Friday, 28 September 2007

Happy Birthday MUM

Today is my Mum's 60th birthday

Happy Birthday Mum ... you are the greatest.

When I just rang Mum to wish her a happy Birthday - I knew she was out all day... having a full service, wax and polish...

Her favourite salon washed & blow dried her hair, did her finger nails infills & polished them and then her toe nails were buffed and polished, eyebrows shaped,waxed & tinted, eye lashes tinted, waxed chin and lip - then when she went to pay - they said "no, it is our gift for your birthday"

Mum estimated it was $120 worth . Wow and thank you to RJ's for giving my Mum such a treat.

The full service only took from 10am - 3.45pm. I wish I was so lucky.

Mum still bakes cakes and stuff for us to bring home ... more than she did as a child but I guess she has more time now with no kids at home.

She has always been there for us and shows unconditional love. I am just a little sad my Dad won't be here to celebrate this milestone birthday with us all. She has B though who is taking her to dinner tonight , he sent her flowers today too and is taking her on a day cruise Monday. She deserves a lot of loving.

Yesterday, was my Uncle P 's 49th birthday (her littlest bro). I didn't get back to my blog to blog that yesterday. He was only 7 3/4 when I was born so a bit like an older brother to my siblings and I ... Happy Birthday P ... your turn next year for the big one.

Sorry - this is just for TT... on the subject of birthdays and lovin ... don't we all need it *wink wink*nudge nudge* hope your candles are flickering brightly tonight and throwing a soft light over your smiling face. Hope you have a special day tomorrow and you are treated like a Queen by your special family.

PS It is my friend Wendy & Peter 's 22 wedding anniversary today - she got married at only 18.

A very sad Postscript ... it would have been my friend ~Chris's (RIP) birthday today and her 1st Wedding Anniversary.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Freaky coincidence

Earlier this week I was thinking about the playgroup I took my 14yr DS to (when he was a toddler) .It was in our old neighbour estate.The estate was brand new and fairly isolated with 1 -2 acre house blocks spread over 300 acres but it had no community facilities , no buses (except at the entrance), no shops, no play ground parks - nothing. The closest shop was over 8km away - bar the service (petrol) station.

We met weekly at each others houses on a roster. There was one twin mum to B/G twins, 1 year younger than my DS. I was thinking about her specifically ...

I was thinking how I had never considered how hard it must have been for her . L had very little support from her DH - he was supposedly working all the time & late home but was actually having an affair . Though she was always a bit of a whinger and stuck up - it must have been difficult.

Then they had to sell up due to the divorce etc. He still lived in part of the house for a while and made life so unpleasant for her. L was retaliatory as well and every week she told us the dramas.

Anyway ... L moved out of our area 9-10 years ago. Then, 2-3 years ago, I would see her occasionally at our local swimming/sport centre with her twins doing squad swimming. It was before I fell pregnant with S & J but after I lost C. She lived at least 40mins away so not sure why she came so far there.

Well yesterday who did I see - at the new town centre - her 'L' ! .(I was having my free coffee.) She came over and said "hello" then ... "are they yours ?" *pointing to my twins ..."how old are they" with a shocked look on her face. I can't remember if she knew D was adopted - I didn't hide it but neither did I talk about it every day.

L didn't ask their names or how ? LQTM . I never asked if her kids were IVF or even considered it. Now I wonder ?

She is probably around my age and I bet now, she is probably wondering how ? LOL.

We chatted briefly and she told me our old next door neighbours moved to Dubai last year,for a 5yr contract (she kept in contact with them but we didn't).

She also told me it gets worse (the whinger in her or perhaps the hard, cold truth ?) she said her twins still fight and annoy each other purposely and always did ... environment, nurture, genes or multiplicity ? I fought like a cat with my sister 5 yrs younger.

I just hope she is wrong LOL. The boys squabble now over a few toys (and me) but mostly they seem to enjoy each other and play well together.

Anyway, to get to the point I wonder if people really know how hard it is for mums of multiples - I mean 'twin' mums - OMG I can't begin to imagine life as a HOM (higher order multiple -triplets,quads or more)mum.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 3

MY Free Loot Today ... who says I am a cheapskate ?

Free Stuff # 2

Sorry, I have chronic blogger diarrhoea ,so I must explain my WW. Unfortunately later , I discovered I had been overcharged $3.25 yesterday (I bought 2 boxes of 100 tea bags but was charged for 3).It isn't so much the $ but the principle. I had to search out the phone number because being opening day it wasn't on the receipt. I rang to explain (complain) and a refund was promised. So I went back today for my refund, amongst other things and mostly to beat the cabin fever.Coles then gave me $6.50 refund and when tried to tell her because I was honest - it was only 1 box overcharged she said it didn't matter ... so extra bargain.
I also opened a new bank account for S & J and I got a voucher for a free coffee, plus Michel's were giving away small pieces of chocolate cake mmm. Mind you I had to ask ANZ for the free piggy bank and beach ball.

My free loot today ...

  1. 2 lollipops'
  2. small bag jellybeans
  3. another $5 gift card from Coles
  4. 3 more green enviro bags
  5. 5 donuts
  6. 5 green apples
  7. 4 bananas
  8. 2 balloons
  9. cappuccino & cake
  10. blow up ANZ ball
  11. ANZ Piggy bank
  12. 2 Plaster of Paris (that S & J helped me paint hehe)

The Pink Carnation (flower) was from yesterday

Update from yesterday - yes it was Green apples for the Green car park .The ones I got given today were the most delicious Granny Smiths#1 ( I ate 2) I have had it a while.

Hooray - Sammy ate some banana - a first - normally he spits it out.

We also checked out the free children's play area "The Backyard" .Complete with fake grass and lots of interactive things - it was pretty cool but better with walking toddlers.The Parents' room was good too ~ I could even wheel the twin stroller into the large toilet cubicle -which had a large and a toddler toilet. S & J will enjoy shopping in the future.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Free stuff ...

today the new Rouse Hill Town Centre (stage one) opened and there were lot of giveaways.

When completed in March 2008 it will have largest floorprint of any shopping centre in Southern hemisphere ~ apparently.

Yes - you can still get some things for free ...

bananas ... to remind me I parked on Yellow level (clever idea) - orange level (got oranges but they ran out before I could sneak out there). I saw a few people munching on green apples (so I am guessing maybe there was a green level or maybe they were just being healthy)

4 Carmello Koalas & 3 Freddo Frogs (I think Freddo was stalking me ... or maybe it was me *wink)

Donut king donuts with blue icing and sprinkles courtesy of ANZ bank (if you open an account with 5.5% interest -you also get a free piggy bank)

Green enviro bags ... Coles gave me 6 (or depended on how much shopping you had) & Woolworths 1 (thanks this helps me on my 43 things goal)

$5 gift voucher from Coles (for spending over $45)

Choc Mint flavoured choc top topping (the kind that sets hard on icecream)

Some hair shampoo, cuticle treatment and conditioner samples in a little tube from Hair warehouse.

Numerous taste tests that both the boys and I enjoyed.

Balloons ...

Plus some great specials and huge savings. I spent almost $300 but I still forgot to buy the boys custard though.

The shops were packed and I spotted a few twins too - two sets of girls .

Hooray, Woolworths had a twin trolley (actually with one baby seat & a toddler seat) and grrrrrrr to lady with one baby who took had the twin baby seat trolley with just one baby - what if someone else really needed it. Selfish !

I didn't get a good look around so I will be going back very soon.

Monday, 24 September 2007

my 43 things ~what do you want to do with your life ?

After my woeful post on everyday being the same ... I finally finished my list of 43 things - read my list here .

It was a goal in itself to go from 2 things on my list to 43 in a few hours.

Okay the truth be told I copied a few other peoples 'goals' and changed a few to suit myself.I needed the inspiration of others and now I need the encouragement to get cracking.

I really should have read these tips first on How to choose achievable goals but I can always overhaul my list.

I see this list as a trial run & practice for no.2 on my list (101 things in 1001 days).

Today I also noticed something new - Challenge yourself - at least it is only one goal at a time. Perfectly achieveable for me .

So now I am off to start targeting my 43 things.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Poem

The candles are lit,
but no song will be sung.
No laughter, no glee, of my little one
who would have been three.

If you only knew the plans
that would be made by your dad and me
The cake to be baked...
The presents wrapped...
and all the funny party hats.

The pictures taken by your dad,
or course,
As loving friends fill the house.

All of this is not meant to be,
since you were taken away from me.
No birthday cake...
No presents unwrapped...
No pictures of you in your party hat.

But the candles are lit,
Never go out.
For they burn forever in my heart.

Author unknown

this was the poem I found two years ago and originally sent to my friend, Jacqueline for her angel ~Ella' . I couldn't find it again, so she emailed it to me but my computer couldn't open the file when it was her birthday. Today she emailed it to me again.

Everyday is not the same...

or is it ?

I am stuck in a rut,while I am loving it - not working full time (LQTM)- What is that you say ? is there ever a mother who doesn't work full time).Let me rephrase working full time for a wage instead of love.

My daily daytime routine consists of ministering love & cuddles and meeting the needs of my two delightful boys S & J ( in other words I am their slave). Oh I have help, a part time teen slave D and my some-time man slave DH.

My day starts late ... oh about 4-5am I begin feeding my masters their milk straight off the vine. Then we snuggle down again till 7.30-8am.

We do the nappy, dress, breakfast routine ... maybe the nappy thing twice (means x 2 babies a second time)!

I wash (well actually the front loader washes I just put them in and hang them out) the modern cloth nappies ... this I admit I do gladly ...still the novelty hasn't worn off in nearly 7 months.

We play ... lately the gorgeous spring weather means outside for an hour. If I am lucky I get to sit down and BF at the computer (YAY !) or I work (play) on computer while they play.

We snack (me all day) the babies at random intervals depending on the volume of the whinging and what I need to do.
WE change nappies (though I say we I mean I ).

I clean ...when I feel obliged ,when I can stand it anymore, or when company is expected ...or when I feel that DH needs a break. I usually wait for the slave boy to come home to start moving (him) -after all it is my job to train him up for the benefit of his future wife.

The babies are just so slow at folding clothes ...

We play some more , I BF some more , we eat some more , they trash a few more things and I change a few more nappies. There is no routine. The only break in our routine is Monday when we go to a multiple playgroup for 2 hrs.

Urrgg today the slave boy is still on a RWO (rostered weekend off) and the man slave has gone to work on a rare Sunday (to paint the ramps, with undercoating primer, for his work truck and install a new CD player).

Today we are expecting company - my Mother-in-law.I have to get moving by myself ... lucky the kitchen is clean man slave cleaned it up after he made me breakfast in bed (well I ate it sitting on side of bed). I just have to pick up the rollerarounds the babies have scattered from one end of the house to other ... they are so dangerous underfoot.

Actually , we do usually go to Church sometimes on Sunday but lately we have been sick, had a family do, the Bridge opening, and just been so full of other excuses I can't remember actually. Today, I planned to go, (new church starts at 10am - 1 min up the road by car) it is now 9.50am and there is still time but no way would I attempt it myself with two babies. You can't take pram into the tiered seating auditorium and I wouldn't leave them in the creche upstairs and no point going and sitting in there.

okay ... time for nappy changes ...time to tidy up ... time to drag myself out of this chair. I could sit all day and read blogs actually. I am addicted. It is also satisfying to find other people think like me. I guess we can't all be crazy.

I read, I should be thankful I home to clean [means I have somewhere safe and warm to sleep], dirty dishes (means I have food in my belly [OK lots of food] and cupboards) and laundry to do [you get the drift -clothes to wear] and a family to wear them I should add ... someone to love etc etc.

Yes, I am truly thankful I have a nice home, lovely boys, good husband and lots of snacks but my stash of Chocolate is running low and I ate all nearly all the sour worms yesterday.

Milestones ... I read it my book that because of a shocking memory we should joy down milestones and achievements of our children.Not that I am hung up on the competitiveness of it -just for them when they are older and for me.

Things I noticed in last few days ...

S - knows the lounge is softer than the floor , if you want to lie down on and cry for mummy (when mummy is busy feeding J actually)

J - turned the TV on and up loud ... then waved the TV remote at me . I asked him to bring it to mummy and HE DID !

S- he is getting closer to walking , took a few steps just holding one hand today.

J- that walking means now you can chase mummy faster down the hallway crying when she races off to the loo or put your sleeping brother to bed (then wake him).

J - starting to get the idea of feeding himself with a lot of help.

S - who cares about eating - but he knows the rustle of a baby rice rusk packet and puts his little hands up immediately

J - ripping the Reader's Digest magazine is sure to get a rise out of mummy - grrr and then he gives it me - when I yell - give that to mummy ! I really don't care if ripping paper is good for fine motor skills son.

J- first but then both climbing from/over one arm of lounge chair to other is good fun.

S- with bottom teeth you can grip hold real good of mummy and if you bite she yelps ! He hasn't quite bitten me hard on nipple yet but he did bite my finger -ouch !

Both standing on the lounge gives you a good view out the window and when planning what to do next.

The recycling bin is full of fun things to play with no matter how many expensive toys they have.

Right now ... that the wooden venetian blinds make a cool noise when you bang your hands against them,standing up in the cots - even if Mummy really, really wants you to have asleep before Nanny comes. Else, we will be cranky and Nanny will give her 2c worth ...

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Sleep Sharing ... Saturday

what is missing in this photo ... ME - see that gap between S & J that is where I sleep (or close my eyes and pretend LQTM*).

We have a side car bed but they only sleep there sometimes. J does more often than spent half the night there.. till he snuggles up close and wants a BF. S sleeps between us - so he can self service the milk bar anytime he wants or else. I am not ready to night wean them.I enjoy BF and I accept that missing some sleep for now is okay.

They are fairly good sleepers and not too restless or sprawling. J thrashes about a bit when he loses the dummy ( I like binky -sounds kinda cute) but on whole we don't have too many sleep dramas.

Anyway, this morning I was able to carefully ease myself out of bed ... so I could shower and wash my hair quickly before the boys woke. They looked so cute. As I contemplated going to get a camera my DH was already on same page ... and was there camera in hand.As uploaded the photos to computer I found this one too... a rare night they both were sleeping on side car bed.

*I learnt a new abbreviation LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Thorns n Roses

... it's okay the bleeding has stopped ... and the scratches will heal !

Today I tackled ~Charlotte's~ overgrown rose garden. Sadly it has been a bit neglected of late. The Potato vine (a creeper with white flower used to cover walls or fences or for screening) had choked a few of the roses and the Gardenias.WE never got around to pruning this year either.

Charlotte's Garden is so beautiful in bloom ...and we created it with love in memory of our dear daughter ~Charlotte~. Her 'Charlotte' roses

were looking lovely today despite our neglect. Charlotte's Garden is almost 3 years old .The roses have bloomed and blossomed.

I had to trim a lot of new buds but I have a bucket of roses. We love to sit out here on spring/summer evenings, relax and chat... Many a time we cried out there.

I was a bit savage today and I did a huge prune. I hope they recover. My DH had to bring home new gloves and new pruning shears. They worked a beauty. The ute was covered in thorny stems and pototo vines.

I have lots of scratches, a few sore spots and a few prickles no doubt ... time will flush them out. I feel very pleased that I achieved something worth while today. Tomorrow DH will give the vine a trim with his hedge trimmer.

editted 22/9/07 to add my vase of Roses

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Thursday Thirteen First Edition # 1

I can't across this new meme

Thirteen Things I need to do asap (well sooner or later)
  1. work out & monthly PAYG
  2. sort babies clothes into giveaways, return to lender, and for sale
  3. compile my 101 in 1001 days list
  4. keep working on my 43 things
  5. get my Tupperware lids replaced
  6. go through my wardrobe and de-clutter
  7. clean my desk
  8. start our tax (x3)
  9. ride the exercise bike I paid my uncle $300 for
  10. ring my friends or email
  11. return my BP nappy cover
  12. Meet all needs of twins 14 months old ,one 14yr old and 1 DH. Including, but not limited to: bathing, feeding, breastfeeding, dressing, playing with, reading to, praying with, refereeing...
  13. Get more sleep

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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Ok - I know it is supposed to be wordless. Our kindly neighbours gave us a dozen free (free range) eggs today ... I forgot they even had three chickens. Shows how much I get out .They are only approx. 7m (28ft) from our front door /bedroom. The last lot were ummm ... "Chicken tonight" ... for Buster the brute (dog) ! Although -our dog got another unknown neighbours chicken once (shh we hope they didn't find out, DS hide the body). People we do live in semi suburbia and I really hate the rooster who crows all day.I wish Buster would get him.

S & J are 444 days old ... how cool is that !

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

A Stroke claims another life ...

Sadly, I heard tonight that DS's previous, basketball manager, Jenny passed away from a stroke at home. I didn't know her well because I was too pregnant to go and watch much (and scared of the ball) and then I had the babies to watch out for. I am just so sad for her. She was a very friendly lady with a lot of patience for teenage boys.

A few crappy things have been happening in my life and with our playgroup. Not directly related to my playgroup buddies but external forces and other stuff. It has been causing me to lose sleep. It all pales into insignificance when you remember how precious life is and a moment wasted on worry and strife is ...well wasted and just not worth it. You lose !

DS said she was 39, she has a son his age (14) and another a bit older. I feel so sad for them too.I was at Sonny's birthday and his mum, Tanya had a colleague 48 - in hospital critical after she had a stroke last week. I didn't know her at all but it all brings me back to my friend Christine.I still feel incredible sadness for her losing her battle with life. Tanya and another of her friends said how L' wouldn't want to be alive and have a poor quality life ... who is to know ?

I have chatted to Chris's hubby Waz, on MSN a few times and he sent me a few pictures of Nobby - her lil boy 'William' (now 7 months) . She never got to bring him home ... well he came home but without his mum. Some babies at playgroup are the same age and when I look at them, I think of him, what he is missing and what Chris is missing right now. I just hope she is looking down over him and also that she is at peace (with her twin angels Shale & Chantelle)

RIP Jenny & Chris .
I pray T's friend makes a full recovery.
I hope we all give thanks for each day that we can have and hold the ones we love with us.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Hawkesbury Valley Way

Yesterday the new $123 million Flood evacuation road / bridge opened -aka Jim Anderson Bridge. We got to walk across it 2km and then walked back ... the twin pram wouldn't fit on the bus -not that we tried because the queue for shuttle bus back to car was so long.They tried to turn us back but we insisted the pram didn't fit. Then someone said we could go on.

The RTA even chipped in a few drinks for everyone ... water and soft drink cans.

Then at 2pm we were heading out again and remembered it was opening for cars to drive across. We were the 11th car to cross (probably after official ones went ahead).

We could see the rear of our business from the road.The Bridge is so high up. Perspective is amazing. We saw the concrete block wall ...where the land and been blocked and filled - from ground to the top about 5-6 metres high. The Bridge is much higher. It has been curved ... because of Aboriginal sacred sites on banks of South Creek and a special species of Frogs.

It has changed access to our street and made things somewhat more complicated for our customers .Looking at the big picture it is going to save lives should a major flood occur and cut traffic congestion ... that we will ultimately benefit from as well as thousands of others.

I didn't see any other twins (in strollers anyway) but we did see one double pram (we checked) and several tandem ones.

We did see an Ambulance bogged up to it's rear axles in mud (in the traffic island garden) - there is no direct access this way to hospital (300m up the road).Lucky it wasn't an emergency it only took a few good men and a machine 20-30mins to decide how to move it.
Ps check the unicycle - imagine riding that across the bridge.

Whine O' clock

I saw this somewhere ...
when it is whine o' clock it's time for wine o' clock
(he..he..hic..) oh really but not at 9am *sigh* and even less when you are (*)(*).

I am determined to make a few changes. When my little darlings start to whine there must be a reason (need) behind their behaviour... so I should listen to their needs.Little boys don't whine just because they can ...well that is what the experts tell me. They have needs I am not realising -and my AP instinct tells me I am failing at meeting them .

Sadly twins get a rough deal sometimes when they want a one on one cuddle with mummy (and when I am only one here) and they have to share it too and they don't understand why. The whines get louder if I leave the other on the floor. I love it when 3.30pm comes and big DS comes home to give me respite. As much as I love and adore my little boys -somedays it is so intense I am at melting point.

The swing works for a while and being outside too. I am enjoying my new book Happily ever after $1 bargain at church fete. It is full of myth busting ideas ...for happier family life

However , if the big DS tries to whine at me - I will tell him to Shush up (or maybe not as nicely as I write) here - he should know better

It is teething and tantrum time too. Sam has a new bottom tooth as of Saturday and he is very partial to toes and even sinking his toothy pegs into my nipple

Happy 12th Birthday Alex ...
Happy 11th Birthday AJ for 16th

Also happy 40th Birthday Glenda & 41st to Debbie

wow so many birthdays and more to follow ...

Friday, 14 September 2007

Friday Flashback

hmmm - almost 12 years ago I became an Aunty to Alexandra ... 'Alex' - my first niece 'related' by blood and not just marriage. I just need to scan in a picture or two. It is her birthday Sunday. AJ is extremely bright [gifted and talented] (takes after me heha), funny, an athletic champion at state level for her school and very good at Physical culture. The boys love her ... though her own siblings might not sing her praises so highly.

Happy Birthday Alana for 13th September ... Dh's middle older sister - better not tell everyone how many years young she is . Next year she will skip her birthday being Friday 13th ... because it is a leap year.

Better than my cousin Anne - who gets to celebrate her 9th birthday @ 36 years old on 29th February 2008. She had twins too and I almost forgot this ... her twins also IVF turn 10 in Dec.

Would you rather having a birthday on 13th or every 4 years ?

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


I know it probably doesn't mean much to us in Australia but it was a day that changed the world ... unlike any other.

I remember waking in early hours to find my husband missing from our bed. He had heard it on the radio late (around 11.30pm) on 2GB and then got up to watch the TV. We watched it most of the night and most of the day. We worked from home.

I can remember feeling how horrific it must been for those on the planes and in the buildings ... wondering how anyone could do something so awful to so many innocent people.Even today I can't comprehend why ?

My brother left to fly to USA yesterday morning and I wonder how they are remembering it in US today ... they will be waking up soon to the 11th September.

9/11 is a day for remembering those who died and the heros.

I cried every time I heard this song .

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Running on empty ...

lately, everything has been running on empty

S & J have been unwell the past few days and last night I took them to after hours GP clinic and A & E. The A7 E was too slow so I wen tback to GP clinic were Dh was waiting with S.They had a cold with fevers,cough,runny green noses and very needy. Thought I better take them for checkup.

They both have Otitis media (different ears ? better take a pen with next time to write it down ), S also had a swollen drum (fluid in middle ear) and one has a red throat (? who) but thank fully their chests were clear. Two hours later we left with scripts and instructions for Nurofen and Dimetapp. Nothing was open though to buy it.

I felt very guilty for not listening to them sooner ... trying to ignore their needy cries as part of the colds. Not that I ignored them I held them as much as I could but couldn't hold both at once all the time so one or another was invariably crying.

In middle of night Joel was crying and so hot I thought I was on fire. The thermometer was nowhere to be found (till 20 mins later)... the panadol had .5 ml left and other bottle nowhere to be found. Not good !

S joined in the melai too but we managed to all get back to sleep.

I hit the chemist at 9am and left purse empty $54 poorer for the boys - 2 bottles of antibiotics, one bottle Nurofen and one Dimetapp... LOL Not ! The main petrol tank and sub tank were empty ! The bread bag empty ... we had two extras (D's friend sleeping over and cousin M) helping finish the new loaf .

The sugar bowl was empty (lucky I got a refill yesterday) , the milk was low and cereal too ... wait till I have two teenagers to fill everyday.

The baby MumMia's S favourite rusk boxes are empty.Though I thought I had some extra boxes somewhere.

The tissues stock is running on empty ... with at least 4 empty boxes scattered around . [I think they will make a good cheap toy for S & J to trash and hide treasure.]

The nappy stocks are low with the rain, the clothes too and ...

I feel like I have been running on empty too. Doesn't help I stay up late and read other peoples blogs or do other irrelevant things. I am running out of energy and feeling rundown ...

The rain cleared and we decided to head out to the Church Country Fair for lunch. I bagged a few bric a brac bargains ... I was able to restrain myself from buying a bundle of Trixie Belden books and Anne of Windy Willows ... even for the Church $3 a book was too much. I did buy Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys for $2 (bargain saved me $22.95). I already have the Secrets of Happy Children ... but better get onto reading it again quick.

Alas ... they were running on empty too no cream for my pancake & strawberries and nothing left at the BBQ , scones were gone quickly in the morning.Then all the vegies were gone.

[-off the track ...I think scones and jam and cream will be our morning tea tomorrow. DH's nice and husband are coming .I had to make pancakes tonight too.]

J discovered what the remote actually does tonight and yes ... he really knows how to channel surf now. He is walking more and more ... but our floors are slippery and socks not grippy enough so we treads carefully then breaks back into a crawl if he falls.

S is now attempting a step or two between furniture but he is very hesitant and cautious ... unless it comes to climbing. Soon these little guys will be running and I will be running on empty even more. They are getting into so much. So cheeky too ... watching our reactions to things they know are off limits.

You know ... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday flashback, time capsules and cr@p.

3 years ago on September 7th we settled on our home ... where we live now.
3 years ago on September 7th was Charlotte's funeral (one of darkest days in my life).

Today we opened the boxes in our old garage -where we still work.They have mostly untouched for the last 3 years and even up to 7.5 years. So many memories of past ...buried under layers of dust (even rat poo).Like little time capsules ... but buried in dust and grime.

I picked up an old newspaper and the date was Friday 6th September 2002 ... how freaky Friday ( 5 years ago almost to the day).I also found a 1990 calendar -the day/dates are same this year. Though I knew this.

D's preschool folder with craft and early scrawlings and artist achievements
his old books and some toys ... sadly the rats (yes ewww and aaargh ) have been in some of the boxes and lots of the Golden books had to be trashed.

I found a few of my old Trixie Belden books (yes I read them too) but didn't find the whole set I almost had. I found an old Anne of Green gables book, my old bible and other forgotten favourites plus a few 'sex' manuals ... some customer left them behind.Now long forgotten by us LOL but I know where to find them *wink*.

I found lots of my Tupperware and other treasures and junk but some good stuff ! When we first left our huge house we moved into a caravan for a year so everything was packed. Then we moved to a small house for 4 years and we never unpacked a lot of it. Then when we moved here I was too busy and busier since the babies arrived. However today I a helper (D didn't have school because of the APEC holiday) and an extra one in my cousin M (24) ... DH got roped in as well ... just in case he had to jump a giant rat. We never saw any -thank goodness.

Glassware from our wedding was still packed from 13 years ago (or more) and maybe one day I will unearth a few more treasures. My Franklin Mint Teddy plates are intact as well and a calligraphy version of our wedding certificate and some old photos ... still didn't check them all out.

The two boxes full of recipe cards I had to have ... I have brought home to try again ... might add a bit of variety to our standard boring menus.

The back of the wagon was full, D & M laps were covered and so was every spare space with just a few of the things I wanted !... even though I haven't thought about them much in last 7-8 years.

It gets you wondering how much money we have wasted on [im] material things ... too much ! Now I am older and wider (not wiser yet) I can say I could done with less and saved money.

There were also archive boxes full of folders of receipts (Business tax) stuff now the arts could have had that but even avoided that cr@p.

I wish I took photos ... didn't think of it till now. It will take me all weekend to sort it out now.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Wordless Wednesday

JT is walking ... (photos to follow)

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Fathers' Day

Happy Father's Day to one of the best Daddys in the world - D, S & J's - we love you very much Daddy

Happy Father's day in Heaven - to my own dear Dad. He was the world's best Daddy to me and my brother & sister. I miss you very much Dad. It has been two long years and I think of you always.

Happy Father's Day FIL - a few months ago when browsing through old photos we found proof you were an involved Daddy to M -teaching him to dive and other things. Thanks for being apart of our lives and D,S & J's too.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Happy Birthday in Heaven ...Charlotte

Dear Charlotte, today we were thinking of you on what might have been your 3rd birthday . We remember how much joy you brought into our life when we found out we were expecting you. Saying hello & goddbye was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
Though we never really got to know you we will love you forever -we will meet again in heaven.