Monday, 31 December 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

Tonight ... in 30 mins time we farewell 2007 and greet 2008.

The babies are finally asleep after a chocolate fuelled evening and late afternoon nap. We dropped our tall,lean manboy, D, off at my Aunt's to give us him a break. So they napped on the way home and woke at 6.30pm ... not good.

We had a few days away on the NSW Central Coast near a weedy fringed but serene lake. I didn't get much of a rest. I haven't water-skiied for 3-4 years but the boys did.The little terrors didn't stop and with a balcony to climb over , things to trash and a lake nearby I was on my toes literally but it was a change. They fell asleep in the boat.

I came home to over 130 plus posts in my Google reader and I just finished them all.Plus a few new updates today.

I promise I will catch up with you as soon as I get five hours minutes to spare.These festive season gigs are so exhausting, especially when you get to be host/hostess for two jam packed days ... so much to do, so little time and especially with my still breastfeeding twins in tow.

It took us 4 hours to pack for a three day trip. We got home last night .Today, we just through the unpacking after the trip stage of our too short holiday and then the Christmas and Boxing day mess we left behind on the 27th.

Well the DH did a lot of it. Three trestle tables and 20 chairs to pack away, rearrange furniture, washing, hanging it out,cleaning, washing the floor, and vacuuming. I 'd rather not mention the new toys plastic crap that somehow, somewhere must be incorporated into our overflowing household already full of more than enough toys.

On a more serious note on the afternoon of the 27th after a few hours of braving the post Christmas sales my SIL (from Queensland) slipped on the embankment down the back of my Father in law's and broke her ankle in 3 places. The ambulance was called - and she was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Once there she was offloaded to a wheel chair and waited for ages to be seen and x rays ... then once the fracture was diagnosed she was transported to another hospital for surgery... at 2am in the morning But ...

There she languished for 3 days before they operated to pin and plate her fractured ankle~ yesterday. Her surgery was cancelled so many times for other emergencies.Understandably a few Caesarians. Only they starved her so many times and then had no food to offer her.

Today, she was discharged. She ( & her hubby) missed her flight home to Queensland (Sat) but hopefully with Jetstar's compassion she may get a refund. She will now be off work for 6 weeks. She also just spent 2 weeks in Cambodia on a Christian mission too.

So what will 2008 bring ... I have 42 resolutions one for each of my 42 New years and a rehash of my 43 things. Stay tuned ... if it doesn't bore you. It's a work in progress.

I still feel a little deflated ... the anxious and joyous anticipation of Christmas, barely 7 days ago - gone. The Christmas tree ... to go~ tomorrow. The excess of food ... gone - the chocolate ... NOT gone (I got an extra stash tonight at half price). The Sales ... do you think I am crazy who takes 1 yr old twins shopping. I can't leave them long enough because of breastfeeding and the fact DH can't do much with them awake. Heehee - I think he understands why I don't achieve much in a day.

So 2007 is really gone, gone and going in about 2 mins.

Happy NEW year to all my blogging friends and thank you to my faithful readers. I am curious to know who you all are.

I am committing to so many resolutions but they definitely may conflict with my DH's . The computer and Internet/blogging is an issue to be negotiated till I win arguement discussed.

My commitment to a new diet is strong but I am weak. It's really no wonder I feel accompanying 'mixed' seasonal emotions and a little defeated.

Bring in on - 2008 a new beginning.

I will do my 2007 roundup tomorrow and my New Years resolutions asap... I am open to suggestions except by my husband.

Please help a girl ...

Veronica - @ sleepless nights and the very fairest of the Apple Isle' s sweet ladies has a competition going where you can win some delicious Cadbury chocolate amongst other things...

She also is doing this in aid of her friend B, who is going to Japan.

So please donate to help make a worthy young lady's trip of a lifetime - better , even if it is just one dollar - go and check out Veronica's link and competition. Hurry - today is the last day I think. She has paypal - so it is so easy.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

Weekly Winners

December 23rd - December 29th
My photography skills aren't, but these are a few of my pics from the last week - I was too busy to take many ... why don't you join in too , thanks again to Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom

notice the shelf is now clear

Dear Santa ... I can explain
wake board skiing ...
Little red wagon

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel...

I have a little angel
I hang upon my tree
She reminds me of another that
I cannot touch or see.
As I place my lovely angel midst
the sparkling lights on high
My other little angel roams the
dazzling, star lit sky.

As I celebrate at Christmas time
God's child who came to Earth
I think back to that special day-
My own beloved child's birth.
As long ago, the world was shown
A wonderous star above,
within my heart there shines a light
of pure undying love.

Perhaps for one, she'll put aside
her thoughts of heavenly things,
remembering this time on Earth
she'll soar on shimmering wings.
Join little ones with shining eyes and
thoughts of Christmas glee,
The holy day, she'll spend with us-
her earthly family.

Perhaps we have a feeling that
our little one is near
As she soothes the sad place in our hearts
and dries our secret tears.
Then she'll take flight on outstetched wings
for heaven up above
while we receive the greatest gift
of God's eternal love.

Alice Check Beaverton

Thank you for Tiff and ~William~ for sharing this poem with me in 2006.
200th Post

Monday, 24 December 2007

post 199 ... Merry Christmas Everyone

today is my 199 post - Christmas Eve and only 22 mins till Christmas Day comes -

To all my wonderful blogging friends ...

One shining star to make the world bright

One infant child born on that wonderful night
One little prayer for those we hold dear.
God bless you at Christmas and all through the year

with love and warm wishes ...

we won ....

A Romantic gourmet dinner for two in a private dining room to value of $150 at Loxley on Bellbird Hill

A sample from their website

Perfect timing ... it is our 18th Wedding Anniversary in about 7 weeks. A wonderful Christmas present too. It has been along time since we won anything.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Three Wise men ...time for a giggle girls

As it is Sunday - I used to love having a giggle with the weekly comics. I wanted to give you a giggle today.

This morning I opened an email Christmas Card ( thanks Zoe ...I still haven't sent mine sorry and to everyone else waiting)

Then we went to Carols by candlelight ... minus the candles for us [Can you imagine S & J]
I picked up the church newsletter ...

You do know what would have happened if it had been three wise women instead of men , don't you ?

They would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped birth the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought diapers as gifts!

here are a few more 3 wise men funnies
1.Click here

(this last one was freaky ... it was on a blog by someone who has my name before I got hitched - )

your turn :
What is your favourite Christmas Joke ? or Cartoon
Don't be shy ... we love comments

P.S. - DH found the chocolate when we moved the furniture - S didn't unwrap it but sucked the Lindt chocolate ball through the wrapper . There was still enough left for me to eat.

P.P.S. Tomorrow I will tell you what DH won ...

Weekly Winners

December 16th - December 22nd
Hey, my camera is crappy and I am not photographer but I still give it a shot ... why don't you join in tool , thanks to Lotus @ Sarcastic Mom

It' starting to look like Christmas

We moved the gate/playpen fence - the animals were escaping anyway...

WE braced the gate keep them out of the kitchen
But it wasn't good enough
They can climb - ps I didn't get them standing but they were
(The Tshirts read
Definitely up to something
Been there wrecked that

New gum boots

Friday, 21 December 2007

did they really make the naughty list ?

Yesterday S & J were playing in their secure play area behind me as I am blogging away

S decides he wants out or me to breastfeed him.I pick him up and smell a familiar smell ...hmm my brain is slowly ticking over, my olfactory nerves are tingling

no it wasn't poop ...

no it wasn't my older's son deodorant

no it wasn't roses (but I did stop to smell them yesterday out my window).I couldn't place it at first then I remembered oh no damn it I left a Lindt chocolate ball

on top of here
(ps it is J in the picture because I have the bandit handcuffed beside me).

I then see the evidence down the side of his (before I sprayed it with preen) His face was surprisingly clean. Not my Lindt chocolate ball I *cry*

So the little devil monkey climbed on top of the lounge to swipe it and eat it. I still haven't found the wrapper. Did he eat that too I wonder ?

On a sadder note ... Wednesday J climbed a top the dining room table and played with the Christmas tree and smashed a very precious glass bauble ... my little angel baby's name ornament.I was sad, he wasn't hurt but he cried when I roused on him.

Today ... I feel doomed as both the boys can climb over the couch (lounge)

out of the once secure play area.We were taking it down for Christmas anyway but I am not ready to let them loose in the house ... when will I get free time to do my blog and read housework.

It used to be safe to let them play beside me contained and secure. My computer used to safe but no longer *help* ! Santa all I want for Christmas is a "Supernanny".

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas Flashbacks

I borrowed this idea from Amanda at The Milk Bar
I have been thinking of what to do for a Christmas post ...doing it made me think about things I haven't thought of in years.

Christmas 1967 ...

I was about the same age my twins are now 17.5 months. I was the first grandchild on my mother's side . It was my 2nd Christmas ,so of course I don't remember anything. My mum was 20 yrs old and her 4 siblings were aged approx 9 , 11,13 [brothers] & 17 (sister). I imagine it would have been fun. The Christmases we spent with them always were. My uncles were like older brothers to me and delighted in rough play and teasing me... as well as spoiling me.

Christmas 1977 ...
We spent most of our Christmases with my mother's family.I was 11years old.The table was fully extended with loads of food. My mother was a good cook and my grandfather a generous host. We slept over in the lounge room and the adults partied on in the other room. My grandmother would have gone to midnight Mass - on Christmas eve I can't remember the first year I was allowed to go to. The adults would be putting together our Christmas presents and testing them.
My brother was 8, almost 9 and my sister 6.5yrs. We had a new baby cousin that I adored and loved to mother. We played backyard games and ate a hot baked dinner no matter how hot it was outside. We did see my Dad's father and step wife , a few other cousins but usually just a quick visit.

Christmas 1987 ...
Again we spent most of Christmas with my mother's family.I was 21years old.I had just finished the equivalent to my degree in Nursing. I worked part of the day as a nurse. The table fully extended and an extra coffee table for little kids .Loads of food. I helped with cooking. I partied with the adults .We had much younger cousins now - 8 months, 2, 3, 3.5, & 10. Again Christmas was for the kids and we all played with the kids and enjoyed their toys and ate a hot baked dinner no matter how hot it was outside. My uncle,K passed way 2 months before @31yrs old - so my Grandmother was very sad this Christmas. I hadn't met my husband yet.

Christmas 1997 ...
I had been married 7, almost 8 years .My Mother in law lived with us in her own separate place but it was under our main roof attached by garages. We had our own home and everyone came to our place We had one acre property and a swimming pool.It is always scorching and stinking hot in Australia on Christmas day.

Our son D was 4.5 yrs old. My grandparents were by now living in a nursing home but we had them out for the few days staying with us. My Grandfather was not well we knew it would possibly be his last Christmas.(He passed way 3 months later) I remember he knew it too. He was very sad that year.
My youngest uncle was engaged to be married in March and my other uncle had a new wife(2nd).
My niece, A was 2 yrs old , my SIL 7 months pregnant with M . I can't remember if we saw my husband's family that Christmas day. One of his sister's moved to Queensland over 1200kms away in August 1997.
It was always a bit awkward with my husband's divorced parents and being that his mother lived with us... deciding who would come and see us when.

Christmas 2007 ...
All my grandparents have passed away in last decade. My Father passed away 2 yrs ago. It has been 3 yrs since my daughter was stillborn. We welcomed another niece (now 9) and nephew(now 5) and my cousins M (9 - my guess is he was conceived around that Christmas with - 25th Sept birth date) .
My sister also has a new 'foster' daughter S, (9) , to celebrate Christmas with this year.

This year I am feeling a little lacking in Christmas spirit .I am still looking forward to lots of food, friends and family. I am still excited. I just hate the commercialism of Christmas and the exchanging of gifts and stuff we don't really need but give out of obligation. I would rather give to where it was live saving like OXfam,World vision, BCI, Tear. We do Kris Kringle with my family but my inlaws' didn't want to this. One sisterinlaw said she wasn't doing any gifts , and the other seemed shocked when I said I wouldn't buy any either. I can't afford to buy for all the adult nieces/nephews and they don't like my taste either. Christmas chocolate stocking - yes !

We are the Christmas hosts - twice. It will the first time in over 4 years. All my in laws are coming here Christmas day [ mother in law and Father in law and his wife-hmm that will be fun] and my extended family will be here Boxing day... except my 'younger 'cousins won't all be here. They are busy with their own partners,families and in laws. My SIL & family are also visiting from Queensland.
We will go to Church as a family to celebrate Jesus's birthday and the real message of Christmas.

My toddler twins S & J won't know much different -they will enjoy ripping the paper and perhaps be overwhelmed by all the cuddles and attention. I tried to ask people for less toys. We hardly bought them anything. They have so many toys and aren't into anything.

They love everyone so it should be fun. We will eat too much food, and it will be mainly salads along with cold ham, turkey,chicken and pork (maybe with some roast potatoes and hot gravy), fruit and pavlova for dessert. We might have a game of backyard cricket and kids might cool off in the small outdoor spa.

Flash forward---2047, S & J will write:

2007--This was only our 2nd Christmas so we don't have any memories of it. We imagine that it would have been a warm time with our parents, brother, cousins and people who loved us. We got so much Christmas booty.

Wordless Wednesday #13- Aussie Santa ...

Santa in Australia on Christmas day
Christmas Myspace Pictures

I liked this funny one too but don't want to scare the kids

Monday, 17 December 2007

what is a billion worth to you ? and tax

Paula @ Olive juice shared this post on what is a billion worth to you ?

Also, check the list of taxes - OMG ! Australia is just as bad but I guess we all are really privileged compared to the third world nations.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Weekly Winners

see more of Lotus' weekly winners @ Sarcastic Momma
December 9th - December 15th

Cherry Monster (@ playgroup Christmas party)

Asleep on the zoo pillow on my lap ... at computer (love love my zoo pillow)
Waiting for his turn ... on my other twin feeding pillow ...he lined up the toys there too
yes, in the box again
it's small box (no I didn't set it up) -he likes the stacking rings as bangles too -both fight over them

peek a boo -

here I am
D's new shoes (he picked them ~ 'al la Punky Brewster'-who is she anyway says the boyman?)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

There is a pair in there ,Seven Random facts and You've got a friend

There's a pair in there ... can you see ?

Today,I want to give thanks for all my old and new friends .I'm feeling nostalgic and Christmasy

You've Got A Friend---Carole King,Celine,Gloria,Shania

Well I have been tagged a few times now by this 7 random facts meme by many friends

  1. Today two years ago we found out ... there's a pair in there.We knew we had two embryos but an early scan the previous week only showed only one heartbeat. My heart was beating so fast and loud I thought I was going to explode... with joy!
  2. When I was in 6th class my teacher, Miss Edwards used me to send love notes to her boyfriend - an old and balding teacher Mr Rees .I read one can't remember the gooey stuff but it was signed off ...xx your humble cookie, Jan ! (Miss Edwards if you are reading this I am sorry).I am amazed I can remember this.
  3. The first computer I used was at about 14 -15 I am not sure of the brand since I googled that the Commodore 64 (I thought it was this but wasn't released till 1982 and I was 16 then) and I thank my dad for introducing us to home computers.
  4. I've donated blood since I was 18yrs old ... 26 times or 12.22 litres approximately. (sometimes with a huge gap in years due to various reasons).
  5. Since July 2006 - I have been breastfeeding/pumping breast milk for twins at approximately 530 days @ minimum of 1 litre (but I know it's more that is over 530 litres or over half a tonne of milk. Litre is also slightly more than one U.S. liquid quart and slightly less than one Imperial quart or the less common U.S. dry quart.
  6. I met my husband on a radio making program 19 yrs ago .Today marks the day I returned from my 1100km bike ride from Melbourne to Sydney in 1988 - desperately wanting to wrap my arms around him but I didn't (or did later because he wasn't at finish to greet me - boohoo) .It was our 1 month anniversary of 'going out' and 2 month anniversary of our first blind date.
  7. I love hugs .I think free hugs program would start a revolution ... ( would you be brave enough to do this ?)

Your turn
- I am supposed to tag 7 people but I think lots of people have already done this - if you are reading this and haven't been tagged tell me and I will link you here - go on I promise it is fun. It is all about linking up with friends too.

Hey Amy, Kim ,Melbo ... have you done this meme ?
hey - you have got to see the song below - the best version of the 12 days of Christmas ever ...

The funniest 12 days of Christmas

This is an acappella group 'Straight No Chaser' from Indiana University singing a fantastic fun version of “Twelve Days of Christmas”. They are amazing at how they keep their parts straight in this. Included are a bit of “12 Days”, “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reigndeer”, “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel”, ”Santa Claus is coming to Town”, “Deck the Halls”, “Carol of the Bells”, “The Boar’s Head Carol”, and wraps up with “12 Days” sung to the tune of “Africa” by the band Toto.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10

In honour of Christmas I decided it was time for some linky love ... I wanted to share a few of the fantastic twin blogs I have come across

Twin blogs

  1. Amy @ Double delight
  2. Meleah @ Twintastic
  3. Tiff @ Three Ring Circus
  4. Lori @ Lori's Light Extemporanea
  5. Laura @La la girl twinifinte chaos
  6. Swistle
  7. Stacie @ Twinkies
  8. Kellan @On the upside
  9. Jen @ Jens musings
  10. Sarah & Jordan
  11. Side Talk
  12. Better make it a double
  13. Sarah & The Goon Squad
  14. Trisha @ Insanity’s Oasis
  15. Kate @ Picklebums
Okay I can't count ...1 + 1 =2 I do know .Multiply the laughter and fun - twinfinite twinsanity.

I am so sorry if I missed someone with twins please leave me a comment and I will add you too.

Your turn
I encourage all the twin mums (and anyone else) to visit other twin blogs and leave them Christmas cheer.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wordless Wednesday -OZ Mud Map

Can you see the mud map of Australia -
what's a Mud map
ps I didn't take it but if it was you let me know and I will add your details.
I had another picture but it has gone missing arghh !
Okay I found them will save for another WW.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

An old dog learns new tricks ... and an old dog

The last few days I have been learning a few new tricks and all about chicklets and widgets, rss and Google reader.

I discovered I do have feed burner readers (thank you to 32 people - I am honoured). I subscribed to a whole of blogs but I didn't know how to access them easily. I do now.Before it was hit and miss. I am sorry to the people I have neglected.I also re-directed my blogger rss to feed burner... at least that is what i think I did. I saw a jump in my readers on the stats yesterday too. I have along way to go to crossing the 10,000 reader milestone.

So now I am off on a mission to add more blogs to my Google reader.I have so much to learn. I am seriously thinking about changing to Wordpress ... well next year.

I have been so busy of late NaBloPoMo... and I feel my precious little guys need me more than I need to fiddle with my blog stuff. They have been into everything and while I secretly say horrid little things about them (to myself) - when they rip yet another lift the flap book or mildly important papers, steal my phone,keys, camera or wallet, bite me while nursing,climb and stand on the furniture, escape the $160 playpen, remove their nappies, throw clean washing all over the house, explore the toilet,refuse to eat & throw food at each other and on the floor, unpack the bag I just packed to go out and generally trash the house and that's just today - I still think I will keep them.

I might just keep him too ... though at the moment we clash terribly... *sigh*I am a mean mum and he is now 14 going on 40 who thinks he has all the answers. The babies adore him.

I digress , yes, we do have an old dog - Patch is now 11 yrs old. We gave him to our son D on Christmas day 11 yrs ago - D was 3yrs old and Patch was barely 5-6 wks old, with a belly full of worms (eeewww) . He was a wee scrap of a thing - 'heinz' Blue cattle/heeler dog mix. We played out the Rod Campbell story " Dear Zoo".
A boy writes to the zoo for a new pet ... and they send him a variety of animals - I wrapped small toys/plastic animals and lastly they sent him ... in basket can you guess ? and we presented the dog to him in a picnic basket.

Playing -fetch the ball is his favourite past-time but he gets puffed quicker now. I will have to find a photo tomorrow of him now. S & J love to throw the ball too ... but they only get it a metre of so.Poor Patch he gets so excited for nothing. D wanted to call him Pat (after Postman Pat... but unfortunately(yes it's true) my MIL lived in a little house/flat attached to our house and her name was *P a t xxxxx ... (almost the same as mine). LOL we knew she wouldn't appreciate it. Here 'Pat' ... yelled out !

By the way, Patch still loves her (and remembers her car - we know she is driving up the drive by the way he gets so excited in anticipation) even after 7 yrs since she/we moved.
She was his best ball thrower ever.
*The same name thing now that is a blog for another day.
Heads & Tails follows ...

Heads or Tails .... Water

Skittles said "This is a true HEADS or TAILS week as the choices are HEADS - Anything in the sky or space *OR* TAILS - Anything in or under the water".
Swim over to Skittles place to see more ...I chose TAILS

I couldn't resist - babies in the bath are my favourite thing ... along with many plastic boats, crabs, turtles, fish, and a duck or two. S & J love their bath too.

Monday, 10 December 2007

I am a rssHugger and I have a new widget

The last few days I have been reading on a few sites about rsshugger and the joys and benefits of hugging a rss.

Are you following me ...well click the link and soon you will know about rssHugger? I think it is a brilliant idea.

A few of the new blogs I stumbled on have been raving about it so I checked it out.A few of my favourites are there. They aim to send more readers to your blog and for readers the benefits are that is another way to find quality blogs on topics you are interested in. You can even register in up to 5 categories as suits you & your blog. Your can sign up for free or by writing a review or pay.
What are you waiting for ?

Does anyone subscribe to my RSS feed ??? I am so not sure about any of this RSS stuff ?
But can anyone with Blogger enlighten me ?
Ps I found a great new widget (a blogger hack from Hackosphere)- check out my labels drop down menu !It is awesome.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Weekly Winners

Hey, it's Sunday ...well almost Monday where I live and thanks to Sarcastic Mom - Lotus and her brilliant meme we get to showcase a few of our favourite photos from the week ... I don't get to take many they are too quick

December 2nd - December 8th

what's in the box ?

Balancing act ...

Box'in again

love my mess

safe n sound (less)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Wow - I got featured this week

My blog has been featured on Thursday 13 ... for under #10 edition

see it below my 5 Favourite Post Meme

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 9 - Things I learned in Kindergarten

I saw this somewhere and I admit I borrowed the idea - isn't it amazing when we consider that most of the things that we do (or should do) as adults today are the things that we learned as children in kindergarten.

  1. take turns and wait your turn with out grumbling (remember when others have to wait for you)
  2. share everything (~ offer them the first choice or the biggest piece)
  3. say sorry when you hurt somebody even if it was an accident - say it like you mean it
  4. say sorry when you make a mistake (admit it)
  5. keep your hands to yourself (don’t hit anyone ~hmm not sure about turning the other cheek)
  6. put things back where you found them and clean up your own mess
  7. don’t take things that aren’t yours and/or ask before you do
  8. always play fair ~no cheating
  9. flush after you go (unless it middle of the night or water restrictions)
  10. warm milk and cookies are good for you (or cold milk in summer) {~ memo to Santa ask him how he likes his milk}
  11. beware of strangers (as adults - maybe strangers phishing for bank or identity details)
  12. always wash your hands before eating and after playing with the dog (or cat)
  13. live a balanced life ~ love, learn, play, enjoy, sing & dance (~ like no-one is watching)
  14. and most of all when you go out in that big wide playground of life , make sure someone’s holding your hand… or that you are holding theirs tightly !