Sunday, 9 November 2008

Better watch out ...

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

what ...The jolly guy in the red suit is coming in

So the Christmas count down begins - are you ready ?

I found this awesome site where you can print off a FREE six week Christmas planner - customised to suit 'you' (no wasted paper) and put it all in a binder or even a PDF file.
with titles like

Reality Check week checklist
Get Cooking week
Gifts and Giving week
Swap trackers
Freezer Inventory
Stocking stuffers
All kinds of lists, planners forms,checklists and blanks ...better go take a look yourself.

Creative ideas to hide ..shh

The site has loads more advice on having an organised home and shortcuts wouldn't we all like to spend less time cleaning ...Organised home I like the idea of a Magic Minimum plan.

It really takes the stress out of Christmas by being organised. I hate the last minute rush and my family doesn't like me being disorganised and stressing them in turn.

what about you how are your Christmas plans going ?
what is your advice for beating the stress ?

Assvice of the day
  1. Laugh a lot - a good sense of humour cures many of life's ills.
  2. The happiest people are not the busiest people.So take some time out to relax ...remember the island.
  3. Put everything you have got into everything you do !

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