Friday, 4 April 2008

52 blessings to be grateful for on Friday

March has flown and here we are - Friday again. Where did my week go ?

This week I am so grateful, most importantly, that my little boy J's BrainMRI was all clear after a stressful and agonising 2 week wait. I guess he has inherited his big noggin brains from both his Grandfathers. I appreciate all of your warm supportive comments. Grateful I am !

We also were told 2 weeks ago (same day as his MRI) results of his renal scan - that his left kidney is growing though still smaller than his right. Thats good news - he has 65% function on right and 35% on left (adds to 100% meaning right kidney is doing more work but that's okay - we hope it gets no worse)

I am so grateful we live near enough to the Children's hospital to attend their clinics . S & J have attended four different clinics and will continue to attend a few for many years. It is about 45mins drive but I don't and can't complain...

Every time I walk through the doors I see children in the corridors and clinic waiting areas with obvious disabilities, and children I know from my paediatric nursing experience that have faced many challenges and unfortunately do so every day . I see sadly other children facing the fight of their life - strolling or being pushed through the main corridors.

I don't stare but I take it all in and while silently raising a prayer of thanks that all these children (and mine) have access to this brilliant facility. I pray their parents will have the strength to continue, for them to face the challenges and beat their illness or live the best live they can.

Last night I watched "Saving Kids" (filmed at another major Children's hospital). I cried almost from start to finish.I have missed many episodes because we are just too busy at 8pm.

It was final episode in this series - one story was a twin boy whose amazing spirit had me crying tears of joy and sadness - he was a micropremmie and suffered so many setbacks but has achieved more than Drs ever imagined.

Then a brave Mother giving her sick little boy her kidney (transplant) to save his life -oh what greater love ... both stories grabbed at my heart and I was so emotionally overwhelmed. I think our own challenges pale in comparison .

... I am grateful I finally cleared the posts in rss reader ...I had a huge backlog from over Easter.Though due to the number I am subscribed to it was back up to 60 this morning. Plus I read other blogs I am not subscribed to and find new links every day.

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