Thursday, 6 December 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 9 - Things I learned in Kindergarten

I saw this somewhere and I admit I borrowed the idea - isn't it amazing when we consider that most of the things that we do (or should do) as adults today are the things that we learned as children in kindergarten.

  1. take turns and wait your turn with out grumbling (remember when others have to wait for you)
  2. share everything (~ offer them the first choice or the biggest piece)
  3. say sorry when you hurt somebody even if it was an accident - say it like you mean it
  4. say sorry when you make a mistake (admit it)
  5. keep your hands to yourself (don’t hit anyone ~hmm not sure about turning the other cheek)
  6. put things back where you found them and clean up your own mess
  7. don’t take things that aren’t yours and/or ask before you do
  8. always play fair ~no cheating
  9. flush after you go (unless it middle of the night or water restrictions)
  10. warm milk and cookies are good for you (or cold milk in summer) {~ memo to Santa ask him how he likes his milk}
  11. beware of strangers (as adults - maybe strangers phishing for bank or identity details)
  12. always wash your hands before eating and after playing with the dog (or cat)
  13. live a balanced life ~ love, learn, play, enjoy, sing & dance (~ like no-one is watching)
  14. and most of all when you go out in that big wide playground of life , make sure someone’s holding your hand… or that you are holding theirs tightly !

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