Sunday, 31 May 2009

Weekly Winners 22 2009

...has there really been over 22 weeks of 2009 ?

May 24th to 30th Edition 22

It has been cooler still and with a few more rainy days this week too we made sure we had plenty to do.
Tomorrow is the first day of Winter wonder it is cold ! We never get snow here though I wish it.
P is for park !
(In case you missed it ...last Sunday we went to the park)
O is for ogling Orchids
(@ large chain hardware/home handyman/garden centre- everything under the roof)


Helping the cook by
Lickin the beaters
Waiting for cake
finger licking goodmmmm
lossing the curly locks

Lost in space (at Wiggly play centre)
n seek

Remember Weekly Winners is a meme to show off your favourite snaps of the week ,
not a competition so anyone can join in the fun ...
Please go see more Weekly Winners @ Lotus's
I have no idea why but blogger uploads my photos in reverse ..grr so some of the pictures are out of order.
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