Saturday, 19 April 2008

Smiley Saturday - Caturday


So shoot me - but I couldn't resist this - it really made me smile.My new kitten , Matilda is so cute and providing much entertainment.
I found this ... Engineers showing their kitteh techniques...on Cute Overload.

Other things made me smile this week ...not the least being my the Brothers doing the full monty and also going bare chested and bare buttered.

Who are they copying ? their older brother who prefers to go shirtless (his pants stay on LOL) but then drags out the bed doona to keep himself warm ... go figure.

When we put them in cots, awake, to go to sleep they remove all their clothes and nappies (luckily no messes) and then wait for us to realise their nekkid smile. We hear them laughing ... we go check on them. Try as I might - I can't - stop smiling as I rouse on them and redress.

S & J know it is funny and keep doing it because we can't stop laughing at them ... I even resorted to buttoning their pj shirts on backwards . This confuses and annoys them.

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