Sunday, 19 July 2009

Weekly Winners 29 2009

July 12th -19th edition 29

Dangling boots
Gate Keepers
S wasn't well ...

Their return brought back his smile A bike ride ;) with Daddy

Feathered visitors
new cows
Even the Birds were cold

He did not like being chased by small boys ...
Old hay/machinery shed
New Hay Shed


...I had more to show you but I have an early start tomorrow ...
What I didn't take pictures of
... the new Bull who they found with a broken leg and had to be euthanized
...and the newborn calf the foxes got
...the crazy weather rainy/overcast/ sunny all in 5 mins
the rivers of snot ... (LOL not so funny since we all have the lurgy now).

Weekly Winners is a meme to show off your favourite snaps of the week ,not a competition so anyone can join in the fun ...
Please go see more Weekly Winners @ Lotus's Lotus especially has some breathtaking images.

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