Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A moment on the lips ...snippets

You are what you eat,so they say ... in that case we might all be raising little Happy Meals if kids had their way LOL.Though my boys only eat the fries at the moment.

Three times daily I am faced with the challenge of getting (and then waiting) for my kids to eat , as I try to make sense of the weird relationship they 'enjoy' with food. Surely chocolate is a vegetable ...cocoa beans grow on trees !

I can't complain one 2 yr old eats most vegetables including beans & broccoli except potato (unless it is chipped). He also likes baked beans (and doesn't mind a few m& m's mixed in ,,,his own doing).

The other twin - not much vegetable matter is ingested - he has a knack of sending it on a magical mystery tour to the floor when I blink. He is slowly eating one bean (tonight it was cut into 10 pieces with a mini M & M chaser after each bite). I am so thank ful he eats meat.

Me, I have no problem with any cuisine. I used to worry that an indulgent snack enjoyed momentarily on the lips would spend a lifetime on my hips but know I am older and wider wiser I know better. My suggestions ...
  • To ease the impact of a chocolate treat ...15mins of high impact aerobics (...man it is so hard to follow and keep up with a body step class ?) or maybe you could skip it ?
  • Making beds for 63mins ... imagine it , do it and you can drink that can of 'cola' guilt free ...pity my 2 yr old dropped one today and I had to drink what didn't spurt out all over the kitchen. I had already made the beds too.
  • If your breakfast was a 'muffin' and latte ...morning tea should be a 2.5 hr body step class[ ...1 hr (once) killed me] ...but it beats a muffin top.
  • ? Pizza your thing ...three pieces means 2.5 hrs of shaking your boobies and whatever other wobbly bits groove to a tune to beat it.
So does wearing black pants* make your bum look smaller ?

Feeling hungry for an answer ... well it might save you a 'bit' of exercising and dieting [ Dare I Eat That ].Black does make your 'bottom' look smaller ...it's true.

WHY ? in black clothing (especially matt pants jeans /trousers) so they 'reckon' - shadows are invisible and your shape appears flatter . The shape of your 'rear end' is inferred from the slight shadows cast by the contour ... not so much in black .Though beware in profile your true size will be revealed (so that is why most gym pants come in black)
  • ...so maybe it is same for the little black dress !
Well that is enough to chew on today.

*Trousers/Jeans /Slacks ...the ones with long legs not underwear!

PS We all, don't we, know fish don't have fingers and chickens don't have balls.
PPS Days of Grace will be back tomorrow ...got to go to bed.

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