Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I walk the Line

The theme/prompt this week is HEADS - Line

The first thing that came to mind was actually the second line ...on a pregnancy test.

I can still remember the day I got my first and second pink line that indicated I was pregnant after 12 years of infertility.

I didn't know how it all would end but still it was a moment of glory I will always remember. The months of negative tests still linger in my memory. Peeing on a stick is such a funny way to find out if you pregnant or not (then it isn't so funny).

Though blood tests are more civilised often we just can't wait in line for our turn with the phlebotomist's needle. Some just take the word of the almighty line on a pee sick -the lucky ones who have no doubt.

It is this elusive LINE that so many couples (or women) chase or (occasionally wish away in the case of unplanned teenage pregnancies unless they have other ideas -like a pregnancy pact).

The blogosphere has many stories of couples trying to conceive some using natural methods and others assisted conception . Our sanity happiness hinges more often than not on this LINE. It is often the first line indicator of success or disappointment.

Until you have been there and walked that LINE , month after month of disappointment, you don't know how much those little two lines mean. Shattering sadness or joyous jubilation. Like C & her hubby last week

I still remember the day I saw those two pink lines again.

It 'rocked' my world. I was finally pregnant on my second IVF cycle ... I had saved the 3rd pee stick (from Charlotte's box of 3 tests). I didn't believe it so I used another. ... in less than a week my little babies will be two.

Tonight I read of an Aussie grandmother @ 46 who conceived natural identical boy triplets - one in ten million chance - now that's incredible and what a blessing.

To those who are still struggling to achieve that LINE I wish you strength, hope and resilience and it is my prayer that you bring your dream to life.

I like this song ...had to share it.

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