Monday, 9 November 2009

Making a list ...

The Planning Queen just reminded me of a few Christmas gift ideas for children. That time of year is fast approaching.
I know I want to buy some Christmas Smiles (from World vision) top of my list but my little boys are going to need a few stocking stuffers.

Nicole has some great ideas.

A while back I joined a new forum and as a prize for submitting interviews with my boys I got to choose 2 gifts under $20 from Rudy & the Dodo range.
I must add I am not being paid to write this and apart from receiving my prize I haven't had anything to do with them . I love their website starts with the greeting

Hello Gorgeous ! ...

well, you have found our site so you are clearly looking for something a little
out of the ordinary for the little individual in your life. welcome!

The best bit is Rudy & the Dodo have over 200 items under $20 , a lot of it is wooden, quirky & individual wooden products , cute as a button handcrafted and from across the globe.It's also arranged by ages to help out clueless relatives with age suitability. I am going to suggest my family members go shopping there...with a few hints.
Like ...
  • $6.95 for 160 funky stickers
  • wooden pirate fishing game $21.95 or
  • wooden pirate skittles $14.95
So what ideas are you tossing around for your children ? I need some more ideas .

P.S. They have gifts for mum's too ;).
PPS It's so much fun to shop without little ones in tow and battling the crowds.
PPPS I want to stay away from plastic & licenced items which seem to be invading our house piece by piece (mostly as hand me preloved toys/clothes for which I am grateful but i just don't want to add the collection)

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