Thursday, 11 December 2008

Marmite & Tea anyone

My ornament swap arrived at Marmite and Tea.

She is having a white Christmas by the sounds of it ... go see the ornament I sent her and her beautiful tree.

Did you see the ornaments I got Tuesday {see below} from Louisa @ A Canadian in Manchester. Lucky they are unbreakable ... I put two more ornaments on the tree today and Santa is now 'broke' n (less than an hour later) or a piece of his sleigh *sigh* ... where can I buy an industrial size tub of superglue.

S & J love the Chris 'mess' tree.

My pictures &some content are still being copied - I wonder if he will copy and post this
My sincere apologies to any Cane toad lovers ...I will delete this shortly.

By the way ...another lovely Louisa @ Life as we know it has a competition ... to win a $50 Urban Child voucher.
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