Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sat Day - did you ?

Is it really Saturday ? I see you nodding !

Then it is Smiley Saturday in fact.

The last week -the first full week of 2009 has flown.

So Sat (u r) day ...I didn't. Sit much I mean.

I weeded , I cleaned , I washed, I wiped out the bath, scrubbed doors, I wiped wee off floors and I picked up 1001 toys and toddler paraphernalia ...including their clothes. My boys love undressing and re dressing in my socks or shoes - ONLY I mean - my socks and their own hats.
I didn't get the camera out quick enough and I can't take or rather post pictures of them nekkid. They are so funny, when I'm not pulling my hair out at the mess they leave in their wake.

They had a long sleep today so I achieved a lot. I feel very satisfied...except I haven't had much online time at all today .

What else made me smile this week ?
  • A day out on Tuesday with friends to the Powerhouse Museum...though we did a lot of chasing with 5 x 2 yr old boys on the loose.
  • Seeing the delight of 5 little boys on the train and in the museum and special toddler/youngster areas.
  • Having a lot of laughs in the train with the mums and some friendly guys ( married though in good humour after a day at the cricket - who we hope went home with a new appreciation for their wives). We were so squished in a tiny compartment coming home - no one could move much in or out.
  • I hit 100,000 steps in a week mark (thanks to Tuesday 18,917) and my first million -well counted in 82 days. I just realised 1 min ago when I updated my last two days - hooray !
  • My wee boys are finally getting the hang of potty/toilet training ... still a long way to go. It is a huge cause for celebration when a loud little voice cry rings out 'Mummy I did a wee' (and it isn't on the floor).
  • I feel a lot of happier and calmer about lots of things.
  • My new camera - how could I forget .Except this week has been so busy I haven't had much chance to use it or learn the features ...incredible and sad *sigh* but I have great plans.
  • Every day I find reasons to smile and when I start to feel disappointed about the tough stuff I look for the positives or they come running to me ;) and /or they say kiss & 'ug 'ug ! .
  • I still have Lindt chocolate balls ...though the heat wave melted one lot.I could still suck and lick them off the wrapper.
  • Facebook makes me smile - the quick one liners, a brief glimpse into the daily lives of real life and cyber friends and the return comments do you facebook ?
What made you smile this week ?

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