Monday, 12 May 2008

I am finished ...

The kids are asleep ... well two of them.The Brothers are night owls (like me) and they fight going to sleep.They wake up around midnight nurse and I accept this .I know this time will soon come to end.

For now...The dishes are done (thanks DH) , the laundry is folded and hallelujah the 2007 tax is at the accountants and hopefully almost finished. I can't tell you how huge that is.

... hope I get a huge refund ...unlike poor Jamie.

Today, I finished a few other business work projects too . Though I am 100% SAHM I do tax/book keeping for our own business. Over the weekend I also read/cleared over 150 hotmail emails but now have 200 posts in my Google reader. I have been adding more blogs.

DH, the eldest and the kitten are off doing their own thing.The Kitten loves to sit or stalk me or the cords at the computer and will finally curl up in my lap or under the shelf on desk .

So it's just me... and it's quiet.It's really the best quiet I've had in a long time. Next door the builders of the new two houses have been hammering all day gutters/roof battens and fascia boards. My head is still buzzing from the constant racket.

Mother's day was busy but spent with both our families and mothers. My MIL loved her gift and was very surprised.We had lunch with my SIL and her family - then as we put J in the car to leave my sister inlaw's - he suddenly vomited all over himself and car seat. We bathed him , changed his clothes and hubby wiped the babyseat down. Half way home - he starts vomiting again.We stop the car to check him but continued on -only 20 mins till home.

DH had to strip the whole babyseats down to the mould - both seats.It was all through over the webbing harness too.I had to change the Opthamologist at Children's hospital appointment to next week as the seat covers were still wet this morning. I also didn't want to spread anything J might have had. Both of the boys have colds and runny noses and fevers over the weekend. J stopped vomiting but still has a temperature.

I spoke too soon J is awake again...

S finally got his new glasses today * high five * after the lawn mower episode *boo*- Flexon ones (metal memory to withstand kids - I hope so) . I didn't have to rob the bank but still more than I should have to pay. He isn't leaving my sight now.

Yesterday , I had a few sad moments thinking of my little angel, my friends who have lost babies, and my friend ~Chris~ and her little boy who will never know his Mum. Also, my cousin who passed away 5 years ago - at the same age I am now ... it was probably around Mother's day 2003 she was told she had a few weeks to live - bowel / ovarian cancer leaving behind 6 children aged 4 - 18. Sadly, I didn't know her well once we were adults she lived too far away.

After she died in June 2003 her 5 older children 9-18 went to SA with their Father. The youngest (now 9yrs) has spent the last 5 years shifted from one family to another - including 3 weeks with us in 2003 and foster care.I hope finally she finds love and stability with my sister where she has lived the past 6 months. I still feel some regret she didn't get to stay with us.

For those of you who have no children (yet) or ~angel babies~ not with you or Mothers not here.I hope Mother's day wasn't too awful for you. My heart is heavy right now with the devastation in Burma ... I can't imagine their grief with so many loved ones drowned and suffering.

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