitable attention twins receive, and the questions, some which will be of a highly amusing ( like Tiff @ Three ring circus - gets "so you have identical boy/girl twins" and the "don't you have at TV" with her seven cherubs -including 2 sets of twins) or of a personal nature.

Sure it is nice that people around you admire your twins at first, but after twenty minutes of hearing the same questions and seeing my toddlers squirming and ready to re arrange the store - I think differently.Why is my memory so short term ?.

I dread the day my twins are too big for a stroller/trolley, they are automatically going to head in opposite directions to me and each other like their brother did - however he could always be found in the toys department

I know with the Internet and many e-businesses that shopping from the confines comfort of home is literally a mouse-click away . But I get to speak to people who use more than one-syllable words and 'eh' . I need contact with other adults.Sometimes the checkout operator is my only real life adult contact for the day. So be it - I will do it all again in a few weeks (my blog comments are very light at the moment so please talk back to me).

Friday, 25 January 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

Kate @ Picklebums is considering starting her own meme and is asking people to join her ...

So I am still playing the grateful game and combining it with my ‘52 Blessings’ photo for the week. I am still trying to come up with a catchy title for all that… if I do I might just start me a Mr Linky do-hickey so that you can all join me
so I am putting my hand up tonight - and joining in. I am grateful for our medical care in Australia (though sadly sometimes they get it wrong) and NICU's and Special Care Nurseries that see our premmies through from tumultuous births to triumphant homecomings.

My twins S & J were delivered @ 35wks and 4 days , a month early.They did very well. They were our miracles after many years infertility and born 22 months after their sister died in utero. Words cannot describe the emotions I felt holding them for the first time , knowing these exquisite little boys were created by my husband and I and they were all ours to keep.

1 & 2 minutes old
1 day old

approx. 1 week old
One month old - due date

On a very sad note ... I feel heartbroken about a lot of little lives lost ... Sweet Zoe born @ 24wks gestation and she fought bravely for 3 weeks , a twin to Lennox, who only got to share 2 days with his family.

I cannot imagine the grief of these parents and a few others I have read about recently.The story of Patrice losing both of her premature twins first Cole and then Lina makes me so grateful for my own twins and reminds me of my angel baby C. I feel their pain but it is unimaginable.

This family needs prayers too for their little girl to stay long enough in the womb and live , her twin has passed away. It 's very precarious for mum and bub right now.

Little lives lost not little losses ...
It doesn't matter how long our babies lived for .We had the same hopes and dreams as anyone did - it isn't just about the time we had them but more all the times we will never know and that we never got to tell them how much we loved them or to hold and hug them enough. I am so grateful for my blessings, my precious children, all four !.

I hold these families in my thoughts and prayers ... by the grace of God I am blessed.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Say no to Nofollow and other new tricks

In the last few days/nights thanks to my friends at Aussie bloggers forum I have learnt a few new things ...

see Sephy’s Platzish for details on some amazing changes to your blog ... takes a few minutes to

Say no to NO follow ~ so now if you leave a comment on my blog now - I have been told - it will contribute to your page ranking (don't ask me how ... but if you join Aussie bloggers forum they will tell you or read Sephy's links)

How-to: A twofer for Blogger Blogs - Add co.mments and StumbleUpon there is a lot more advice so go browse his website for more information.

Though I haven't yet been able to get stumble upon into my template.

I have so much to learn and I could stay up all night but I would be a no brainer tomorrow or actually today.

Your turn .... I am thinking of moving ... my blog - so what advice can you offer me ?

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What are you doing on Australia day ?

On a lighter note I wanted to share this hilarious ad by Australia Day Council ...
... with captions for my international readers

“Mr Smither ?"
"ah yeah"
"Our records indicate that last Australia Day you spent the day ....on the couch
"Not a fan of BBQ's ...not overly social?"
" I love BBQ's"
“Really ?' ... "Do you think Farnsie (John Farnham) would neglect his barbie?”

"Listen, Australia Day is your chance to say thanks! For beaches, lamington drives,Kylie (Minogue) and a democratic right to give *dead arms! ... See you at the fireworks then!”
(I still had trouble deciphying it and the word sync is out on youtube -here is a better version)

So what are doing ? If you live in NSW you can do this on Australia day see here for your state
We are still deciding what to do ...

(these were Sydney NY Eve 2007)

* a friendly punch in shoulder

Just for fun do you remember Austen Taysus - Australiana (slightly coarse content warning)

your turn - what things do you consider unique to Australia ?

Monday, 21 January 2008

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference

Today, I want to share with you about Laura and

Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference is an inspirational blog energized by a girl who is changing the world. She encourages kids and adults to find ways to make a difference. She also promotes and supports worthy charities.

I encourage everyone to visit this inspirational young lady,Laura who is honouring the memory of her grandfather .Laura is a 'keeper' who aims to change the world one project at a time ... every 25 days beginning first of every month with a new project. There are many more projects and ideas on her site too.

25 Days to Make a Difference    - Click here for details

Get her badge for your side bar ...

She is also humbly asking people to vote for her in 2008 Blogger's Choice Awards - please go vote so she stays near the top and people will find her inspirational blog.A very simple pay it forward if you can't help her in any other way. The world needs more young leaders like Laura.

ps I re posted this as today because no one seems to have noticed ;)

pps we still need your votes at Top Momma too

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Weekly Winners

My favourite Sunday post brought to us by Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom. Please join us if you love taking any kind of photos !I didn't get so many this week
January 12th - 19th

All wired up
Clean Space
Too hungry to wait
(I put steamed rice in middle of table to cool while we waited for Daddy to bring home Chinese takeaway)
Waiting for Milk (.)(.) on the Zoo Pillow
I don't take a Dummy but I am still a big sucker
He ain't heavy he's my brother
Play Hide n seek mummy
Two beds are better than one

Better late than never !

Help us Mummy is a Top Momma contender

Hey - Mummy is a new Top Momma contender ... she needs some shameless pluggin' ...

see our smiley picture that is the one to click at top momma (or here)

on my knees

Thank you for voting - we appreciate you keeping us there ... please keep clicking

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Smiley Saturday

Please join in
... -:¦:-.•:*:•.-:¦:- FaNtAsTiC idea bought to us by Lightening

So many things made me smile this week and so many people.
  1. So far I have lasted one day as a Top momma - so please click on us -see post above.

  2. Today ...The birth of a child reaffirms the miracle of life It with great pleasure I joyfully announce the birth of Billy David Johnathon, a young friend's 2nd son born this morning.

  3. Starting my Christmas shopping early with a few bargains for S & J (shhh -$25 for both)

  4. Bargains ... My new Nappy bags - a Kapoochi back pack for $15 , water bottle holder for pram, and few other things (also bargain deals-thanks to my friend telling me about a baby shop clearance... I am really smiling because I $aved)

  5. Reading some very raw and honest posts about when things go wrong in our lives .It is incredibly liberating to know that everyone else isn't perfect and doesn't have it all together. Not that these made me smile because of their struggles but knowing I am not alone.

  6. Reading this post on Gratitude Journals by Jen at Amazing Trips (January 16th) and a few others of Jen's amazing posts.

  7. Realising every day husband is my rock. He always makes me smile.

  8. The privilege of staying at home and watching my young sons grow, play and squeal with delight knowing that these moments are fleeting. In nothing more than a blink of an eye my tiny children will no longer be babies toddlers, ... children (but hopefully not a raging teen -LOL). I want to soak in every one of these moments, down to the very essence of them.Breath deeply the scent of them (but not that one silly LOL ) I look into their smiling faces and and etch the memory of them on my heart - the curve of every baby feature, the magic of every giggle, the twinkle in their mischievous eyes and the touch of their fingers poking out my eyes and/or mouth their soft caresses.

  9. Lolinate ur blogz this is sure to bring a smile ... try it and leave your link.
I could go on ...but enough about me, it is your turn -so what made you smile this week ?

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Bra turns 101

I happened upon this today

a little history about our most s.exiest fashion accessory and inseparable companion.

your turn
what is your favourite bra ? ... don't be shy - men can answer too.

-well at the moment ... mine are ugly maternity bras but that's okay ... I am not ready to wean.