Thursday, 22 December 2011

Protect your iPhone or iPod with Fisher Price Apptivity { Giveaway }

Do you know how you can protect your iPhone or iPod from iNfant destruction ?

I was sent the new Fisher Price Apptivity to review and I have one to giveaway too. One of my Facebook friends asked this very question the other could she protect her iPhone from her 1 year old ?

Disclaimer : I don't have an iPhone but I really want one :). My teen has one ...

I know that my iPod is feeling a little unloved after i got an iPad 2 but my 5 yrs twins fight over it all the time.

They cracked my iPod accidentally earlier this year. No iDea how I just found it cracked . Thankfully , the people at the Apple bar replaced it totally free, but I didn't know that they would for that type of damage until the last minute. I got lucky.

My terrible two said they didn't know how it ended up under the bed. I am sure it was accidental.

This brilliant Apptivity idevice protects your precious baby iPhone or iPod touch from little sticky hands, drool & dribble and potential screen damage from smash and drops.

Seriously , the cool looking - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case lets toddlers enjoy their very own (FREE) apps while protecting mum or dad 's iPhone or iTouch. Your toddler can even have Facetime with long distance relatives or kiss Daddy goodnight when he is away.

The jury might be out on the safety of babies & toddlers and mobile phones - I guess as parents we decide how much we let them use it. The iPod is not so much of a worry. 

The durable case has easy-grasp handles just right size , a clear film covers the screen, plus a nifty home button lockout feature to prevent unwanted call-making .... though I wouldn't recommend using it when you are expecting an important call.You can't access it in a hurry...

I would also make sure the apps can't be deleted because the home button lockout doesn't stop them from touching apps, holding and deleting them. 

My two already tried to crack the case open with a pate knife but failed ... they just roughed the edges up a little.

 I can see the Apptivity Case being a perfect way to let a toddler be in control while parents protect their devices. Without the device inside the Apptivity case it entertains with a mirror and rattle beads. Best of all - no batteries required.

To win you own ibaby device bodyguard or maybe iNanny leave a comment and tell me why you need one ?   Though I take no responsibility for what your child may do with it !! I know what mine are like and so far so good.

Glowless's  Tricky loves it... he gave her a heart stopping moment with her new iPhone when he pegged it.

Australian residents only.
Closes January 2nd 2012 (eeek it is so close already)
The most creative answer wins one Fisher Price Apptivity case...sorry iPod not included..

Congratulations to Grant - his wife is going to be one busy lady !I couldn't think of anyone who we will need it more.

we've a very feisty 3 year old son and an inquisitive 1 year old daughter
my wife is pregnant with twin boys and it just so happens i bought her
an iPhone4 which she loves and wants to save from our house's disorder

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