Sunday, 15 February 2009

Weekly Winners 7 2009

February 8th - 14th edition 7
It's been a rainy week ... so we didn't go far and I didn't get the camera out much

As I set this up ... I noticed the article header

S is adapting well.He can even walk on his cast but he isn't supposed too !

V dinner for two (well three - one twin joined us shortly after)


Caught ...we got up to find them hard at work

"I'll have what he's having ..."
J wanted a sink bath because S had one ..S gets a foot bath on the vanity top

Pensive Before

After ...

new gumboots ~ ready to jump puddles ...
more rain is expected tomorrow (maybe all week ?)
what's a mum to do

Please go see more Weekly winners at ... Lotus's

Days of Grace 14/365
  1. New gumboots @ $8.89 a pair
  2. Scented red rose from my Angel's garden
  3. Locks of baby hair ...
  4. My grown up little boys
  5. Privilege of being a mummy
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