Saturday, 30 June 2007

The birth announcement ...

I thought this was so clever and cute I just had to share ...
Ivy and Noah would like to announce that their new friends
arrived today
Saturday 1st July!
Samuel born
at 12:51pm weighing in at a healthy 2960g
Joel born at 12:52 pm weighing 2164g

The boys were born at 35 weeks
and four days!

Mum and babies doing well!!!!!

T, M, D and angel C
You all deserve to have every happiness!

Welcome to
the world gorgeous, precious boys!!!!!
of course the talented Mrs Tiffany T posted this for us ... what a wonder woman !

Birth of Sam & Joel

Part 2...

I was up early for a shower/ 'shave' by midwife– all my plans to wax / trim and shave my legs and get all pretty ? - gone. Then I had to wait as they had two real emergency c/s.

My Mum came in to wait and worry with us. Finally I was taken to OT at about 12.15pm.Nervous – you bet -but no tears yet.After I was wheeled into what I think was some kind of waiting bay DH was taken away to get changed. A few staff introduced themselves.

As soon as I saw two midwives come in with bassinets I started to cry- it had taken me about 14yrs to get this far. I couldn't imagine my babies in them. They said not long now – just getting everything ready.

I was wheeled into the OT – a large room and so much equipment. Things were explained to me and I was positioned for the spinal block. It was so awkward with my huge belly – they injected the local but I hardly felt a thing. I was laid flat with the bed tilted slightly –then they started preparing me I couldn't see anything (1. a huge screen (1m high in front) .2. I couldn't see without my contacts or glasses).They tested sensation with ice cubes – I had cold water dripping into my ears and finally I couldn't feel anything - except embarrassment especially the catheter. Waiting...waiting - I the felt a tugging and stinging sensation … I didn't know what was going on really. I was in a daze. Maybe I had been given something else.It happened so quickly next - I heard that beautiful cry I waited for so long to hear – what I missed with Charlotte.

Samuel was born 12.51pm and whisked away to be seen to –suction and O2- he was not even to be shown to us. Then a minute later (though it seemed longer) Joel was born 12.52pm. Another wondrous cry .He was also taken away to be suctioned and seen to. There was a flurry of activity and anaesthetist left me and went to where the boys where. My DH told me later they called a code blue for Samuel.

The anaesthetist came back and told me all was okay. They said they were taking the boys to NICU and some said “we had better show mum before they go”. I saw them for maybe 10 secs and they were so wrapped up I barely saw them but gave them a quick hello and a little kiss. I was then stitched up and taken to recovery. I had terrible pain despite a PCA and I needed a few bolus doses – it still didn't help.

I stayed in recovery for about 1.5hrs then was taken back to antenatal ward. The only thing on my mind was seeing my boys again to make sure they were okay. My DH came and saw me and told me they were perfect and beautiful.

Finally at about 8pm I was wheeled down still in my bed to NICU to finally hold and see my precious sons. They were perfect in very way. I couldn't believe I had carried both of them.Samuel 2960gm (6lb8.5oz) 46.5cm Joel 2164gm (4lb12oz) 43cm .

Sam & Joel spent 19 'long' days in hospital - 3 days in NICU though well and then another 16 days in Special care Nursery - transferred to our local hospital to establish feeding and weight gain.

I felt they should have been home a lot sooner but not the hospital

I am so thankful to everyone who shared my journey and encouraged me along the way - a very special mention to Tiffany. A true friend who allowed me to share her journey with her 2nd set of twins Ivy & Noah right from the very first two lines ... to two heartbeats and allowed me the pleasure of announcing their arrival on the Internet forum where we met.Then she was their to celebrate all my pregnancy milestones including a few 'curly' questions.

Then she encouraged me very step of the way and supported me ... like the wind beneath my wings. I am forever grateful for our friendship.

So many coincidences and tragedies we shared as well as the most joyous of occasions - like birthing our precious twin miracles after losing angel babies ~William David 2/4/04 - 7/4/04 and ~Charlotte Rose~ in 2004.

Friday, 29 June 2007

12 months ago today ...oh what a night and cars

Oh another wistful night ... 12 months ago tonight right about now (Friday 30th June) they told me I would be having my babies by Cesarean section the next day. Oh ,what a night twas ...

part 1
During 36th week I was feeling very uncomfortable. I wasn’t sleeping much and was very tired. It was also the first week I hadn’t worked. My SIL had come down from Queensland to work for us (as her missionary ‘mission’). It was good timing.I was feeling a little itchy at times and in the back of my mind I remembered reading a few posts about it on BB.

I mentioned it to the Registrar at the High risk antenatal clinic when I went for my appointment on 29th June. I never asked him directly about obstetric Cholestasis though.The Professor (OB) was away overseas so I never saw him. The week before Twin 1’s fluid level was in the lower range and there was a slight concern.

So I had an extra scan on 29th June. The scan showed Twin 1’s fluid levels were normal again.The Registrar just said it was common for increased itchiness due to twin pregnancy stretching the skin more and dryness etc. I accepted what he said because it wasn’t too bad.

Friday 30th June,2006 I was very tired and exhausted. I got up had breakfast and fell asleep in a recliner chair – which we had borrowed. I found it hard to get comfortable elsewhere. I had some lunch and feel asleep again. I woke up and was so itchy all over. I was scratching myself so much and applying cold cloths and took a non drowsy antihistamine Claritine (after I checked on Internet it was safe).

I knew it wasn’t right the way I was feeling. My DH came home and I very uncomfortable and feeling irritable. Not sure of what I did exactly when but -I checked BB for the thread again about itchiness; I rang the hospital and was put through to delivery suite and checked my pregnancy books again. I was sure it was obstetric cholestatis.The risk of stillbirth was all I could think about.

I couldn’t bear it having had my precious Charlotte born still 22months before.The Midwife said to come in .I had a feeling I wouldn’t be coming home again before their birth so I quickly grabbed a few things. I hadn’t packed my labour bag- all week I meant to but I was so exhausted I never got around to it .Lucky they were all pretty much laid out in one room. We organised DS and dropped him at a friend’s place. I was so upset and uncomfortable I couldn’t eat anything (big mistake).

It was about 6.30 pm when we got to delivery suite and we went straight in. After a short while a midwife came and asked a few questions, did temp/pulse/blood pressure and said she would put CTG on me (to check babies).

I knew the babies were moving okay but at the same time I was worried things could change in a matter of minutes. I just wanted to know they were okay. The CTG was fine she said. Then they came and took blood after 8pm.By this stage we were starving and there wasn’t anywhere open for food. I was wondering how long it was going to take and if I would be staying overnight or having the babies at all. We joked lightly about the baby bonus going up in a few hours by $1000 each ...

A MW came and said sorry they were still waiting for blood results at about 9pm. At 10pm they came and said results were back and not right and they were waiting for another Dr to review them.

DH & I joked again making it to 1st July.Finally after about 11pm the Dr came and said I would be having the babies tomorrow morning by C/S (they were breech), classed as emergency. They had to call the team in (extra for twins).Part of me didn’t want to have my babies @35wks4days - I was so scared of having babies but worse about not having them.

I knew they would be okay at this gestation. I was relieved in a way.Around midnight they took me to antenatal ward. I was weighed /temp /BP check / Obs/urine test etc ,questions and settled into bed. DH went home.They did another quick check with CTG machine but only to listen to heartbeats, I then had to wait for Dr to come and put IV cannula in-about 1.30am.The MW said I was a bit dehydrated – I said I haven’t eaten or had much to drink. I barely slept -The lady (also heavily pg) beside me had 'constipation' issues so was up/down and I had so many things going through my mind. I wanted to keep feeling babies move to know they were okay. I watched the clock tick away to pass time. (stayed tuned part 2 tomorrow !)

Cars ... had to share these pictures

I got this from a kid's play centre closing down sale ... it was the only one and the rest was a fizzer. TW was very disappointed she thought we would get heaps of bargains. I got it for $80 not a bargain but about eBay prices. D pushes S & J around it (one at time usually) , or they sit in it and watch him play the drums ... he managed to get them both in at once- I couldn't and I quickly snapped them. Soon they won't both fit and it isn't quite safe LOL but a photo is a photo and this is cute.

It actually has a handle but to use the handle they have to know how to steer and we are working on this ...

This one is 'D' in a Little tike's car we borrowed from the toy library car many years ago
shh - don't tell S & J they are getting one for their birthday but instead of red and yellow top ~ a cool blue one with red top ... same style.Amazing it hasn't changed in over 12 years.

I am really happy D pushes the boys around the car - it would break my back otherwise and doing in twice over ... double trouble *wink*

Our car ... now that is blog for another day !

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

unBOYlievable dreams

Can you believe ...I can't think what to write.I have so many things I am thinking about -yet my mind is blank.

I can't believe their birthday is so close. I am not ready.I am not prepared. I don't want my babies to grow too quickly.

I look at them asleep and I see their baby faces, little bodies cradled in my arms, far from the newborns they were and yet not little boys yet ... somewhere in between. Not completely helpless but still very dependent on us. Once they can open the fridge door I will be obsolete LOL.

My big boy (14) was once this small though 13 months when he arrived into our family. He is now bigger than me.

They can do so many things and they enjoy playing us so much.They laugh and giggle.They love D pushing them around in the little car and they love playing with balls. They love the swings and squeal with delight when I catch their toes & feet. They are both crawling on their knees more than commando crawling now... though commando style you can carry stuff. They have learnt to exit the bed and lounge backwards and the pram too.

The last few days we have realised they can reach more things and get into more mischief- pull things off the fridge, reach the hall table and grab at things, take all the clothes off clothes dryer and out of the basket ,pull down the phone, they grab stuff off each and give fake protest cries if we are looking ... if not they grab it back. They love the TV remote ... don't all males.

I realised when I started this blog again after nearly 2 years break ... they were born 1 year to the day I started the IVF injections. If someone had told me that day, that in a years time I would be birthing my miracles.I would have said it was an unbelievable dream. I never imagined a joyful outcome.So much delight they have brought us and so much love.

Yes, we have had our challenges but very few. They are mostly happy.

The milkbar has been open 24hrs a day for almost 12 months.I am thankful it has all worked out for us. I intend to keep going for a while yet and I really don't care who disapproves.

Now for the best bit ... I couldn't have done it all without my dear husband and even our dear big son who is very helpful ...albeit reluctantly at times. Plus encouragement from my friends in real life and cyberland.I am no superwoman, I make mistakes (though my husband jokes it is just 2 I admit to) and at times I had to hang in there .

I am just feeling a bit wistful, I wish I could have had more children ... sadly it was not to be... but I am forever grateful for my three darling sons.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

minus 2 ...brrr ,warm wool butts,cold hands and loose screws.

This morning it was minus 2 degrees and very cold.The babies were snuggly warm next to me.One extra bonus of co-sleeping we all stay warm. Though their cold hands on my (.)(.) are wicked.

I took a photo today of them in their longies ...aren't they just adorable and the boys look pretty cute too.

The sun soon streamed into the windows and it slowly got warmer. I felt a big daggy in my slippers and flannel shirt but I was warm. We had visitors too A and baby N to pick up some nappy stuff. I made a wicked choc caramel fudge brownie.Pity it only lasts a day- warm it is so yummy.

Dh came home and after lunch we started on spring cleaning the garage. No cars except a toy one in our garage because
a) our cars are/were too long /too big & too high
b) we have so much junk and clutter

D was helping very reluctantly and a friend arrived.So he buzzed off.I was cleaning out a stackable storage drawer ... so I can stack it with others .It only been on my to do list about 7 years to go through or more (I am not kidding). I found a long screw and a hook in the drawer. Since I am one not to throw out loose screws and bits I took it out to my husband and asked him do you want a screw. Totally innocent ! I must add !

I stepped back into the house (we put a door into the garage from the house) and I heard DH saying something ... I am hard of hearing so I turned back ...I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or my son "... not right now maybe later".

I am seriously so S L O W ... I didn't get it for a few minutes (oh and not right then either) ~ do you. Then, I laughed my head off . I am sure I have a few loose screws and I am a screw loose.
It is going to be another cold night .So, now I am off to bed to get warm and well ... never you mind.

Ps - We finally got our light globes replaced today ! I hope this means we save money.We have so many down lights.

pps - yes M is a scorpio ...I asked him. I thought so ! he doesn't believe in it - nor I but sometimes they can be fun to read.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

I few to do's - 'dones' , Scorpio and recipes exchange

Hooray - I (we) finally finished and emailed the boys 1st birthday invitations ... but
can't print them because I need a new drum image kit @ $250 or so. I hope everyone reads their emails.

It was fun (NOT) trying to get them to co-operate with my artistry but we did it in the end.

We saved the best shot till last ... sadly I hate to see them cry but we captioned it for the invitation with

'you mean we have to wait 12 days to party'

More 'dones' ... I also finished a few business things, got some club fundraising letters written and started a recipe exchange. The idea was something I had in mind but one day got to talking about with TW (the infamous Girls Night Out reviewer). She then suggested out loud we should do it and she has contacts to get it printed and bound cheaply.Brillant idea.

Then yesterday I got an email from an Internet friend I haven't talked to in a long while. It is kind of chain email but no nasty endings and if you join you might get your just 'desserts', entrees, mains and a few hundred delicious recipes. I hope it wasn't because she needed the numbers that she sent it to me but I was quite pleased.

Hello! (this was blank but some might personalise it)

You are invited to be part of a recipe exchange, it's
quick and easy.
1. (example only)

2. (of course I can't divulge her email to the world)

Please send a recipe to the person whose name is
listed in the number 1 position above (even if you don't know her or him)
preferably something quick, easy, few ingredients.
Then, copy this letter into a new email, move my name to the number 1 position, and put your name in the number 2 position. Only your name and mine should appear in this list when you send out your email.

Send this to 20 friends. (Try to do it within 5 days, if you can). You should receive 36 recipes. It is fun to see where these recipes come from! Seldom does anyone drop out because you only have to send one recipe to one person and then send it on.

Enjoy ! cheers

So, I decided this was the sign I needed. I sent it off .
just so it's clear ... the email bit would now read
1. (actually this could be someone's real email addy)
I even sent it to more than 20 -some will drop out .I seriously doubt the 'seldom does anyone drop out' ... I have before and I think it was only to 5 people or similar.
I still have a few more contacts but I wanted to swing it back to the Twin club so I twik it a second time round and start a new chain.
Within the first few hours I had a few recipes back. Then I spoke to another online twin friend, online, and one was her SIL ... I didn't even know her name. Now I have about 7 I think.
That got me thinking because so far some are really sounding mouthwatering so I am starting a new blog of shared recipes ... I will endeavour to add one per day. I will see where they come from.I hope my friend 'G' missioning in Bolivia has some cultural contacts around the globe.I hope the contacts I have, have some contacts who are good cooks. Stay tuned and watch my links.
I can't figure the maths though ... if she sent her name @ no.2 position to her 20 friends - we all move it to no 1 position and send to our 20 friends ... doesn't that make 400. SOmeone help me on this ? ? where does 36 figure ?
SCORPIO ... no it isn't my star sign? don't even know if it M's. I have no idea really what it stands for. However, today I went to Nepean Hospital for SCORPIO to let S & J be measured/weighed/Head circumference by a few medical students and to sit in on some medical students having a breastfeeding session with the lactation consultant.I knew who she was because I met her last year before my boys were born. She gave me some great tips.
Very interesting that they are giving Dr's such educational sessions ...albeit short .The students' even asked us questions. She encouraged them to 'go' and watch the mums & babies feeding ... none did I guess too embarrassed.
Later when we went to have the free lunch (sandwiches/quiche/spring rolls) we happened upon a room where the 'formula feeding' session must have been - so I guess they have a balanced education now on infant feeding.
At least we opened their eyes a little I hope.
It was also a Clinical nurse specialist teaching them to do height/weight/head circumference too) ... "Nurses can't live with out them" !
The babies were a hit with everyone ... they came back to show someone else how J high 5'ed them and how smiley they were. I showed the ultrasound lady who did my prenatal scans the 'outcome' .I wasn't sure if she remembered me after a year.she came and said hi. I saw the Ob in the corridor and he didn't ... but maybe because he was in a hurry he had other things on his mind.
For our participation we got a $30 Cole/Myer gift voucher, lunch and free parking.I didn't mind I was a student once too.
Bring it on next year.

Monday, 18 June 2007

happy 14th birthday D ~ thank you for the privilege BM of raising him


It was DS 14th birthday today and my once little boy is now taller than me @ 173 cm. We never got to celebrate his 1st birthday -we have photos with his foster family though.

Each year it gets harder to think what we can do that is acceptable to us and him. Sunday he took one friend skate boarding at Monster Skate Park ... so mighty they make you sign a waiver Just in case ! They loved it.Then we had dinner & cake with my side of the family.

This morning.I missed seeing him before school by minutes since DH let me sleep in.He gave him one 'man' style present of Stanley screwdrivers ... since DS thinks he is a man now.

He already had his other present a new skateboard "Heartogram" Bam Margera deck ...thanks to Ebay via the USA. His wheels are good and his trucks ... have you any idea what I am talking about ? good I only just learnt.

His 'Element' & 'Emerica' t-shirts he picked haven't arrived but he knows about them. I also gave him some Iron on 'Element' patches.

Today, we had another friend over after school and J stayed for dinner ... J is huge - bigger, taller and has a much shaggier hairstyle and his pants hang even lower *roll eyes*.I know FIL (fatherinlaw) would not have been impressed. He and S (his wife) came for dinner too.

The hot present this year was a 'pre-loved' road/trail motorbike ... by amazing coincidence it is a Yamaha DT, 175 ,1993 model but in excellent used condition ~2000km one owner FIL on one or another of his farm properties.

DH noticed this coincidence today, 'DT' is Dear Son's initials and 1993 his birth year, ~ when he was detailing it.

FIL has now bought a 'farm' closer to Sydney ... still 3-4 hrs away if one can call that close. I know DH & DS1 will want to get away more. At least I will get my motorbike back. I haven't ridden it since Easter 2004 ~before I realised I was just 6-7 wks pregnant with CR. Hmm, a side car might be handy right about now .

S & Joel love sitting on the 'new to them' FP Stride to ride, ride on and I am sure they are going to be biker boys too.

I have to say now S & J are the around age that D was relinquished for adoption .I still cannot imagine it. Even his Foster family having to give him up. The day we took him home they were all bawling and so was I .I felt guilty taking him off them too and yet overjoyed to have him.

Every year I start thinking and wondering if his Birth mother remembers him or wonders what he is like.Much like I do with Charlotte ~ only different IYKWIM ~ she knows he is alive. Not that she has ever made contact and not that the adoption agency asks us for any info. We have no details of her whereabouts either.

Who knows what the future will hold since he has many older half siblings who may go /or are looking.I will help him if I can.We have limited details and have had some sibling contact in the past. Next year his half brother ,closest in age will be old enough to get identifying details too if she has provided them and if he chooses to.

So again BM though we never met and I don't know if we ever will ... 'thank you for 'our' special son'.He is a good kid though he drives me wild at times ... and he is adored by all our family and many others.S & J love him especially. I hope you know in your heart what a blessing he has been.

Finally on weekend Dh will take DS & 3 friends to the movies ... and I hope they behave.

June & July sees about 8 family birthdays ... including mine. 3 down ! the big ones to come are FIL 80th and S & J 's 1st.

To do urgently ... 1st birthday invitations !

PS - It was another David's birthday today (a Dad from playgroup) and my friend's brother Jem's 40th... I will have to check what other famous people share this birthday ! Trivia buff butt.

PPS I am using my nutimetics (some I had and one new face cleanser) so ask me in 6 weeks how I am going.

Friday, 15 June 2007

A picture paints a thousand words ...

So ...

I must add photo's to my blog ...

I must take photo's to share on my blog ...

I will one day ... maybe later today ... signing off 12.07am

Thursday, 14 June 2007

I could do great things if ...

I wasn't so busy doing little things ... insignificant things and time wasting.

It seems somedays I never achieve much.I offer myself a thousand excuses but if the truth be told I am a bit lazy. I can't be bothered unless it is a good reason.

Today was just another busy day, not an ordinary day !, shopping and collecting my ebay purchases. They were a little further than I would normally travel but I had particular reasons for doing so.

Oh , my reasons ... one bargains ! two the Fisher price stride to ride had the balls that fit the other fisher price toy - standup ball blaster given 2nd hand to us but with only one lonely ball they always goes missing. The babies love it. I did order new balls from FP but they are a touch smaller and don't give the same reward. Musical tunes.

This 'Stride to ride' wasn't such a bargain @$20 but I just wanted it .The place (unit) was very hard to find but the lovely lady brought it down to the car ... we had parked on the busy street and rang her for directions...

Off the topic While, I was watching & looking for her she found Mum and the babies. Mum paid her.I passed the lady on my way back to car. I got back to car and as I 'checked' my purchase I handed mum the $20 I had been holding to give the lady ... giving it instead to Mum. She put it down inside the back of the car ... next thing a gust of wind and off it blew. Under the car ... out the other side onto the bustling traffic and I was chasing it ... thankfully a car stopped and a was able to grab it - phew ! I bet a few people had a laugh though. We did.

three Back to the first stop I got a FP Peek a boo block wagon $5 (minus blocks) that matches one we have ... soon the boys might want to pull a wagon each , the lady had a few other items I bought ~ another FP stride to ride walker $5 (no balls though) and few little baby FP discovery / activity blocks and a musical steering wheel. I got these for our playgroup ... that my boys will love too.

To get there Mum had her Navman satellite navigation but I still goofed ... I get confused with my left and right *red face* but the nav lady set us straight (the voice is a lady not a man)

Then we met my Aunty at Bankstown square a multicultural melting hot pot .It has changed so much. Growing up my grandmother loved this place and it was special outing to go shopping with her. When she was still able she still caught the bus and went very week to pay her layby's. Later on she could barely walk but she still managed it.She never did grocery shopping my grandfather did.It was bittersweet meeting my Aunt outside Kmart,the seats under the stairs where Nana always waited. I feel very sad she never got to meet my precious babies. She always thought I would have a baby and she was right.

After breastfeeding the babies , all of us lunching in the food court ;) and shopping at Target` we headed home. Oh' and I did get some new trackies for my walking group. (That is continuing and we are enjoying it immensely.)

It was a long day - leaving home at 9am ... I went to Mum's then Ermington then Bankstown then back to Mum's then home just after 5pm ... a round trip of 139.2kms

I should mention driving on the motorway home to Mum's with both main and sub fuel tanks flashing on empty.. praying I would make it to bowsers half way down motorway... rang my man to check and he said we would ... It would have been his fault because it is his job to fuel the car because I don't like to leave the babies in the car to go and pay .He is lucky he was right !

Today the rain started again ... hope it isn't a repeat of last week's downpour. It was very cold too and snowing in places that rarely see snow.

More to do's ...

Fill the car with fuel (HIM)
Do the birthday invitations (I)

DONE - Paid school fees yesterday -late ...only a day before we got a green reminder letter -only because it was at work in bills to pay folder (DH's doing)

Some days I wish I was different , lately I have been feeling very stressed out ... lots of things but I am know I am so blessed compared to others. To put things in perspective I can't complain. I feel paranoid about some things.Too hard to explain.Too stupid to understand and make sense of.

I do know I hate traffic hustle ... they are out to get me !

my thought for the day

To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the
person you are unknown

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

in the blink of an eye , storms ...ex's ~ inlaws

How is it that I can let 4.5 days go by without posting when everyday is full of new stories about life, the babies, new challenges, and new achievements?

Somehow, by the time I sit down to write my blog it is around midnight and I've forgotten everything that I tried to remember. I'm constantly in awe of other parents that can write almost daily and turn out incredible prose. Oh well, maybe I'll figure it out someday. In the meantime....

It was a very sad weekend in Sydney/NSW the loss of many lives in fierce storms that lasted 2-3 days. Yes, we were thankful for the rain but with it came destruction,havoc and death. No one I know personally but still an entire family of 4 plus a nephew, two parents and another family's son/brother /father and all someones' loved ones. The rain brought flooding and massive cleanups will take weeks, repairs to homes months and shattered lives -years to recover. I can't begin to imagine.

Our own road ... 50m down was under water by a metre x 50m - adjacent farmland a huge lake and it was like a tourist attraction with cars driving down to look , people walking their dogs and riding bikes. Cars were pulling up in the middle of the road which was barricaded off. Nearby, some idiots were doing crazy things in shallowish water and hooning about generally. Cameras were out because the road hasn't been this far under in quite a few years.

As the water in our street subsided Sunday a few cars drove through the water - so dangerous when the bridge was well under could well have been washed away... wasn't but who was to know.

In light of this my 'light hearted' attempts at early spring cleaning seem shallow but never the less we did it. We shuffled furniture, sorted old toys, swapped clothes to storage boxes and found many lost items. It still took us a day to do each room - parents; babies and the spare room.The Garage and D's room is still on our to do list.

We had a few pleasant distractions , shopping , a friend over for cappuchino (sachets) and cake and both my in-laws ... divorced FIL & wife came unexpectedly and then MIL turned up about 10 mins later. A slight awkwardness perhaps but they sort of get on NOW ... when we got married there were a few dramas deciding on the wedding list and then the seating plans. Matthew went to Bunnings about 3 times to buy more boxes ... we were on a roll and he wanted roller boxes for under the bed and the babies wardrobes.

Monday afternoon we went out for afternoon tea at one of the twin playgroup mum's home.It was a beautiful afternoon weather wise. It is good fun getting to know each other and our partners too. Our little walking group is set to become a regular calendar event and we have some great fundraising ideas ...involving Sir Freddo and Cadbury.

Oh the babies... well they had a ball crawling all the house and Dad & Dave home most of the weekend.They are very good at standing up and opening the drawers, pegging all manner of things across the room. Hence, the biggest reshuffle in their room and moving all the pills to a box in the top of the ensuite. It looks mighty damn good.

They both clap on demand and are learning so many new things - the gleam in their eyes when they achieve what they set their sights on is priceless ... reaching and pulling on everything.They are gaining confidence and I wish I could remember each moment in time.
They are very good mates and follow each other around getting into mischief ... still rip my magazines to shreds.

More do's ...
spend more time playing with my precious babies ... my days go by in the blink of an eye and I can't believe they are almost 1.
smile more ... worry less
laugh more ...whinge less
love more ... love more
eat more chocolate ... thoguht I better add that one in since we are fundraising and I have a good excuse now

.. right I had better go to bed

Friday, 8 June 2007

Our To do's...

Phew... what a busy week I just have not had a chance to blog. Well, I probably have but I have just been busy with other things.

Monday & Tuesday playgroup, Wednesday walking(and we sat talking longer) with the twin club in the park and Paed appointment and Thursday a bludge ! Though not entirely as I did clean and tidy all morning because the easy being green light globe man was coming to replace all our lightglobes with energy saving ones but HE didn't show ...GRRRRR ! because last Wednesday I did it too and he came despite having run out of the type (screw in not just bayonet fittings) we needed. It was a wasted day cleaning because no one saw it.

NOW ... I have been thinking our life is a long to do list and I wonder about mine but I will come back to that later.

I always think everyday about what I have to do today.It isn't aformal written list but one I keep in my head.Somedays I manage, oh about, 1 -2 things on that list LOL of about 20. The usual things like wash nappies/feed babies/eat/drink etc. I don't count because they are always on my to do list ... somedays they are a little behind schedule but they get done.

My new peapod nappies arrived and it took me two days to wash them.I learned an important lesson don't wash navy blue fleece inners with new boosters & inserts. To do... pick the fluff off one day.

My beautiful longies took me a few days to get around to washing and now they are taking so long to dry ... in this rain. But they are almost there ... on my to do list is take a photo with the boys wearing them, get it printed and send it along with a thank you card and two boxes of chocolates (one each from Sam & Joel) ... I have one box but need to buy another is on my to do list asap !

I have to finish some business end of month stuff , taxes due for 21st , pay our tax bills , invitations and organising the boys' 1st birthday and David's 14th's all on my to do list.

I have decided I had better write it down since my memory is shocking. I get to the end of the day sometimes and know I have failed to do what I wanted to do and the many things I should have done.Shame !

I still haven't sent thank yous for the boys' many wonderful gifts ... it only took me 3 months to get the right photo and now 3 more months to write and send them off. I will do it this weekend ... maybe.

By the way ... another thing on my to do list
Praise God for the glorious rain and I hope it is raining in places that need it most. I bet praying for rain has been on many,many to do lists for years. At least that is one thing I can cross off.

Our To do ... this weekend
*Clean - winter spring clean since we missed Spring -the whole house is need of a massive
re organisation and de cluttering
*Write thank yous and invitations
* the million other things I have been going to do and should have already done but I won't bore you with them
* bake a choc brownie slice
* play with babies and enjoy my dear husband
* relax if there is any time left

To do ... wish list
#1 * learn to relax other places than in front of my computer
#2 * plan a holiday
#3 * write a book
#4* invite friends over and visit friends far and near
#5 * scrapbooking
#6 * learn to sew
#7 * learn to give thanks more, smile more and count my many blessings every day.

I will keep adding ... I think I can get to 101. I am not one for excitement as you may have already guessed ...Climbing mount this or that will never grace my to do list.I am way to lazy and over mountain climbing, oh pleeeease !

Dear Lord,allow us never to forget how fortunate we are to have what we have and to be able to recognize it. Bring a smile to our lips and joy in our hearts - for this weekend we have to rejoice in the day you have made, to be glad in it - together.faithfully, In Jesus Name.

(ps I copied this off another blog I am no way near this eloquent but hey she deosn't know I hope - at least I am not claiming it as my mine )
(pps other blogs give me such inspiration -go blogs !)

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Expo ...mania,Longies,special friends and changing 'furniture'.

Oh what a day ! Today we went to the Pregnancy,Parents and Babies Expo. .. not for the pregnancy bit. Lasts year when we went we ordered our twin pram and I was 31-32 weeks pregnant.

We met up at Homebush with our friends The Tregenzas. Together we travelled aisle after aisle looking for bargains, samples and new innovations. David & His friend,Jake skated away 3.5hrs in the Monster skate park. At various times the other kids went out to the park.

The credit card got a workout but not as much as the feet. Matthew was conned into coming along for the drive... he hates shopping and would rather have mowed the lawn and watched the grass grow afterwards but suffer he did ~ that earns him several gold stars!

I bought a new orange BBB and ordered some Peapods pockets (cloth nappies). I saw a few people I knew on the stands. The delightful Dearne was working on the NICu stand and they were handing out bags of jelly babies ... we enjoyed these samples a few times.

The babies also got hand puppets, suction bowls, some rice rusks and oragnic baby food. They onyl had fruit puree left but Sammy likes this !! he even nibbled on the rice rusk.Hooray he ate a few spoonfuls of fruit before he knocked the last bit out of hands in his excitement ~ we were my brother's house and there were lost fo distractions.

It was so busy and so cram packed with stuff. We missed a few sample bags because they ran out but we snapped up a few others Our arms were so full LOL. Especially, with a few (++ ) disposables ... for an emergency sshh and I will leave a few of each size in playgroup cupboard in case anyone gets caught out unexpectedly .

I ordered a magazine subcription (4) to Little Kids $18 and got a showbag worth $15 ... a few goodies in there. They had 4 Tupperware widgets in there ... mind you I don't think I will fit much in there maybe a few sultanas, a loose baby tooth and some fingernail clippings ... Seriously small stuff.

Now, my biggest news I got two beautiful presents for Sam & Joel ~ some hot pants ~ warm woolies ... called Longies ~ you will have to come and see them.They are gorgeous wollen pants knitted with a lot of love my friend Tiff's mum. I can't wait to lanolise them and for them to dry and then I will whip them on the watch this space. They are functional as well as warm for using over cloth nappies.

I also got a very special,stunning little butterfly pin attached to a card with a poem that Tiffany's very special girls saw and they thought of Charlotte & I ... 'Til we meet again" Angel. The words are perfect and I am so touched.

Yesterday we shopping at our local furniture store to buy Sam & Joel some drawers for their clothes. It isn't the first time we have looked ...much to Matthew's dismay. We never seem to make up our minds right away. What we wanted they didn't have in stock ... but instead we saw a dressingtbale unit with drawers that looked a clsoe match to our fabulous 4 poster bed. The guy let us bring home a drawer to chekc the match. Match !

Matthew took back the drawer, got the ute and went to buy the dressing table/mirror with the other 6 drawers ~ it was floor stock and the piece someone else didn't want... lucky for us.

Sam & Joel now have our wonderful 12 drawer tall unit and all their clothes & nappies are loving sorted and placed neatly inside. It looks great in their room too. It only took me a good 5 hrs to do it. Still a work in progress sorting where the rest of our clothes will go though. I rearrnaged their cots so they are end to end across the back of the room ~ just so I can fit one of the rocking horses in too. It's a longer story than I can finish now ... so please come back again. I am off to bed after I read a few other blogs ...quickly !

Friday, 1 June 2007

Babies,Boobs, Baths and Birthdays ...

Tonight, I wanted to write about Sammy & Joel. The boys are are learning so many new things and are enjoying many funny family moments.Today marks eleven months of age. Where has the time gone? Ten months if you correct, one month, for their early arrival. They are doing most things other 11 months old babies are doing but not all.

11 months old ... I can still hardly believe they are mine .The year has passed so quickly ... seems just like Christmas the other day. We are kept so delightfully busy I don't have much time to reflect.

Neither boy has any teeth and we are both hoping and dreading that day especially if they test them out on me (.)(.) during a feed. We are involved in the twin registry tooth emergence study - we got a thank you package of new toothbrushes for Matt, David & I plus three tubes Colgate toothpaste - bonus !

We also got our swabs for DNA testing too ... I hope WFC didn't make any *oops* and David will certainly throw them ... though we did tell them.

I am very proud to say I have now been breastfeeding for 11 months ... well Joel only came to the booby party at 5 months.Though , he only had expressed breast milk since day 2-3. I don't think I am special, nor that mums who bottle feed are any less but I am happy to say I was able to make breastfeeding work and I love it. I hope to continue to 2 years and maybe beyond ;) if that is what the boys want.

Tonight I decided to jump in the bath with Sam & Joel. We have a big corner bath tub. I had Joel in the bath seat and Sam in front of me between my legs. Suddenly, Sam had a look of glee and his eyes widened. He saw something he wanted - (.) and he turned around and latched on. He was making very appreciative murmurs and pulled off to give me a few little gleeful gurgles and laughs.Happy, happy boy. It was very cute. So Joel had a turn too from the bath seat. I don't think it will a regular thing LOL. The bathroom is also their favourite place to escape to and they love bath time.

Sam and Joel now follow each other around and whoever is in the lead looks to see if his brother is with him. They are both commando crawling though Joel can crawl on his knees and Sam will get up on his knees too. They are both pulling to stand on everything ... (so don't wear loose pants Mummy or we will dack you) including each other. So we have had a fair few crash landings and thuds followed up by the deafening silence before the SCREAM ! Sam took out the stool yesterday and almost Joel too. I just hope their heads are tough ... as I nurse I worry a little but I know what to look for at least.

They are both very inquisitive and both love to empty the cupboards and clothes basket of its contents. We have to sticky tape the kitchen drawers shut now too -till we get around to getting child locks that mummy can open easily.

Tanties have started already ... they love the same toys and they know how to reach and snatch ... Sam has the 1 sec dummy steal down pat ... right under my nose. Joel will let out a protest cry to say hey give it back ! First thing in morning he reaches for after my (.) is Joel's dummy. He even puts his hand up out of Joel's reach. where do they learn stuff so cunning. Sam has never been a dummy boy (a mummy's boy yes) but he likes to chew it and take it off Joel more.

Joel, originally our tiny one is heavier than Sam now but probably still shorter. He was first to crawl, and stand and will probably be walking first. he already holds on with one hand and reaches out to move from one piece of furniture to the other.

He can clap now and does so with a huge grin when we mention the word.On food ... what doesn't he eat - everything is met with the widest open mouth. On dessert he makes very appreciative mmm ...mmm... mmm's, and nods of the head ,with very mouthful of custard/yoghurt and fruit.

Sam is more stubborn and has the bottom lip folded over his top to prevent the spoon slipping in ... he will open a small slit for custard and that has taken us 4 months. He loves his booby milk most of all. Someone told me not to let him watch Little Britain ...Sam can clap when he wants to and is very clever at making things work. Like the drop and roll dinosaur - he knows to wiggle the catch instead of just putting the balls in to set off the lights and music.

Yes , some days are a challenge but always entertaining.We are almost at that magical milestone of 1 year and we have survived so far. We are blessed far beyond anything we could have imagined.

Now onto birthdays ... I know it is for them but oh the planning ... I have one month to pull it off .Our first and last, 'first' birthday party. That is a challenge in itself. A cake ... easy well two cakes so they have one each ... drum roll please ... I am making them little drums. I have an idea in mind and it should be so easy. So watch this b l o g.

You see, or rather, if you came here you would hear - bang bang bang ... all day long they delight in banging things together and copying David the wanna be cool drummer. He is not bad after a year or more of drum lessons but don't tell him I said that.

The babies of course won't give a toss what cake I make them ... Joel will want to eat it -all and Sam smash it to prices.

I want it to be a quiet celebration of all the special people to us and Sam & Joel. A lot of fun ... I am so looking forward to it.Huggies baby club even sent me a reminder today they will be one soon and to start planning ...and some ideas ... now if I just a have a few quiet days to myself to read them.
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